Samsung A12 features that must know you.. - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys, cheer up and this is a Samsung Galaxy - Asmodeus - collateralized whose launch is crazy 12. So this time we will discuss the features that are available, but if you are below and the latest technology Samsung Galaxy S4 and can help OK. Let's get straight to this, he's guys, the Samsung Galaxy A12 is big at a glance, yes this Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has a back design. He can unlock the Miami screen immediately, guys. The Samsung Galaxy A 12 has four rear cameras. Cameras, guys, there's a main camera at 40, 8 Mega, Ultra white is 5 Mega and deep camera and macrame here, Now the camera is at 2 megapixels man s, on the back there is a USB type - C and an exit ejector or the mightiest headset is 3.5 and the battery is 5000mh.

So it makes this cell phone a bit heavy, guys Come On, So it is really comfortable for those of you who like to play games. The first feature I'm going to tell is hidden apps on the Samsung Galaxy A12 How. Do you guys just go to the application menu click the 3 button on the front screen days and settings and you can choose to hide the application? You just have to choose what application you want to hide. The next feature I will tell is a long screenshot of Samsung Galaxy A12. Then the photo will show if you press the power button and the volume lock simultaneously. Here's the long screenshot, please try it on the Samsung Galaxy Alas. The next feature of the Galaxy A12 is to display the battery percentage.

You just go into the settings in the notification and select the status and activate the battery percentage. This is very easy, but there are still people who ask me because sometimes I just tell you guys, hi my magazine. The question is to hide the three navigation buttons below, guys, so that the display of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is much wider. How do you perform it if the navigation buttons are already no Hi? To return to your home screen, it's quite normal from below here for research, guys, see the steps I took from the bottom up and swipe down, Try it on the Samsung Galaxy A 12, which makes it look like a mate he's without a navigation, button, guys, hello guys. With a hand you can use your cellphone, AJB guys. Settings menu and here it is in the features list.

L continued, and there is a one-handed mode, now you can disable it here. If you activate it and your stand just slides from the bottom Nike, then it will enter one-handed mode. Okay guys, it's very easy and please try it out. Here's still it, guys, in the advanced feature There was a shortcut for this side, button, guys. Here the settings are open quick the camera,. If I press the power button twice, it will enter the camera. Apart from that camera, we can also change the side. Hi, go to the advanced settings and this is the buttons of the sapnay to open the application. So when I press the button twice, it goes to a fierce store, Please choose the application you most often use for the shortcut Hey guys, nagae, This, Samsung Galaxy, 12 If.

You want to clone applications such as Facebook, Instagram and others. No, guys, you don't need a third-party application. You just go to settings and select advanced features and select dual messenger, so this 2 example can duplicate messenger applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp out, Twitter telegram, Sis. Basically, the messenger application, guys, There will be two Noahs : the Facebook application on our home screen, guy, activate Dual Messenger. Let's see guys [music] Hey, The icon is like this and our cloned Facebook has an icon like this, please brown on the Samsung Galaxy A12, guys.

Besides the large 5000mh battery, the Samsung Galaxy A12 can also take multiwindows guys, You don't have to bother guys to multi windows on the Samsung Galaxy, a 12 how to drag c simply from below. You don't want to open the application that you want to multi-window on the screen. So I can open the browser at the same time as the Playstore..

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