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Hello Hello, YouTube is back on Channel M Flash back,. If those who have not watched the special edition xiaomi-redmi-note can click on the link above. There are a total of 12 points which I will review from the difference or comparison. This is a comparison where the opinion of m Perez But before that, I want to open the mask. It's large enough to make it easier to talk. What, from these two cell phones, reminds me we want us to reach Nazila, Lucky Benefits. Cellphone is constructed from the design and then the body, then the weight and bird quality. If it is from Saint we see the same design, yes, can you give a separate assessment.

Please submit a comment below the first acquaintance of Yasop’s design, which is often in your opinion, which brings beauty, which one is good, which is elegant. Choose from this body design back to the Xiaomi MI quality as follows: a I love you Hi, Hi'Ho in the world 2016 and this eh looks plastic, yes for the Samsung one and this part looks like an impression of pile and there is empty space on the back here. The design is good on the side, even though it's a plastic body with a glossy finish, like this. It's just a shame on the back then from the weight of the shop, from the specs on paper. Samsung is actually superior because it has a Bobo at 89 G, which is actually lighter while Xiaomi is the highest type at 128.

He weighs 1 90 more in the store where the difference is 0, comma for a few hours. But when we pick it up, the file will feel on the Samsung More So when you hold a cellphone, the tend to which one try. When you call want to hold a gadget like this, it feels more impression: which is good Samsung design soup is mapped more like this map or Dove,. Please submit your comments from the first point to quality body design to the weight, ah, so m Perez will give the first point value at Xiaomi, because I personally think he has a concept that is now very premium and elegant, especially the color of the brush is really cute, okay. The second point is that in the memory card slot these are the two cellphones. If Xiaomi is from the side Hi for the memory card, it's Samsung from above.

The Ry cards are both hybrid but Damar. If you don't use memory, you can use a Dual sim card, while in Xiaomi you can use two short memory cards simultaneously, dual shin-, hae, Breath Now with this capability, you will add more points to Xiaomi with slots for those of you who don't like Martel and need Cup memory with Dual sim. The third and fourth points will coincide, namely the audio quality and the screen quality are both super AMOLED, bro, The Show Me He comes with dual speakers up and down. While Samsung He comes with only single speakers or monospheres, we will later compare the audio quality with the same volume. We will talk about the results and the fourth is that. The point hasn't been evaluated yet from the quality of the screen as - 4.

These cell phones all use, super AMOLED screens, friend, everywhere. On the Samsung j6 point five inches while Xiaomi is 6.67 inches, but Samsung has the advantage that on the screen the density is 407 PPIC while for Xiaomi the pixel density is 395. distinguish the quality of the screen friend, because what is Samsung for the brightness level, It reaches only 800 nits, while Xiaomi is a maximum at 1200 mics where it affects the brightness level, especially when it is under the sun. Sure and Samsung has the advantage that it only flashes. 90X Saumi provides 120sw from the screen, it is already tempting from the Xiaomi side. We will make the maximum each Hi, and we'll play from Samsung alternately first. The website is full Steelseries, headset witches in the future, too Wow.

We will move to Xiaomi Poqstuff Sandwich, monkey Tuna Sandwich. If the machine in front is okay WOW, what do you think about listening to? But if you listen to using a mic it's different because if I listen to it on Xiaomi, it's with dual stereo speakers, it's better, because the sound is on the left and right of the sound. If this was Samsung, the back was only so the sound doesn 't look monotonous. But when you listen to sensation the video is really good. Okay, from point 4 onwards, the score was actually four superior blanks from Xiaomi. In my personal opinion, please point it out in the comments below, everyone has different thoughts and points of view.

Now the fingerprint sensor, we will see speed and advantages of the Xiaomi fingerprint besides that, Ge, and while the Samsung Cup is under display, yes we can see both in this moment for unlock, The fingerprint of Xiaomi is a little faster than Samsung. Still use site fingerprint if I like it, even though it's a bit slower on Samsung because ah it's an under-display fingerprint technology, then point one is at Samsung, but this is already a draw and please share your comments. But if you want to unlock faster then you can choose Xiaomi.

The sixth point is in terms of the processor O my God, If we talk about the processor I think that Samsung should raise the white flag again, because Samsung is only equipped with a Snapdragon 7200 GS processor, with Xiaomi already using 732 G even though they are both equipped with Adreno 630 graphics with advantages. Processor o Automatically is, so to protest King it is better because RAM and internal memory are both selapan giga and 18. Samsung presents only a higher option, namely 256 kPa, but remember that he's back in the swap slot earlier. While Syaumi is equipped with IP53, a slight increase compared to the previous model, Xiaomi, the Redmi Note 9 Pro yesterday. There was no IP certificate, but now it is splash proof and dash -.

