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This time I will discuss the case of blackout or nobeg like yes, friends can pay attention when I plugged in the power, there was a current response, yes, around 0.60 amperes, around 0 at home, 50, amperes, 0.7 amperes so I don't need to examine more because this is a technician's HP, he's already checked. OK, here I make sure it's just that the cell phone turns on,. It's just a case of turning off the light or maybe Blank is even, because the display path is problematic, for more details. We immediately analyze the cause and of course I have to disassemble the Hi cellphone. This is still the condition of the cellphone engine yes. If I look at this, the engine area is lifted for the first time.

Yes, it is very simple with flexibility, so one switches the LCD, and then the touch screen, the charger and speakers. So I don't know for this IC what the lights or displays look like when they are removed. I doubt I want to pull it out myself and then print it out again. For some of the components that have been removed I will measure first whether they are capacitors or what should be checked. Why just play chopstick [music]? Yes, the thing called the lamp case or I completed the first display. So the first thing that I performed was the IC - display or lamp, yes, I first picked up the music, OK. This has become a habit of mine, so this coil is good or not, I usually have to replace it, yes.

Why does this coil need to be replaced, because in the case of a lamp for example it broke due to high voltage or it must be high Yes? It could be that the paint pore is peeling off so that the function of the coil is already Nurma. If we rely just on measurements using an avometer the resistance value is close to zero Oo. Yes, Well we don't know if it is normal or not because ka is peeled if the chat is Surely the value is fast the same, but you don't want to be confused. I suggest that the temples be replaced, as here, I am, while cleaning and smoothing it out for the former IC legs. Now back to the discussion of coils. It's like a component wrapped around a wire.

It's wrapped around a wire, so that this function is usually to produce electric or magnetic induction, Maybe its function is as a pull-up or pull-down, so the voltage can be increased or decreased as needed. Yes, I smiled, and we can’t change the function of this temple by mixing it directly. There are similar components if I measure the function like fusion or fuse while the other is left empty. Also, yes, here I just make an analysis because the scheme doesn't exist. If I look for the cannibalistic pusdy the average shape is a bit too big, and because it's a bit difficult I got a small push, I changed its function from [music] to the fuse, which is also a lot around the signal area, again around ICRF or BTR there. There are a lot of strings that are small.

Then if we measure the function, it's like a flash now, that's what I am using here, because it's the right size,!! Well, you can jump right in Yes, friends but they are not loyal, because if, for example, they are mixed directly if the voltage load or current is too high, this fuse should blow on, Tofu here. If we jumper, it is hard to break, friend it can be fatal to other components. It turns out that this twisted part is broken. Despite it is quite big, but I still have to replace the two friends. As I said earlier it's difficult to make sure the coil is good. So it's not because, even if we measure it, it's not necessarily connected, the filament is good because if it is peeled, yes the function of the coil is not normal, hi, so the filament should not be peeled off ideally.

Okay, here I removed the coils from Samsung J200 cannibal I will confirm the resistance value. Hopefully both are normal ] The point is that if you measure it, don't break it, and secondly, apart from not breaking, the filament must not be peeled out because this is a wire that has been wrapped around several times. Only one of the Koi broke out, but the smaller had also to be replaced. Okay. First I'll print the following contents so I can't confirm if this is a lamp IC or display IC. Print, this little IC is finished, okay, install it, pay attention to the point,. Ai is upside down ma'am. Sometimes the technician is too excited to remove the IC but forgets the point. Be careful about Aisyiyah, it can get worse. If it's upside down, it could be a shot yes or a short circuit.

After that, I will plug it back into it and install the two coils prepared by cannibals j200 Hi, I have analyzed it. It turns out that it was the big coil that broke, but still I have to replace all coins, yes, for the big coin and the small coil, OK, here is the installation of the small temple and the large coil [Music] Hey pause, [Music ] I think the installation is right. So here are the four that I did, I replaced the two large and small temples, then reprinted the light or IC display, I don't know what it is, and the very small fusyy, I don't know why it was removed. My instincts say that I have to install Fusia, after I try, friends, the circuit that I've tidied up turns out. It almost took me by surprise because it turned out that smoke was coming out of it.

It was incredibly hot, so I don't need to install the battery here, just plugged the charger in and then tried adding thinner, we'll see. Out, pay attention, after I plugged in the battery guys, smoke came out, friends. Apparently there was a shot that appeared from another area. This shot came from under the power IC and after I checked it from a couple of them. Yes, from these two large capacitors, Hello friends. What a suspicious shot, so I was surprised when I tried to turn it off a scorching heat, so spontaneously, my fingers almost hurled the engine, okay. The two capacitors that I want to execute: this I remove but because behind it is a shippu, friends, so I'm afraid that it will be affected by heat. It works a bit slow but safe.

This helps to reduce heat from the blower so it is passed on to the thermal pet, because the position of the capacitor is right behind the sip. Also, you must be careful not to play too long. Solid or playing with the blower, I fear the CPU is fragging, usually when it frosts it means splattering, The analysis is OK, I put the clump and blower of these two capacitors right away, They must be removed and then replaced by both, although perhaps one of them will break later. Then we measure whether it is true that someone is shooting or not. Now without the capacitor measure the resistance of the path.

Is it true the shot is lost or not? Is it true that one of these capacitors was shot? pycnidia.afaiks, My friends If this one is safe, this is certainly broken, friend, he shot it, So we just replace it and snap it. Let's look at cannibals that have almost the same shape, OK,. If I'm not wrong, the smartfren machine would have. When one of the capacitors was broken earlier, we simply replace them. Who knows if we only replace one tomorrow, the one that broke, the other, it is one of them. I put it back in its original position, The first one is removed from the fusion, the second reprints, the IC lamp. It turns out that the effect is on the other line. There is a capacitor that shoots Ma.

Yes, yes, I will make sure that the path is safe, friends, No one shoots if I measure it like this OK, it is normal and if I turned the Polaris it doesn't work or it does not shoot The result is music, it is time to try. Again, no, I put the battery in for test purposes. If we plug in the battery, the case is do not [Music] yes and it turned out great A picture came out, my friends, so I had to fix the small fuzz, I had to install it, my friends. He replaced a small coin and then reprinted the lamp or display ic I do not know then replaced the large coil it broke down. A small focus then is missing here, friends hello. It was just an instinct plugged in from cannibalism, It was then retracted to these two big capacitors because one of them broke so it was like that.

It is mediocre or the class is difficult, that is,? If you think about it, the more you have flying hours to service HP, your logic will go your own way, friends and what I don't like is working on the results of other technicians. One step shouldn’t be enough to make Malabar long huh. The steering wheel is long. It turns out that the one off path also passes through the flexible fingerprint of the Sheikh. It's great, I entered the. Hier is the key code, I'll try to raise the contrast. Okay, sip, so I think the lamp case is over. Well here is the coil I replaced earlier. I replaced the small one but then there were two large capacitors. It turns out that there was also a spline in one of these capacitors.

So in the process I replaced the two coils, G2, the large capacitor, I replaced and one a1vs fusion I only added and even then I'm only trying to do it on instinct, I just put on [music] Hey guys. Since the case is over, I will say goodbye and we'll meet again on another occasion: Assalamualaikum [Music] Hey this little guy [Music] Hi Love..

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