Samsung Flex S -- IN HANDS - WOW - Galaxy User Guide

It is a futuristic idea that currently has no commercially accessible smartphone, but we have seen several concepts or prototypes from companies like oppo. Then samsung display, a division of samsung electronics that designs and manufactures displays for samsung and other, released a range of innovative oled panels, possibilities, including a three-fold smartphone giving us a first-hand glimpse of what the firm has in store for us in future samsung flex s is the name of the device. The firm had teased this in a video a few months ago and now they show it off. The b-panel folds in a s shape, allowing for a significant increase in screen real estate.

It offers unbeatable flexibility allowing consumers to use a device as a smartphone tablet or ai device by separating the display based on how the gadget is folded, keep in mind that these are prototype units rather than the final retail devices, but they should give us a good sense of what to expect in the future of smartphones flex. It provides a significant increase in the screen real estate. When the gadget is folded there are also thick bezels on the left hand side of the tablet that houses the cameras and provide a gripping area. Another gadget, the Flex G panel, is more practical in my opinion because it allows for multi-folding with an inward fold.

The display is always protected from external damage or scratches thanks to the unique g-shape of the panel. Samsung will use this technology in one of their future foldable devices. It is called a Flex note and has a huge display when folded. I may not seem to be much, but previously I had stated measuring the screen width with the foldable. Displays are no longer relevant because you gain significantly more display surface area with just a couple of inches extra screen size because this is an in-folding type. Although some reports suggest it will be around 2023. What do you think about this Samsung's latest technology?.

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