SAMSUNG A21s Terbaru Hp murah Samsung yg Terlihat Mewah!!

Hello YouTube, meet again with me and this time in our video will unbox the Samsung A2 1S, This is a Samsung product that is 2 million at the exact price point of 2.6 to 2.8 million for the highest version, which has 128 gigabytes of internal ram. It has the highest version so that future friends can see and consider whether this could be an alternative for class 2 million in 2021. Let's just see from the box of this Samsung A2 1S, where he was compared with cellular operators from him Indosat with a 36GB bonus within a year. I don't know exactly how the mechanism is, but we can at least get free internet access Okay. Also here's a photo of a Samsung A2 1S already using Hi Sponsor on the left.

It's a little similar to A11 or M11 and on the plain back there is nothing for the color of this cellphone. I chose war na black and the combination of ram As I mentioned earlier ram6 and 128 GB internal Let's open the smartphone Ok. For those of you who want to get a cheap phone, also the results from my review or unboxing, friends, you can contact directly. The Teluk Mesjid phone number is Jalan Teluk Regency, located in Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency in the South Kalimantan Province. But if you are outside the island, you can directly go to my online store, which is available at Shopee and also Bukalapak. This is a direct unit of the second Samsung Galaxy 1S Okay.

Okay, I'll put it first and see if there's a charger that already comes with it has a capacity of 5 Port, 2 Amperes, 10 Watt, and but it already supports 15 Watts, yes it's already Vasco Yes it's already charging means that he already has 10-15. We already have 15 watt support so we don't need to buy another for the charger because it is in accordance with the cable capacity in the specifications. By the way, this cellphone doesn't say earphones. If for friends who purchased it, you are looking for earphones. Let's just continue with the Samsung Galaxy unit. Here's a brief leak of the spec, yes use the Infinity - O display and the camera is also strong, What is travel camera with fingerprint sensor? Let's just open it up for the design of the Samsung A20 1S, uh hi.

The back is somewhat similar and for both the back cover it's still plastic with a glass motif and it is not a Dogs texture, but it's messy. Here is also a fingerprint sensor: here there is a strong camera, There's also a volume button, and the team where the Sim is located is on the left side of the picture, where we already have access to Triple SIM, so one memory card with two cellular cards Okay and at the bottom. Here we meet the speaker and there is a microphone as well as a USB type. C port, and it's there Samsung 3.5 mm earphone jack hole is still complete, yes, in the 2 million segment,. He is still complete, giving him a Jack Hai hole and this is also okay for the microphone at the top. The color given by Samsung is black, but there is a rainbow pattern.

So the impression is elegant and flexible, which is pretty good. This cellphone is quite big, friends, so it is thick being able to touch. The number 8.9 mm is natural because the battery is 5000 Yamaha and it weighs 190 grams. Similarly, if we use it in cash, it means almost 200 grams more. From the Samsung Galaxy oh, OK, friends Here is the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2016, maybe friends will ask if the screen is AMOLED or not, because the price is cheap, it's only 2.6 million and it's 6.5 inches and the body ratio is 828 percent. With the resolution still Edge or 720 times, 1600 tin, tv speed is 270. If I say that there's nothing special about this layer, it has not been confirmed on GSMArena whether to use Corning, Gorilla, Glass or not.

The screen remains delicious when we type. The impression is that when we type this, it will be better and stay on. When we type it sounds good, So I am quite satisfied with the colors and features, even though in terms of screen quality, they are not very pleasing to me but in terms of the touchscreen and how it also works. I am quite comfortable using the Al touchscreen from Samsung A2 1S. It continues in HF mode, infinity-o here with a smaller camera than the A11 and ep11. I think I can give m This cellphone looks beautiful, especially in class 2 million Oh yes,. This camera has a resolution of 13 MP pixels. Then for the chipset of this cellphone. He uses Exynos 850 with a 280 m published weight that is equivalent to Snapdragon 65162.

So it's a Middle Class Chipset, Bang Oh. It's not very optimal, but this is Samsung, so that Antutu sometimes has little effect when we use this phone with our hands, especially with support of 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 internals, Oh yeah, let's go to the camera section. There are several camera features that the A21 es provides, first of all, friends. You can see the video recording, yes, the video recording is still there, can support in 1080, either using Edge or full XD, yes, hi, okay and he can still handle video on the front camera, and also puede with 30fps. Then can't go to 60 fps section. This photo section has many features that can be used. There are filter effects or the faces can be continually combined, There is a ratio, and this has a flash mode okay, we can set the most.

This feature is for Ultra White, And on the back camera, friends and for the full mode, we meet professional mode, macro panorama and also food I'm trying to add a feature. I have not seen one there, there is no night mode or slow motion. But I'll post it here: later, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, we'll try a little recording from Samsung Galaxy Oops A1, 30fps ya, hi Nia. Thanks for the comment with this Coincidentally we are the ones who are bothering tonight. Hope this is satisfying friends who want to know the recording quality and also how audio is from the Samsung Galaxy A7 1S Thank you for those who made this video. We will meet again in my next video soft stay, healthy..

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