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Hey guys it's max and vadim and today we have another blind camera comparison but this time we're stepping it up. We know that the s21 ultra takes amazing pictures even has 8k video, and it is the best camera phone on the market, but Sony just released this brand new a1 that it shoots. 8K video has super high resolution stills and this camera, along with the lenses that I needed to compete with s21 cost 9 500. We're going to see this today. Are the photos a lot better or should you just use a Smartphone, yep? What max did is he took a bunch of photos with both of them and what I have here is a piece of paper so I'm voting.

I have never seen one of these photos before I have no idea which one is which so this gonna be extremely interesting, so grab a piece of paper and a pen, please go along with us and max is gonna vote I know which is which for a lot of these but I'm not going to say anything until vadim vote so do it. This is our first image 108 megapixels on one 50 on the other so this one has been visible for a while for me. So I can definitely see that there is more sharpness, more detail on the left like much. If you look on the right image, it is just soft everywhere. I think that I like the left, but I don't know that it looks good. I also like this because you see a lot more of the sky yeah and this is brighter. Let's then move what s21 Ultra is a minute which this was out of focus this.

It's in Focus wow 108 megapixels um. It is a little over sharp and yeah, you were right, but smartphones are great at dynamic range. It's stacking, all these images are impressive, where the sony isn't exactly like wow s21 next photo here: okay, this is blown out I mean that just. The exposure of his face is really nice. Facettening can be done, with both smartphones and the camera. I focus on the face, even though I wish we had better dynamic range. It's killed and this is not a rock photo. The s21 of these beautiful pastries come from this local bakery, OK, which one would you prefer to eat? There are amazingly the portrait mode on here- oh my goodness, extremely similar, there's so much depth of field. I do not know Man so I feel like I'm going to go with the one on the right.

Just because you see all that texture and detail there like these Croissants. It seems very similar, and just because they are similar, but this one looks a little bit flat. There was a little too much blur of course, but I am only surprised to see how good the s21 worked. It's close doing all this blur yeah yeah depth of field and time for a tougher scenario. Definitely with this small statue in the coeur d'alene, I think that I go with the one on the left. It looks like the blur rhododendron of his hat got confused there and I think there's quite a bit more detail and I like the colors, I don't know I like the colors in white balance, better. I agree, a1 again a1 and yeah real blur versus fake. You got all those little issues there and a little bit overexposed all right.

This is another portrait shot inside a coffee bar uh and honestly I don't know which one wow is here. I just so remember, I am so impressed that the s21 looks so close on this point. That's it: that's crazy, um, oh man. I like the depth of field, and I kind of like the bokeh from that reflection there. Is it really a darkness that it looks like some kind of glue? This is shockingly close to sony. It is crazy the Dude got 1200 dollars! Yes, multiple lenses were covered in 9 500. fortress with elon right here at the beginning. I'm going with the left because I like to look at the detail in his hair and like the colors really stand out, while the right one is kind of flat - I think it is just a lot of these work, like the other portrait on the outside was also overposed.

Yeah, yeah the 9 500 package is winning, and this is our first video. The background is super bright yeah. I'm walking JESUS stabilization. It has to be the phone, but man it doesn't look better. That's a question, you could use a gimbal. It is interesting how the field depth is there but if you're not using a gimbal. It would be the shot that you would want and you get the detail in the sky as you know which is super impressive dynamic range, and this was actually log three and I actually graded it in order to get the full dynamic range, but you know you are walking all that shake So that yeah, it has to be the s21, but which one would you like? I mean i still go with that one because that one was just too fragile.

So I guess, if it's for social media use and you need Ak, I would say this one yeah, that is the s21 ultra and I have to add the previous 8k on the s20. They made some huge improvements with the 8k and autofocus too. You know and it's the one on the right, because you get the better dynamic range but everything pops out more. The green color peaks more. Because the dynamic range is bad I'm honestly going with the one on the right. Okay- and I know it's the phone too; just this one is so bland and I guess we should add it's bland people who edit their photos way more often on cameras than on their phone. I'm voting for the left because you can fix it. It does look a little too flat here but with the blur, this was actually a portrait shot.

I didn't want to say that it messes up yeah it can't it is way too tough and although it did the outside correctly, so I vote for the one on the left. We have a bright image in full direct sunlight. They look like a 8 000 difference, they are both so close. I don't know, but Oh man uh. I'm going to go with the left, they are both very similar but I don't like how much contrast this like has too much contrast like the darks. The blacks are crushed like this and in the hair, even though the blur looks good, but I'm going to go with this. Okay, I'm going with you're trying to convince me to change my mind. I'm going to the one on the right, I'm shocked that that was like. Then she had to open it and it did such a great job with detail.

I like the brighter highlights, I'm going for the right s21 and you get an a1 a1 right, and this is our second video clip here. Okay, neither 8k and sorry about the show ; I honestly did not think there was gonna. This has image stabilization built in um, but yeah. It did not do a good job and I was not trying to walk shaky or anything else. Yeah I mean, I'm obviously going with the left 100. This shake is absolutely useless and there is no way you could ever use that. To be absolutely honest with you guys, I thought the 8k would look a lot worse than it did purely like an S20. The stabilization before sucked on the 8k so I thought it would be more comparable, but it did a killer job even in this freeze frame. Definitely everything's more detailed, sharper, yes and uh.

