SAMSUNG BOOK | EARLY SURPRISE OF THE YEAR | Unboxing Samsung S21 FE 5G Indonesia! - Galaxy User Guide

Hello, hello, [Applause], everyone meet with me again, Ayu, before I would first like to say Happy New Year. Hopefully all will be healthy and blessed and the pandemic will eventually end this year, Amen, for really we can start this new year with Samsung Galaxy S2 1ff. This is really the next for Samsung, because this FP share is one of the most awaited every year. F21.Tv is still a minimalist version of the flagship Samsung smartphone, including super minimalist sales, thin, compact, boss, no charger, no charger The case has earphones similar to that of an iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S2 1ff can easily become a favorite smartphone.

This is bad if this year, because of the many interesting things that this cellphone has to offer, it is one of the few Smartphones Powerful Compacts that we can buy are actually not really complex but if it can still be held in one hand it has a 6.4-inch screen with a patch that feels like 1905 makes the body a bit wide, a little slim, but the screen specs for the s21e are still a winner because he already use danimix, AMOLED The backdoors 21 FP design is also good-looking with a distinctive taste of the s21 series by the camera. The ds21, FF Backdoor is made of polycarbonate, so the sound is light on 177 teenagers but don't get me wrong. It looks like there are some antenna lines or there is an HIV rating for the interface above.

There is a microphone, the power button and the volume on the right and left side. Is there a dual slot SIM tray underneath without a micro, SD, USB port and a grille? Ker and Spike have also been in stereo. The way I am holding this time is the most neutral, black. If you want one that is very thick, other than white, purple and green. Many thought that this would carry a Snapdragon chipset, but it was finally revealed that the official version is in Indonesia for sale. Maha will be definitely disappointed why the official version of Exynos has been accepted. The heat is still really cool to use this year and what I really like is the OS, I WXP,. Now the cellphone has come to last 12 and Wahyu Ayu part zero.

I thought that Android 11 received only the 12th update, right? We see that the camera is very similar to the usual s21 but because this is the minimalist version. The primary lens is still the same at 12 megapixels with dual pixel PDF technology and the ultra-wide lens is also still the same at 12 megapixels. If we think that the offered camera setup is still very, very interesting and can't really be said like this because they all will be used, the quality is also still very good, including in terms of video recording, sharp images, autofocus, mood and optimal stabilizer. We are trying to record the Samsung Galaxy S2 front camera. Samsung Fish is a flash technique and we can record up to a 60fps fork on the front camera.

This is rarely done on Vina's phone, but still, even though the HD 60fps headwall is like this Now I switched to the 60th for Udinese, it's pretty good, even though it is like that, it's a little bit gone. Now on the s21e, V, there's also a dual recording software feature. You can find it on phones that even cost less than a million, but here the quality of my stomach is pretty good, isn 't it? Astra are balanced like this Hi, now I'm moving to the rear camera, full SD, 60 vs. Ok like this, Friends, Hey, full SD vs. Ok, here I see it's quite stable, I'm trying to run, okay, sip and now fork 60fps hi, oh e-blue, but also after running huh. We activate Ultra, steady mode.

Let's try a little to run it is fine with this, it's a blocky sapling, so it's quite a feeling that it will look like ants or not in an Internet cafe or not, Wanna be it January for the official release, and hopefully the price will be as tempting as usual if it is not Galaxy, the effect if the price is not affordable is [Music] [Applause], [Music]..

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