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This is our samsung galaxy a02s for beginners part. If you found this video helpful, make sure you tap on that Like button below and tap the subscribe button and then tap the notification bell so you can be alerted every time we post new videos. This video is a follow-up to our Samsung Galaxy A02s for beginners. We'll go over more beginner tips for you guys to learn how to use this phone, and lets start by just apologizing because in my original video Al2s for Beginners I forgot to go over how to make calls and send text messages. Please forgive me for missing that, at the tail end of the video I'm going to cover that at the beginning of this video and moving into some other really useful information.

Some of the things you can expect to learn in this video are how to set up your email account: how to connect to Wi-fi and bluetooth, saving contacts to your phone, changing wallpapers moving and deleting apps things uh in this category. It's all here at the focus of this video and let's go on and jump in and start! You have recent keys-pad calls and contacts. If you have a phone number and want to dial it, just type it here on this screen. So, I'm now typing a number in a cell phone number with the area code and I'm just going to tap the green button to initiate the call and that will start the phone making the call now that this phone doesn't have a sim card in it right now so it won't make a call actually.

Someone back just by going to the recent call and tapping on the phone number. Let’s pause this here and I have a similar Samsung phone. It works exactly the same as the al2s, but I just want to show you how to answer the phone if someone calls you. When you want to end the call, you just tap on the red button and that can stop the call really easy. So I'm going to call the phone again and this time if you don't want to answer, just drag your finger through the red phone and then slide it across the screen and that's going to decline the call. That's coming in that you don 't want to answer uh so how to make a call, how to answer the phone, and I'm going to go over how to save a contact on your phone.

So maybe you want to save a family member in your phone so you can call him or her a friend. Remember we have three options: keypad recent and we are in the contact section and we are going to go in the plus right here to add a new contact and the first thing it asks you to do is to put the name in. So I can tap here and put here like a different phone number announcement Also, you could tap on Email to add an email address for them and at the bottom here, if you tap on View More, it'll allow you to add even more information. Can put that in there you can add any important dates, notes, websites or other accounts they have can all be linked here.

Usually, you tap and can hear the sound, but maybe they changed that, but you can assign a different sound for when they call so you always know when that person is calling okay and when we're finished, we just tap on save right here and now we have our contact sage in our phone, joe leonard OK. Now I would also encourage you to hit the favorite button if they are someone that you call frequently and make it easier for you to find their number later, as the favorites will always be put to the top of the contact section. Okay, now we’re going to go home, so we've gone over, we went over making calls, saving your contact. Now we're going to go over how to send a text message so that you are going to tap this little blue icon right next to the phone.

Adding this will create a new message, and if you already have the person saved in your phone, you can simply type their name and it will pull their contact from your phone number. My message is going to joe and then I am going to tap and type into the little box down here. Happy monday, and you always have your auto correct here. So if you type the wrong thing you can usually see that it is autocorrected here and tap and it will fix happy monday, and then you can hit this button to send the message. You will see the circle light up, and then we're going to hit the send button. So if you want to text them again later you just tap on this message and continue to keep the conversation going.

I would suggest that if you decide to text them in the middle of them and let me call, I can probably explain this better over the phone. Here you can tap the phone button and it will initiate a call to this person. So this is how you would send a text message: lets hit our home button now to go back to our main screen, for our next tip, we go over how to connect to wi-fi. If you have wireless Internet at home, it is always recommended to connect to your wi-fi network because wi-fi tends to be faster than the connection through your provider.

You could also be on a capped data plan through your cell phone provider so you don't want to waste your data for the month instead connect with your home, Wi-Fi or a Starbucks Wi-Fi or restaurant, or maybe at someone's home and want to connect to their network. This is recommended, so you are not using up your data if it's not unlimited, so swipe from the top of the screen, to the left you have this icon in the upper left corner. This is your wi-fi shortcut and you can turn it off and on merely by tapping it. If I tap it again, it's going to turn it on and then if I hold down on it it will lead me to the settings where I can actually connect to a network. Follow here to see the Uh settings where you can see all the available Wi-Fi networks.

So, for example, if you were at Starbucks you would look for the one that says Starbucks, and then you would just tap and then have to enter the password for this network, and maybe the password is a cup of coffee. You would type coffee and then hit done and then um. It would begin to try to connect to that network if you are at home or someone's house and you just say Hey. What's your name for your wi-fi network, I want to connect to it and they'll say: oh look for the one that says happy Tuesday and my password is it's Wednesday, silly whatever and then you'll connect to it, put the password and now you are on their wi-fi network. If you do not see that it means that you are not connected to Wi-fi. It's a similar process, it's swiping right from the top of the screen.

