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In this video we talk about how to use the Samsung Galaxy A02s for beginner, Hey everyone. If you want to stay up to date on the mobile technology coming out and learn cool tips, tricks and hidden features, make sure you hit the subscribe button below and tap the bell to turn on notification notifications so it can be alerted every time we post new videos today we'll walk you through how to use the samsung galaxy a02s for beginners. This video will be targeted towards first time or new smartphone users so we'll take it down to the very, very basic things.

If you start watching the video and you feel like it's a little too basic, we have another video, it's kind of a next-level, video that will go over tips and tricks of this phone and, if you're looking for more of the tips and tricks and hidden features of this phone, check out this link right here and you will find a cool video that will have a little more advanced things you can do. If you go through this beginner video- and learn more- that is also a great follow-up video and in that video I go over tips and tricks of this phone and other cool ways to customize it and to use it. So if you pass this course and want more - that is the next step for you to go to.

I'll also have links in the description of where you can purchase this phone and also a list of great accessories to go with this phone - for example a longer charging cable, or great headphones or great cases - or even expandable memory cards if you want your storage to be bigger - so that's the link below the description. Without further ado, let's jump right into um and just to give you a breakdown of what we will cover in this video, we're going to begin um, navigate the phone, the buttons and how to install your memory card. Then we'll go just about how to receive your notifications and how to set up the facial recognition sensor in case you want to use facial recognition. And then we'll go over how to make phone calls, how to send texts and how to download an app.

You'll find your charging port type c right here and you'll find a headphone jack, no buttons on the left side, but you will find your memory card slot and if you have a memory card that you want to use on your phone, you simply need to find your box and put it in and give it a little push to open the sim tray. That is how you would add storage and then if we want to turn the phone off we're just going to hit that power button for one time now. If the phone is completely off, you'll need to hold the power button for a few seconds to turn the phone on. Once the phone is on, you can just take your finger off the screen and drag it up.

And here you'll find certain applications - just basic ones - you'll need and to navigate this screen, you're going to be using these three buttons at the bottom of the screen. The home button is also very simple no matter what screen you are on. If you want to come back to this screen, you can simply hit the home button. Let's say you are on the phone screen, you finished with making a call. If you would like to go back to the home screen just tap on the home button. If you hold down the home screen for a second and hold the home button, it will launch your google assistant, where you can then ask it different things.

You can ask it anything, so literally hold down this home button for a second to open the google assistant and then immediately it begins listening and you can give it a command and right now it is listening because it is waiting for me to give it a command. That is your google assistant, and that is also one of the easiest ways to use it. On the left side of the page, you find the recent apps button which is basically a place to see all of the applications you recently installed. OK, just look and see so there's our Google Assistant there's our settings and there is our app. A really simple way to speed up your phone is to come to this section and look through and see it.

So now that they are not running in the background or you can close all and it will close all applications that are running in the background and this will now speed up your phone to go faster. This button is very useful when you are, for example, in your settings and say you were to go to brightness- maybe you are, looking for a specific setting to change- and you come to this section- you say: oh no, what I'm looking for is not here. So it is a useful button when you navigating within an application and are deeply into menus and are trying to get back to the last screen. As a quick note, you'll find some of the applications that can be downloaded on the phone on the home screen, but not all if you want to find the rest of the applications.

I have a Microsoft folder where I have some microsoft applications and a google folder while I find google specific applications. If you don't see an application that you want to use then you would need to download it and I'm not going to go over that in the next section, but the following section: We will go over how to download new applications on the phone that do not come on the phone. So next we have the section: that's called the navigation panel and that's so swiped down Take your finger, go to the top of the screen and swipe down and you will now find what is called the navigation panel in this excuse me Um. All this does is notify you of different things happening in the applications you have downloaded.