Yes and the default charger is very different, yes, it's really big, I have Xiaomi. Samsung is small only because Xiaomi provided him with the other end of the pack. Naturally, it already got 33 for the adapter, while Samsung provided only 15 words of battery capacity from these two cellphones also different shop. Xiaomi He has a capacity of 5020 MH Samsung has 4500 shows advantages compared to Samsung. Xiaomi has one larger capacity and a fast charging 33 words. Then Xiaomi adds its ancestor to the battery and charger whose 9th point is Happy Kfcfeedback. Now haptic feedback in Xiaomi is equipped with a hectic feedback shop, while in Samsung it is Febri, sensitive, but not haptic feedback.

This is only for vibration and sensitivity, I don't think it is haptic feedback, whereas if it is on Redmi has Epic feedback, friend, at Samsung, Epic feedback is there. Oops, point nine is again superior to Xiaomi. Now we're at the 10th point which is connectivity : Samsung does not update the latest releases with only bluetooth 5.1, as in Xiaomi. Therefore, connectivity both have NFC capabilities, but the bluetooth loses the score for the 11th Xiaomi phone, which we will discuss later. Mytrans Xiaomi used to stay up late as a 64-Megapixel champion for the Redmi Note 9 Pro. There is an upgrade, then Samsung still uses 64 megapixels but where Samsung has the advantage of fixing its lens aperture F 1.8 on the sensor Samsung on paper, He has a larger sensor, one by one, comma 7x God willing.

While when it's 52in one by one now, we will obstruct the main camera. The video is the selfie camera and the selfie camera Samsung has the advantage, because what in ap32 megapixel while Xiaomi is still 16 megapixels, as a result, front camera is very Gup shoots selfie videos up to the fork while Xiaomi is only in full HD, 1080 and even then 30 frames per second on Samsung. For the second we will see results Hi head-to-head. How about for the second camera on Samsung it uses 12, megapixels, Ultra white, yes Ultra white. On Xiaomi it is only 8 megapixels, not the same lens as DF 2.2, but the angle, we'll see comparison. While Samsung was capable of hitting the white-robed angle 123°. Samsung then offers a 5 megapixel camera, albeit Xiaomi has a new feature on the camera.

It's a Telemarco, not our Telezoom and when using macros later, the Markoya camera, compares, Only megapixels, Xiaomi mi5 megapixels, let's just compare Let's take this cellphone camera, let's record using two direct cellphones, yes, left is Samsung for light coloring. While this uses the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, we will do a comparison? So next time we will show the recording results on Samsung, because 30fps is only available in both areas, yes. The recording method of a Samsung 60s camera for Kenya. While the result is how my friend runs for 60fps, full ST. Recording later we will compare with the fork feature on Samsung if in Xiaomi this is a bit of a weakness, and this has advantages if.

Let's try the one for Kenya and this is recording using the front camera selfie por Que from Samsung a520. The recording is equally in line with the full SD 30fps on the right this afternoon using Xiaomi and the left using Samsung and here we are. The position in Meteor Cell is for those who plan to look for cellphone accessories and everything you can go to Meteor Cell Malang and this is the result. Without using a good, steady shot. Which is good between the Xiaomi Redmi Note, 10 Pro, with Samsung Hi 552 and from the lighting? The color is good, which is the capturing from the sensor. There is this difference on this screen and this is the result of recording the full SDS60 frames per second.

This second recording uses 30fps for Kenya, will the os work on Samsung with the maximum in sioe. The os is the result of a comparison of forkeys of the two handsets on the left using a Xiaomi, the left using a Samsung a520f, that is a total comparison. Think I tend to choose the camera on Samsung, but not all, not all hi. Don't let Xiaomi have UAS, so taking food It's or automatic video on Samsung is better. The last point is that, from the price point of view, these two phones are sadly one million for the same 128.. You can choose the difference of one million more expensive on Samsung, yes, at 4999 or Xiaomi with 3999.. You can get this cell phone at Meteor, Cell Malang Yes, it's nice to want to find cellphone accessories,.

Obviously, in terms of price Hi even though the considerations are in your hands because you have considered earlier, point is indeed superior to Xiaomi, but there are many considerations. There is your comment below, okay, so a 12-point comparison of the difference between Xiaomi Redmi, Note, 10 Pro, with Samsung A5 2-4 in the next gadget - videos n, bye..

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