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Hi guys, I'm back at Tetsuma and this time I want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung A2 1S, I've used it for about a week for the price itself, it's about 2.7 million. If you are interested you can check the link in the description for the updated price before discussion. Let's talk about the review including some of the drawbacks. If you are interested, the link to the video review or discussion of all the cellphones was also included in the description. Some of the advantages of the first Samsung A2 1S is of course battery life. How is the Samsung A2 1S ready after downloading?, the latest exynos creation has a fabrication of 86 m, and on paper it is efficient and energy efficient for normal use.

The battery remains intact for one and a half days once gaming and for light use. You can get almost two days with an average screen in time of about 10-11 hours for speed charging is also standard, support 15 words, from zero to 100% it takes about two hours and fifteen minutes for gaming. It is also quite energy efficient with PSG Sun is heavy for one hour. I test it with several games, such as pubg mobile mobile Legends, Pro, Evolution, Soccer, 2020, dance legends scenes using the Benz Pro game application to measure the FPS here, Average 30Fps with 90% stability which is sad for mobile legends by default.

Aan Lock for high frame rate or 60fps for Pro Evolution Soccer in luxating settings and 60fps is also still smooth with averaging 45 eps and 83 percent stability, so even when the FS drop is still around 32-34. This is still quite comfortable to play, for new pubg can be pretty smooth above 35, odd vs, if you use Ultra Ant settings and shadow gan, legends, Ado 1S is quite overwhelmed and often drops frames with only 49% stability. If you play more light games like Mobile Legends or Pro Evolution Soccer, it still is quite good, it is smooth, but for games that are a bit heavy,. There is one ice for the temperature, it's still safe and he's around 36° and the hottest I tested was in the 40° range, so it is still quite comfortable to use for Boya gaming for tasking.

It is completed, so you can check the video, the link above and in the description. The more the two design sectors are not a positive thing, where the strong design of the camera and the rainbow effect make it look like Samsung at a higher price like the Samsung A3 1 and the most different thing is that the scanner prints on the back of the body for the screen design is also up to date with efficiency you display with vanhool in the upper left,. If, for example, low is disturbed by this black circle, you can try to find and pair the app and soul wallpapers that are widely available on Google Okay and we continue the shortcomings of the A21 es for the first drawback is 3 Gigabytes of RAM and stored.

Class-Split features are mediocre and we can't love Eps in the background, then with 32 GB stretch there is one SNI for woodworking. You icor drops Android ten, which makes the stretch smaller but the compensation is so many features cut compared to Wahyu Iskandar, several features are missing from other freezers, FC, Wahyu's standard features are also absent, such as the secure folder, screen, recorder, kids, mouth, and bigsby, routinely. The next lapse, one of the main reasons why this phone is not recommended for me, is the lack of display. But this is the one I can't tolerate, namely the loss of the Super AMOLED display at this price, which for me is very influential on the user experience.

If the Samsung price is close to 3612054 salt without vegetables, aka there is only a salty taste, I'll actually come to the conclusion. Maybe there is a percentage of users S4 market research and those who don't feel comfortable using Super AMOLED screens with different colors, so give an alternative to this screen pls, which tends to washout and has a low, contract.

If you remove the macro camera and use Super AMOLED screen at this price and also you can comment Yes, I think the Super AMOLED screen is more important or the camera at this price range is x less expensive than the most expensive camera, the absence of several features, such as a mod that should be able to make night photos more beautiful and the absence of stabilization on the rear camera is also quite unfortunate. Hi, tomorrow's recording rear camera, video from Samsung A2 1S, yes at full resolution, sd30 eps, which is also the highest resolution, because in this one he can't record for the matter [Music] What. Please comment below: that's complete the test for your video The front camera is pretty late from the Samsung A2 1S at 06.00 I'm not really a trap.

It's also not bad MP3 hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, the shape of the selfie camera is standard, but the bag is way down in low light conditions. Another thing that is not an advantage or disadvantage is the Bill quality, which includes the standards with a B cover and a polycarbonate frame, and the size is not too big or flying. So it's still comfortable to hold for a long time, Infinity o display design and screen and don't worry about some kinks. The layout is like a screen pls and the absence of some camera features such as mood swings and stabilization. But in this price range I recommend the Samsung M30 A35ty s and the first M21, which is a little more expensive but overall, which is much worth it.

The difference is that they look for 180°, where the Samsung a is actually a rainbow effect on me rather than plain. There is already a macro camera where MB one doesn't have an infinity-o display screen, pls compare the exynos 850 chipset in m21, which is lower in performance, but more energy efficient than the 911 m21. Certainly there are sutes which have a cheaper price around 300-400 thousands, but if I were asked to say m01, especially because of display factor and faster chipset, Okay and this time scanning for Devi for the Samsung A2 Suez. column below, don't forget to click Like and subscribe too to get discussion on Samsung, smartphones or Pantan Flexips in the future and er said Thanks for watching N, Seek, Time, I..

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