If you turn it on, it will begin the settings and will start looking for different networks to connect to, but just to show you in case it doesn't do this. All you need to do is just put your finger on it and don't move until you see the screen change, and now we are in the Bluetooth settings where we can connect to a bluetooth device so uh, usually. is the process to place your device in what is called pairing mode . So in this case I have these Beats Wireless Headsets here, so all you need to do for these is open the case and opening the case automatically puts it in pairing mode but sometimes that won't work if they are already connected to a device. In this case, there is a tiny white button in the center.

It starts flashing and that's how you know that it is in paired mode now, see and now it shows up on our screen and I'm able to tap connect. Now all Bluetooth devices will look this way, they will look different. Sometimes you will not see anything in this list and you must tap the scan button and the scan tells the phone to search for new bluetooth devices, and then it should start catching all other bluetooth devices in the area. The important thing to know is to make sure your bluetooth device is turned on and put it first in pairing mode and then tap the scan button at the top and then find the device in the list and that should allow them to connect pretty easily.

So that is the process to connect to a bluetooth device and I'll have a link below in the description with some bluetooth speakers and other bluetooth devices, you can connect that will work great with your phone, so make sure you get down to the description of the video and make sure you check that out also. I'm gonna show you some different methods on how to do this. So in the previous video I went over like how to set up your google account or gmail. Just follow me so swipe up and tap on your google folder and go to gmail app.

So one of the cool things people don't know about gmail is that you can add other accounts aside from google and gmail accounts, you just need to tap to add another email address and it will take you to this section, and this will show you all the other accounts you can add. So if you have an Outlook, Uh, a hotmail, live, a yahoo, a Ymail or any type of office, 360 email account, you can add it by tapping on the appropriate option. There's also a option to manually add email accounts. Some of you may have like work email and may have an IT person there. The other might use to update your email account so you have a few different options here.

If you had a Yahoo, just tap yahoo and then type in the email address and then type the password and then it will log you in to your account and if you forgot your password you just type the email address or forgot username. Then it walks you through the steps on how to recover your password. So it's really that easy to sign up to your email account. Also, if I hit the home button in that case I would need to go to the Play Store app and in the Play Store I would need to look for a separate email app, which just does aol.

So I'm going to come to the top tap into the box here and type in aol hit the little search button there and aol has their own app, but I can do mail and I'm going to tap install and I'm going to open it up and then it's going to assign me right into my aol account if you have some other email that I haven't mentioned in the video no problem, just tap on the magnifying glass. You can type that in dot net and then hit search and this will actually recommend other email apps. So this is showing you that yahoo mail will work with it. All of these other apps will be compatible with this email type.

So that's how you would search if you don't see your email option on the list in the gmail app, just go to play, store and type your email address in the end, and that will help you to find the appropriate app that will work, feel free to leave a comment below if you still have trouble, and I'll try to help you out with it. So, it is really easy to move one of these icons on the screen first. You never use this and do not want it to be on your home screen. You just take your finger and put it on the app and hold it down, and this pop-up will show up. The app will start reversing and I have two options here. So if I remove it makes the app disappear from the home screen.

Even after you see the menu and as you can see it took a second, but it took us right to the home screen and now I can drag facebook down and I can let it go. Here's what you do : Taking your finger, locate a spot on the screen that doesn't have an app or anything, and hold down. That's gonna bring up this other menu and you gonna tap on settings, and here we're going to lock the home screen layout once you lock it. That is, there is and it can not be moved unless I go back to the settings and I unlock it. This is a real, useful tweak to make when you set up the phone exactly how you like it and you do not want it to move, guess what it can't move.

So definitely encourage you guys to make this tweak, and the last thing I want to show you is: how do you change the wallpaper? How do you change the picture that is on your phone in the background? So if you want to take a picture tap this button here, by the way I'm going to take a picture of this little flower here, tap the little circle, if you want to take a video, tap the video and now you're going to hit the red button to record We now want to make that our wallpaper background, so we can see that every time we open our phone, you are gonna take your finger and find a place on the screen that doesn't have an app or anything hold down tap and then tap on gallery, and it will take us to our camera folder. Now maybe for you it is just a picture of you and a family member.

I like this one, that one's pretty cool too : lock and home screen tap, set on lock, home screen and then home button and now it will change the wallpaper. So that's how to change this background image to be what you want it to be. This has been our second part to how to use the Samsung Galaxy a02s for beginners. I hope you found this helpful again. My apologies for missing the end of the first video, but I was happy to do a follow-up to it. Give me some more information and just keep on educating you on how to use your phone..

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