So you'll find different things here: different notifications from different apps and at the top of the screen here, you'll find what are called switches and these switches control different functions on the phone. For example, you have a Wi-fi, switch, volume switch, bluetooth phone rotation, airplane mode, flashlight and also if I swipe from here up, I will get more notification. You have to control different settings on your phone, probably asking when would I ever use this great question? Let's say that you want to connect to a public wi-fi network. You would have to make sure that your wi-fi is lit in blue, because blue tells you that it is on, and then, if I hold down on it for about a second, it takes me to my wi-fi setting, and here I can add other uh.

You have airpods or samsung galaxy butts or other type of headphones or a speaker and want to connect to it. You just make sure that your device is turned on and in the pairing mode and then you come to this list find that item and tap on it and that's how you connect to a Bluetooth device. So there are plenty of switches up here, and this is a section that I would encourage you to play with, because you're going to find all sorts of cool things. One more important note to mention is the sound. Suppose you want your phone on silent or vibrate, the first time it'll print vibrate it will put it on mute and then it turns off all sound and vibration, and then I tap it again and now the sound is fully restored.

So that's how you would put the phone on silent if you needed to put it on silent or put it on vibrate, okay, so next we will go over how to download apps on the phone. You need to go to the play store which is basically your one stop shop for applications, games, films, books and things like that, so you'll tap on Play Store. Here is the thing that you do need to sign in a google account before able to access the store. If you tapped this button and it did not take you back home instead, it took you to a screen which says sign in to your Google account.

Now if you have a google or gmail account, it's easy just to enter the email address and paste the password - and if you have forgotten the password just tap on forgot password it'll walk you through some options on how to get into your account. You'll see a button that says create account and clicking it will allow you to create a gmail account that you can then use to sign into the store and buy applications or download free applications after you've done all that you'll be here, which is the Play Store, and then begin downloading applications. Let's say you want to download the uber app because you need to go somewhere tomorrow and you need to make sure you have uber, so you would type or tap into this little search box at the top of the screen.

It'll do a search and come up with an option and there's our uber app and I can simply tap on this green button that says install and it will begin to download and set up uber on the phone. Beware of applications that cost money, like I said uber is free. You will know that it is downloaded because this will stop spinning and instead of saying cancel this will say open and we will then be able to go into the uber app and begin to interact with it. Once it finishes installing it will be here : you go home, swipe up, and you'll find that the Uber app will show up right here and then we can tap on it and begin using it. The next thing that I wanted to go over is setting up facial recognition, and that is uh.

This phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, so the only way to unlock is either with a pin code, a password or facial recognition and I want to show you where to go in the settings to turn this on. Click from the top of the screen down to select the settings. – Nice, in the corner and by the way there is a power switch right here. If you didn't want to turn off your phone or to restart it, you can just tap this power button right here and it will bring you to the menu to turn off the phone.

If that's what you want to do in this case we are going to go to the setting wheel and then we're going to go to biometrics and security and then we're going to tap facial or face recognition and what it will ask you to do first is set up a pin or pattern or password because in the event that the sensor stops working and it cannot pick up your face, you have a backup option to unlock your phone. So in this case, you can use a pin, which is super easy, just type four numbers and then you need only to make that as a backup if something happens to your front camera again.

Zero continue and then once that part is complete, the next step is when it will ask you to take the phone and tilt it up and basically make sure that your phone is facing your face and it begins to pick it up and read it, and it will learn your face for unlocking. I'm going to go back and go home because I just wanted to get you to the step where you need to put your face on the camera and you can then take it and you can complete it. Okay, for our next step, we'll show you how to make a phone call and also how to send a text message. So these things seem simple but I get a lot of comments from people that say you did not show the basics.

I want to make sure I cover all the basic stuff, not just the downloading apps and navigating the screen, so you just tap the green button at the bottom left corner here and you will simply type the number that you want to call. Make sure you are on the phone, the dialer and if you are not on this screen you could be on recent or contacts just tap on keypad. Just like that, and then we are gonna enter the phone number there..

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