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Hi welcome, We worship, still goods, Rahmah, SMS potential and still new, buried behind the cursed cement. Guesthouse is made by gadgets and this time we will compare it with a brand from Korea right. This is Samsung brand, which is Serie A, Samsung, A5, 2S size and Samsung a720f serie-a and you could say brother and sister and only for Samsung a520 found a price of 6.2 million per month, and for this a72 I got it at a price of 5.8 million last month. A difference of 400,000, roughly in terms of this 400,000 The lover test will choose which one suits your needs. We will discuss the May design thus, between these two cellphones. It was really Salma because she was made of polycarbonate and then Mad And finishing.

This is also equally minimalist for this Tuesday line and the camera is strong and also stands out. There are also stereo speakers as well, and it is also simple. He uses the Infinity-o display, and the difference here is only in size, rather than my Samsung A5 2sj and Bagas - polycarbonate, with a matte finish and with the presence of him with polycarbonate and this matte finish, I think he is more comfortable to hold because it is not slippery and makes ice lovers who may be happier with the same size as a larger cellphone, The cable is easy to put in a pocket or do not carry a bag, because I also don't like to be complicated about the bag itself for color selections from both cellphones It's, either a72 or l52s.

As long as it's the same colorful and attractive, the color choices are very many and suitable for K young hall. Those who like to match the color of the cellphone button are maybe alive, and for the Samsung a720 patkau, which is the al-azhom variant first and for the K52n this morning, the files are sour. How about lower will choose, which is bigger for enjoying multimedia content is more satisfying or a52e is served. The complex cable and grip fit better in the hand, especially for small things.

We cancel the display issue, which is the same as the old one, which is one of the differentiators from the Samsung A7 2, and also from Samsung A5 This 2smp is found only on the Samsung A5 2s, it is 6.5 inches, while the Samsung A7 2m is 6.7 inches and 0.2 Eh but it really feels like it is wider and the bezel itself is also thicker. The difference between these two cellphones, both the Samsung a720 and the Samsung A5 dual sta ge are equipped with a super-aMOLED panel. With full SD flash resolution and is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass five. Dede is also equipped with the Always on Display feature. Another differentiation of these two smartphones is in the display section in the refresh rate section, the Samsung A7 2018 vs Z90s while the Samsung A5 2sv is upgraded with 120hz.

Both are good because they carry a refresh that is quite high, but I prefer Samsung A5 21. The representative 120hz gives SPS schooling that is smoother than that, I'm talking about. As for the design, we've sprayed it. Let's move on to the performance section.

We talk about performance, we can't get rid of the chipset and both of these phones are equipped with the same chipset namely Qualcomm Snapdragon, only the type that makes the difference between these two info for Samsung A7., with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 test by factory ASI 80 M2 even Samsung 52 SPG is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778 JPG, with a publication of 6 nanometers when used for the first gaming test, namely in PUBG on the Samsung Galaxy A5 2sv A72 takes the Sultra setting and we use the Sepultura setting on these two devices, and the result is that these two smartphones produce good performance and Fred is stable. When next comes on, Mobile Legends, Samsung, Galaxy A5, dual stage and Samsung a720 achieve high settings and as a result, there is no problem.

It's really safe and easy to be bullied by these two smartphone from Samsung. This morning, when I tried medium and 60fps settings we get an average of 40fps and it is still broken and will even be smoother when using s. Low and 30S settings are also more comfortable using low settings with 30fps to be able to play smoothly. Both taxlers are still able to play the three games smoothly, but 52 ice feels smoother. We tested the display, with 120hz refresh rate support for both Antutu scores and the Samsung A5 Dual Snow, with a score of 200 thousand. Meanwhile, Samsung gets a chord of 300 thousand because Cipto is more powerful and supports. Fauzi Samsung 52 ice is superior in the performance sector in terms of stored.

The Samsung a720 also has 128 GB of internal memory, which is priced at 5.8 million but for a cellphone that is 5, million I. If the internal memory 128 displays the 256 GB and for Samsung users A7 2 hours forgot to update the latest software to the security page for October 2021, because now Samsung A7 2sub gets a ramp feature like the a52 SPJ. So that it can run more smoothly when opening many applications that require large RAM such as video or gaming, for example. As long as there is a Dolby Atmos feature, there is a share. There is a cheat mode, Samsung, Help focusing, mouth and much more. That Salma is between these two iPhones, but there are others on both cellphones that are absent from other Samsung features.

It does not exist in both these info, but both are also equipped with NFC and IP67 features that can withstand a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes and can also withstand dust or sand metal lovers and in terms of UI,. These two cell phones use Wahyu, which in my opinion is your wa being the best because they are user-friendly and also have a variety of features,. There is news, and from these two cellphones there is also another difference : one is equipped on the Samsung A5 dual stage with the morning feature and of course features on this morning. The village is also a consideration for ice lovers who want to use long term. Long can choose Samsung A5 dual space because it has the banner feature. We will talk about the camera sector.

