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Hello guys! David is here and Samsung just launched. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series S22 series. This is one that I own, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is a Samsung Galaxy S22+ and on the other side, because I'm still not holding the goods, it's a bit limited. This is a launch that... a lot of invites from PPKM and others. This is the Samsung Galaxy S22? Now if you compare, here are 3 sizes. There are 3 smartphones that were launched. This is the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. I had the opportunity today with other tech, reviewers. There was earlier Aryo who had a S22 Regular loan. On the other side is Jagat Review, also Droidlime. There is Putu Reza. And the first impression I got when I saw the presentation earlier, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra got a lot of new things from the previous series.

The new things from the S series are like that. If you give them a glimpse. The thing is, the S series is usually the same as yesterday, compared to yesterday. The angles are rounded, curved, and the second time they are even stiffer. He has then, usually for the S series, a cage. It looks like there is no part of the design. This time, just a camera, bullet. Denn yes, that's the new part, Samsung... seems proud that they want to break the rules, break. The rules that already exist. S does not have to be like this; S can also use other elements. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra uses a typical Note Series design. The S22 Ultra also uses a similar design. Each year there is always a new color introduced.

It has the usual colors, namely phantom black, phantom white, then green and the one I have this time is the color that should be most popular, right? If I watch closely they are often worn at important events like invitations. I often see girls who look fashionable, and wear burgundy dresses that are really hits. This is also a classic color I usually see in male presenters on TV I usually wear a suit whose color is also a hit, isn't it? This is the one that has been rumored a lot and which I often mention of the S21 Ultra series. Then the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which uses the S Pen. Yes, their S Pen isn't in the cellphone. We still have to buy the case separately or the S Pen must be placed elsewhere. This time also Samsung may be eccentric, yes, it is good, I'm really happy.

Samsung has finally arrived in the S Pen for the S series, not the Note series anymore, but the S and S Series pens are embedded in the body, something I've mentioned several times since last year since the S Pen was not in the cell phone. Its nature, its essence is of it... The good is that it's included, so people can write, if they want... You want to write quickly, if you want screenshots, keep writing like what I normally use when I use notes series. The shortcut comes out and I want to write the screen, for example, I. Take a photo of something, I want to send it to this person just use this application. I then send it to people, and then share simply. It's supposed to be that easy and fortunately Samsung is listening.

In addition to the presence of the S Pen on the S22 Ultra, the S Pen also has a latency of only 2.8 milliseconds. Later on I want to test it more in the video review because it was 9 milliseconds before and that was really fast. Then it has a big battery too, 5000mAh if I'm not mistaken and that's it. The S Pen also breaks the rules in the S series and I like that too. Rule that are not important are removed. So that is a big win. The shape of HP from the first was such in the front. This screen has a lot of new technology. Resolution is still WQSD +. The refresh rate is still 120Hz, but what was interesting when I listened to the presentation. The variable refresh rate can only go up to 1Hz.

If you think that the refresh rate is the only thing that matters is high, the important thing is that the speed is half correct because the faster the screen, the smoother the movement produced by the cell phone screen, but if for example it can go down to 1hz, then it will be really economical. The battery, because the machine in this cellphone does not need to display many pictures at a time, even though the pictures are the same. When I write this, for example, I often look at notes on WA or somewhere else and write or type what It's just a waste of battery, If this HP is shown he can display only 1hz. The screen of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra went up again from peak brightness. It is increasing every year and the screen gets brighter.

He broke again from 1500, from the 21 Ultra series yesterday to 1750. The brighter the screen, the clearer? It will be outside to see the contents of the image. When we compare with the S21+, this one..., it was good at 1000, how many Nits, but this has even become brighter. If it is brighter, the contrast will be better on the screen and so on. There is a Samsung person in the back? [CAMERAMAN] : Nothing, I guess. He also used Corning Gorilla Glass, Victus plus glass, which is 10 percent stronger than the other Gorilla Glass Victus. Ok, yes, it's already over huh? This phone also uses aluminum armor which is also used in the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is the latest Fold 3 and he claims that Samsung is the strongest HP body material.

[CAMERAMAN] :, Yes., [DAVID] :, Yes? And of course as Samsung's flagship mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Put it aside, and the S22+ also has an IP68 rating that means that it can be submerged for 30 minutes in 1, meter of water and blablabla. You already know that a flagship phone is nothing surprising, so yes. This HP battery, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, has a capacity of 5000mah, suitable for a cellphone. The charging is also faster now 45 watts. What chipset Bro? Exynos, eh? Samsung? Yes. Perhaps we can say that it's finally time for Samsung to give us what we've been asking for. Since Samsung used the Exynos KF, they continued to ask : "Why don't you get Snapdragon?" This time, Samsung gave Snapdragon, which is the highest class, i.e., last and recently Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

There is AnTuTu that can penetrate a million. Don't know how much it will be, wait for the video review. It is a 4 nanometer chipset, and the MPU is twice as strong as the previous generation, so... The battery should be, in theory. It will last longer and the camera will also have a better image. Then the talking about image processing,. Of course, this camera is from this mobile phone. It is impossible, not to talk about Samsung phones. If you don't talk about the camera. Then there is a 12MP ultra wide camera. The four cameras, yes, have their advantages as a flagship cellphone. There can't be a camera that hangs around. This is solid from the preview, but unfortunately because of its nature I can't take any pictures of this HP camera.

Samsung, it's still a sample camera and I too, of course. Don't dare to show things that are not final. What's certain is that it is going to be fun because the MPU, which has brain for processing, is twice as fast. This cellphone also has an application, I don't know if it already exists, but Samsung says that there will be an application called Expert. This HP camera can capture photos whose files look like we have a DSLR that we can edit the colors. The light becomes even more flexible. Only this is the version that I downloaded myself. This is the Expert Raw application. It has the usual Samsung icon logo but it says "RAW". This is very interesting because he will be able to take advantage of the faster MPU of Samsung's S22 Series.

There should be a raw format so that the editing is really good, Even when it is dark, it still looks interesting. It's interesting to see how it's implemented on a cellphone like this. Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22+, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra To sum up: we didn 't elaborate that they did it, obviously. This is the one with the highest specs, the highest technology but of course the S22+ and the regular one also share a lot with Ultra. The names could be the same without such a change. They use Snadragon 8, Gen, 1. Then gorilla, glass, victus is the material, all front and back. All aluminum armor is used and the screen is also 1Hz earlier. The main camera is 55MP, but there is also expert raw, and the internal features are the same as One UI 4.

As for the price, before this video, I am talking about it now until I tell you right now when the presentation was over Samsung hasn't got the right price yet, there is no final price yet but when this video was broadcast there should have been a final price. Yes, the price should not be far from the previous series, and there should be a bonus. I don't know besides the price, so I can't say anything about it. I have placed the PO link below. Yes, that's hands on for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Think about the latest flagship from Samsung for early 2022? I really appreciate this. They do not seem to want to limit their innovation. Snapdragon technology in Indonesia don't use too much, but this time is also used. From the screen, design, camera too, all continue.

It is like a complete package. You want innovation in the S series, There is also productivity in the note series. My first conclusion. Later, I try to assess it in a more in-depth video, review right. There is a risk that the hands are different and the review are not only the same but usually the same, and hopefully the same It's a bad choice. If you like this video, dislike if you don't like it, and we will meet again in the next video. Meet people again. Closed Caption by

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