There's also a lot of noise here, so right for sure - I'm gonna go with right here - looking super good too - That is a hundred and eight megapixels compared to 50. Megapixels isn't everything- and this is the lens issue- I think really lens softness, okay, and same thing with noise because when it takes a massive megapixel image, it doesn't do as much computation stuff. It is cropped, yeah and 50 looks way deeper, super clean, and here we have an ultra wide photo. You can guess just that it's very difficult lighting. Under there, when I took the picture with s21, the whole sky was blown bloated worse than this and then, when I go into my photos in post, the app all sudden and my mind was shocked and it's really good.

I let the camera take the exposure itself and yeah this one. It was actually the heif, that is what it would have looked like without editing this other one is uh raw. OK, no shaking this time, we are looking at details. I guess I'll go with the right because the highlights are a little bit brighter. So when we don't have a shake, the a1 does look better than it should. Well maybe instead of 9500, I should add a gimbal yeah. We need more over over 10 over 10k, but again I was shocked by how good the 8k looks on the selfie. You know, particularly with the background not being blown out but with the one on the left, because you are getting that depth of field with the tree, the branches being blurred and everything I don't know I like the one on the left a little bit better.

I see what you are saying it's tough, I agree, but i'm gonna go with the one on the right yeah just because I don't know like my faces pop out and for me that matters a lot, even though it's a little too bright. This seems a little bit too flat and then dynamic range, not that it really matters in the shot like this. But if I were to choose one to have to be the one to the right: OK, s21 a1, and we have the courthouse castle Yep. Compared to this, looks like it's kind of compared to s21 noise a1, then this with the crazy most expensive, zoom lens to zoom. Even this far, this was the tap of a button yep and we have our macro shots. Oh man, it's hard, and I mean these points. Um there are a couple things I mean I like how much depth of field there is here.

Because of how close you know how shallow the field is. Okay, Video. You changed my mind. I liked how the more wasn't focused a lot more. I think there is more sharpening added of the door, but you are right. It blends with the background where it gets up to the right, a1 and we get into the night shot. I mean it's just so much cleaner tons of noise, it's all flat. It is indeed it, even though this was a longer exposure, but with 50 megapixels, there's a good amount of noise that it captures. Yes, this stacks like nine images and does all the magic -- and this is another video. You look a bit, okay, slow motion. I mean look how much more detail it is like look at her hair, everything is more detailed and the one on the left is just sort of blown out in the autofocus yeah.

If you noticed, but like so many things going for the one to the right, yeah super clean, so this is good again a1 shot is 4k 120 frames per second that's so detailed 4k 120. yes and night mode Okay, it was super dark yeah. This lighting is from like the street there in the right again it kills. This is hard - I will go back for the one on the right again, because I like the contrast - the one on the left is very flat. Once again I mean the bokeh looks nice but she is flat. I see some noise in there um her hair doesn't look as detailed the one on the right again yeah I would yes, I think maybe a little bit too much contrast a one. One dang this time is the bokeh s21 bogus that looks so good. This almost looks a bit too fake, yeah wow.

This image got misaligned night shots guys. The bottle is just garbage man. It's just too bright. When you have tons of lights, A1 night mode doesn't always get you where you want, can I say that I had this photo three times. It didn't care it, just it wanted to give me this, another night shot here. I mean I am definitely with the right one because I am on the left. You can see that it is overexposed here with washington water power, and this was kind of a long exposure which made you think it was the s21, because you know you had the moving water. Maybe I would need to put it on a tripod atypically for that you would want to do, and that is the a1 um, whereas this can take 20 images and choose five that work best for you and stack correctly.

I'm gonna go with the one on the left - even though I have that weird um, I don't know if that is artifacting noise too - can you see that okay, maybe it has a little bit but still here, even though it doesn't look quite as bright and poppy? It still looks more natural, this just gets overwhelmed by the lights in the background. There's no depth of field and this light in the middle yeah, so yeah the one on the left still, and that is a one. So I guess Night mode, just over-exposed everything here wow and I gotta say it is a pain taking selfies on a camera like this, I'm holding it out. I'm doing this whole thing, that's crazy, okay, and we have this shot right here.

I guess now we have learned not to use the 108 megapixel mode at night as it looks like garbage so yeah right compared to 50. It's so clean on the right, yep, so a1 again and the very last video clip and the last shot in general. Oh, it was pretty dang dark wow. It wasn't that dark, but I mean clearly the right. You can't so uh yeah! You can kick up the iso super high of the Full Frame Sensor, while the ak looked great in the morning when it was super bright, looks sharp, but when it is dark there's no night mode for videos right? Uh - I haven't counted mine up. - You haven't counted your guys. The video counts up all what you are choosing uh.

We want to hear your guys' opinion and then go ahead and vote down below, make sure you guys voted down below I'll start out right. The 9000 9500 package is thankfully better than this 1200 phone with cameras and everything else that fits in your pocket good. I have eight for the S21 ultra and seven extra points for the a1. We want to hear what these guys have to say. You guys have all these shots that I want to hear. Thank you Sony, but yeah, I am really impressed by the s21 ultra how well he does that's shocking and we're sad about our iphones. If you guys are behind, if you guys haven't seen this comparison against the iphone 12 for max we'll leave it right there, there is a box, make sure to check it out. Click that circle above, if you like to subscribe.

If you want to see more videos like this one, there is a lot of great content coming up. You guys can help us reach 600k, which is our goal. Thank you for watching this and Max and Vadim, and we will see you in the next [Music] video..

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