SAMSUNG A71 REVIEW IN 2021 After UPDATE One UI 3.1 ANDROID 11 | Display Camera Battery Life. - Galaxy User Guide

Friends I bought this in 2021 as long as there is an origin. Second, the warranty condition is still active, but still quite expensive if you buy a new Samsung A71. It's also a bit like a press in form. It's also long. It's an advantage for friends who use the Samsung Ace 1 because the design is similar to Flexip, but not with biopolitics. The back body uses a plastic frame, If the wearer is not good enough, it looks ugly quickly as this, I'm using it after about six months. The spots appear because I have never cleaned them using cash. My advice is if you want smooth sticky rice doughnuts for long term use friends, friends just use skin, either from Exakot or Nailskin, which I support. Samsung A71 is that the phone is really thin at 7.7 millimeters.

Fortunately it is thin and weighs only about 180g. It's small enough for a cellphone with such large dimensions, It's still really good, Larry, Samsung, The A71 definitely uses Super AMOLED and the AMOLED version is already a Super AMOLED Plus version for the typical color of Samsung, yes. The Gozaimasu is also bright and the cool thing about this Samsung A71 is that the fingerprint is on the screen. So it adds to the expensive impression on the Samsung A71, Badawi, even though the speaker is one of only seeds, but the sound quality is quite good. This Samsung A71 uses a uniform of 730 for Antutu school. It reaches 320 4000 using Antutu version 9 for that number daily usage.

For gaming the performance is somewhat poor, especially after the update to Wawai 331, it is considered to 11 games that are quite light. The range is 30-35 FPS from Samsung. They will definitely update quickly, because performance on Android 10 was not as pronounced. Samsun g for its gaming performance for the camera This Asus also uses a sensor from Samsung, namely the Samsung Gw1 with a resolution of 64 megapixels, Here the results are considered quite good for video recording but it is quite strange because for tens or 720s there is no option for 60fps, even though this cellphone has slow motion.

Samsung and hopefully Samsung will provide an update on this for the G30S Festival video recording and it is quite stable and pretty good with Samsung, A71 dct4 G30S, just say it by hand and I'll walk it Hi. Yes this is a cell phone intermediate cash from Samsung Hi,. I bought it for only 3 million hehehe, it's quite cheap, This is a front camera video recording sample used on a Samsung A71, and it turns out that it works for the G30S lo. The front camera is really mandatory to know what is unique about it. I'm the only one who has reviewed this cell phone, and immediately like this woman. It's also quite complete. She already has NFC, there is also Dolby Atmos, which is active when we use the headset, and there is a link to feature.

Windows is only for displaying The window, I have to use Windows 10. Unfortunately, my netbook is still Windows 7, so I can't test it. What's astonishing is that, after the wa 3.1 update, this is the previous relief chapter for Dewi users,. The battery can reach 30 hours with the Time Line - screen, Those times would have been really cool, but after the d11 update, the user of my Deli starts getting really crazy. It shoots with the siron c for 43 hours, also high again. I did not think that the Samsung A71 battery could last that long.

This is the conclusion for friends who have a budget of 3 million and want this Samsung cellphone, Nusa, for it really is worth it, because the current one is quite cheap at 3, million I think I'm only three and a half million, with the warranty condition still active. So we don't have to worry about you, friends, buying a new Samsung phone for 3 million mah. If it is not healthy, if this video is useful, we can again dandruff in the future, respects. HP is worth it..

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