Samsung A12 Exynos 2021 (SM-A127F) Indonesia review - Galaxy User Guide

Now please, I will review the latest Samsung Galaxy Hi, namely the G Samsung Galaxy A12, the 2021 version. What is the difference with the previous version? The previous A12 2020ok still uses the chip from Mediheal MediaTek Helio P35, while the latest is the 12th 2021 which was just a few months ago. Already used exynos the lounge Hi ah before, Don't forget to click the Subscribe button Hi to get the latest video from this channel. Nun we will be unboxing Hi, Samsung, E12 version 2021. Let's see the box first! Hi, actually you bought this yesterday on 28th. There are three, yes there are white, black and blue. The total bonus quota is the same as 2 years. With this note per month, it seems like h. The current fills Hi, whose photo is like this.

The edges are like this, then hi hi, hi, hi, I've opened it all Hi for the Arabic The Arabic is 6 GB by 8 GB Hi Na for the television Hi like Nia hi, SMA, 12, 7F, bat, previous version or MediaTek. Be careful to choose, Because yes, in ecommerce or offline stores. There may still be stock items that are older versions. Attention to the code. You can also display the processor that is used because the older version uses Helio MediaTek V5 sp35, while sometimes it is already exynos, yes, exynos 08. Imei is sent more regularly and it's a shame. It was not given silicone, yes, silicone was cash or cash and not a head. This is the only SIM ejector kabk charger. Adapter Hi like this Hi with charging speed farzin 15 code Hi.

So it is a print, it is not like a sticker in the past, The previous version was gray and the writing was Hi and this has a data cable, Hi, TP to type C, not techs yes This is the cable, and this is the cellphone Hi The cellphone is like this, and this has the main feature, namely the Infinity-v display. There's also a front camera block here: hi hi hi, it is still strong Hi. This camera has a fingerprint too Vina fingerprintnya own assessment, but we'll see the power button Now, it looks like it is behind Let. This is the first card like this Hey Keep on smartfren I opened it earlier. Now here it is but in the future I have marketed the ceramic gas facial template, which is only Hi. It's like this Hey JD has attitude lessons still, we will test it later, turn it on Hi ha.

If there is a SIM tray or make a SIM card or KYT place, try it like this This Saturday it's available for memory, a micro SD card made by Isim this Sim 2. Also there are two sims, not a hybrid machine, Kyle Bridge is fused with both SIMs so it is the same as microSD. So the left side of Nia's chest hi Hi Hi for the bottom side like this still a motorcycle taxi hole firmly take m. There is a microphone now, it is good that it's KFC sports, not biology, worksheets and here there is a speaker hole for this laptop too yo yo hi. This volume button is a bit thin. The tobacco is much tastier and this is the power button, The button is now integrated with the fingerprint. There is also a microphone and the back is like this.

Hey, there's a new camera, a little more #ojol dap at the camera, hello, testing. The funds are macro; a gold megapixel camera, 2.4 megapixels. It's 80°, while Ultra Wide-angle has an angle of 1-2 123°. Isn’t that big, but a lot like it's a bit. Glossy, Vetagro is a little bit more believable, Now let's try and turn it on for resolution Huh. This screen isn't half way, God willing, hey, hi, e-like. Hi I have a chest item on the list, and I'm actually setting it too. But for the internal memory. Hi, 18 GB CCE is used, which is an ISO application, yes, all kinds of things, but Hi. The original was Komosta Lakeman before installing the application, approximately 14 or 15 GB of free internal memory. Yes, this sad cellphone is still downloading the Kung signals up to 4G.

This screen uses IPS TFT with a resolution of 720 t-shirts, 100,000 60 Hi, This is the category ratio, Hi, so let's see for the software. Now India is already using Android 11 with Wahyu aydk one for the software, So today for yesterday when hate was opened Hi, we got the update Hi. We continue to fatahtu sabyan Hi with the update date October 2008, Hi Tini. If we continue to take 1GB, then it is not an OS update, so it's only security files and features other features, so enter, so see the specifications, Rini Hi, Hi, exynos.tar Hi, for the others,. It's a qwerty Hey, with a pixel of 269 DP, Dad Hi as I mentioned earlier with the TPU RM malige Hi for himself using PVC 660 Sorry, 60x I mean hey Hey Mohabbatein using 5000 m a Hi. Now it's 4900, yes, the fall hi hi, the lounge Hi warm now.

We get usually only five fingers in high school so that's all, Thank you for pointing out the sensors themselves. It reads only: 1965 GB Oh, so the memory is 5687. It says, it tells the file for the system: Hi the processor and GPU hi Khan. There are only photo and video portraits, Hey Heh. Here's a food panorama Pro and it's makruh Hey. So e, there is no addition, just Winnie Hey. It is a shame that this traditional house doesn't have a theme or a activision intelligence. The ratio is 3 to 4 with anger, it'll be dark. The settings are like this Hi. I use Hi already in a more populist post, but it doesn't seem like there is a stabilizer first Hi members.

Attempt to like the lounge On The Spot It's only clear that the lounge can go up to 10 times, hi if we are stuffy, hi, and it's still home. Hey friends, it will all clear the house. Hey you for Ultraway-C art like this, look, hi, Tujhko, Tina. This shirt has tried Hi everyone has flash charging but I don't use flash worms because we quickly damage the battery life Hi for solving from 10% to 100%. It is very durable for me without flash - charging about three hours today. It uses a 5000mh battery power. This is the back Mika, not jelly, so the harvest atomica kartini on the edge Hi and for this anticrack the power button has a hole because he will use fingerprints yes and. The power button has fallen away, You rap version with your face with your fingerprints.

Now the password is still buying at the official store, one of e-commerce or 2.7, and there is a promo of less than 200,000 so 249 hands. Yesterday we also got cash back of 125 thousand so the total paid for is 2.37 4000 or 2.37 Hi,. If there is no hotel, promotion normal price due to infection that is 4GB, Hi haqana for the 4GB version, the price itself is almost 2.4 million. This is cheaper Hey With the New Price. So the power button has a hole because there is a nearby fingerprint, like this Hey Top View. This is the back like this Hi Nia like this, the back hi hi Oh yeah make and it's more safety also use this anti-crack Alaikum Hi. This looks like Cobain Hi for Hong Kong.

The price of this site is very motivated because it already got a 5000mAh battery and that it already got a large catfish with an area of 6.5 inches or not an AMOLE. Hi al eady got four cameras on the back hen Hi and because it also seems very clear to capture a picture. Hey b, o phone has a stabilizer Oh ye! There is also a fingerprint that is INTEG rated with the power button Hi, which is very important Hi. That person is also quite large 6gb and now has international 18 GB, so which time is also quite large. Hi my Efi Scanner for Samsung Galaxy, a 12 version 2021 with 6gb RAM in 18, GB, internal storage. If you have questions about this product can be asked below. Please like and subscribe to my channel if you like the video like this,.

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