Both these phones are both strong cameras and with a 64 megapixel main camera then 12 megapixel ultra, white and 5 megapixel macro lenses. The telephoto or dp lens for the Samsung A5 dual stage is equipped with a megapixel pomegranate lens, while the 2010 Samsung A7 has an 8, megapixel telephoto lens. The results of both have the same characteristics tends to vibrate, especially for outdoor shooting, with light that spills over the color of the image, tends to contrast and the saturation is slightly up, Both are still quite quite good at producing fairly detailed images, but upgrade the mod for. Despite some reason the results tend to be dark compared to the auto mode, but still tolerable because the produced colors are not pale. [Music] for the front camera sector.

Both these smartphones have an infinity camera, the display is still identical because it has a 32 megapixel camera and as a result these two smartphones produce saturated colors and have good detail. What's a pretty neat selfie, it just has better colors on the Samsung A5 2sv hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi, full sd30, recording on Samsung Galaxy A7 hi hi hi, hi, hi, hi, Hi Ultra, XD 30fps, recording on Samsung Galaxy A7 hi hi, hi hi, hi, Hi Hi log in Hi, video recording using the front camera with full HD 60fps resolution, uh, video recording front camera with These two cellphones can record the maximum color, namely the xd4 G30S vs. Denny color, but also includes Super Saidi, which is already locked in three cakes vs. with full HD resolution and intact,.

The results are still identical to their characteristics, which are deworming and also the contrast is quite up, Ms. jus instastory for the use of instastory when it is real slower, everybody is really curious, right? There is a little break and it is overcoming for those of you who are curious about the results: Check This Out, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. This will definitely help you a lot to watch the results better and enjoy multimedia and stereo speakers. When we talk about audio, it will be very subjective, and maybe Rahma will show it right. Away., ] Hi, next time talking about the battery for these two iPhones, the battery capacity is different for the Waystage - sentence.

Equipped with 5000mh battery capacity and the same battery charge, which is 25 words, and we have also tried to test these two cellphones. Really can, and at the end of the day he has 30 to 40% left a total screen on time of 8-10 hours and we have also tested with the same scenario namely Mobile Legends, 30 minutes, Abdi, 30 minutes and also for two hours, Samsung A5 2sj from 100% he left 54 percent and Samsung A7 2 from 100%. It’s left 50% for the Samsung A5 2sg I use it to play pubg graphics, smooth, favoured, Ultra for 30 minutes. The battery is reduced by 10% while for the same setting it is also reduced by seven percent and for Mobile Legends half Ultrafire is at high for 30 minutes a52e. At this point the battery is reduced.

Seven percent, while the a72 is more wasteful at nine percent and I use fruit, watching YouTube full brightness with low volume for two hours. The battery is 22 percent less while the a72 is 28 percent and when used to play games, it's good for 30 minutes. Samsung, Galaxy, A5, 2sv consumes seven percent of the battery and Samsung A720 consumes six percent. In this scenario the Gini website address is more battery efficient by a difference of four percent or two which is a pretty huge difference between Slover and both smartphones. Two smartphones also support 25watt charging for the Samsung A5.

Dual stage is equipped only with a 15watt charger that is used by a pen, but don't worry because we have also tested it with 25-watt power to make it more optimal for charging times on the Samsung A5 2x in the morning with a 15-watt charger. It takes one hour and fifty minutes when it takes about an hour and 10 minutes with a 20-watt charger and for the a72 about an hour and 45 minutes. And the Samsung A720 is a little slower to reach full power because of its slightly larger capacity. We've reached the conclusion, its power for these two phones. Then the elegant, minimalist and colorful design. You can choose the Samsung a720, you choose a larger screen then you don't really need Fauzi and you also need a telephoto lens.

Ladies, in the 128 GB variant at a price of 5.3 million, you can make the Samsung A7 2nd your choice. If you have more budget and want to feel the features of the page then a more compact body and from the 120hz flashlight, the battery is more efficient, faster performance. The Samsung A5 2sj can be selected in particular if there are morning frills that make it a future for long-term use. Samsung A5 2s is again a very 72 concept, According to our comparison results we showed earlier. Si, from Tasuba, we were told to choose between Samsung A7 2/1 Sungai 521. If we were to choose Samsung A5 dual stage even though it costs 400 thousand more, but he later has a 120 Hz replacement, and he himself has faster performance.

This is a strong enough reason to choose the Samsung A5 dual Sage over the Samsung a720 vc400 thousands. If you are self-transformer, what about dropping your feedback? In the comments column, Yes, limited to global those who want to bring a Samsung, A7, 2/1 Sungai 52 SPG can go through the purchase link in the description of our box and thanks for watching. Don't forget to like and subscribe and forget the notification. Bar, miss the latest notice from us. The word dancer, the x-ride [Music]..

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