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This is cervical, and this is the Samsung Galaxy a8s HP, which is probably the shortest launch for 2020 and it is already 2021 in a week, because Samsung deliberately took the Pasa moment roughly so that other rivals would take a break or Samsung would steal it. The important thing is that Garcia 21 is the quality of the cellphone. You want to launch it anytime when people are sleeping, even in the middle of the night. Two and a half million for the internal 4 gigabytes, RAM variant, or 99 million or 2.8 million for the internal 6 gigabyte RAM variant, two and a half million get a cell phone with 128 GB internal uh, interesting for the color variant itself. There are three colours black white and blue.

If we unbox this time, if we adapt the cellphone to the blue one from the box, let's try to see in the description section. So what we are discussing this time is a more affordable model, which is two and a half million Oh yes, passwd This is just the beginning of the release of this cellphone, There is a flash sale from 28 to 30 December. It is really a final promo. There is a 100.000 discount every year from the price I mentioned earlier. Another free two-month premium subscription is also available and a special data package deal from Bayu, which gives you a month-long data package and 50 thousand per month. It looks pretty standard, here's a picture of the big cafe.

So HP is like this, and here, on the front, there is a note that says Hi ago, and on the left, there is an inscription on the Samsung Galaxy A12. There is nothing written, Samsung calls this a square pot. The leaf section contains also a brief guide and a quick start. Guide. there's IMEI, there's a Samsung Galaxy A12 here, there's a 6-function - display, There are four quadruple cameras and a fingerprint sensor is there. On this side there is a charger that seems to charge 15 watts. Here it says 9volt, 1.67 amps and we will get a USB connector cable. Even though the price is only 2 million, but we have already got US B type-c, especially when the charger is pretty fast 15Wh, for example.

But if the machine uses Siphome Troy, it doesn't seem too fun, huh? It has a texture of thin lines so that it will sound, really loud if I rub it. There are two textures on this part and it's pretty cool to hold. Despite costs, Arabia is expensive and may be the model that will be cool for 2021. If there is a power button as well as a fingerprint key here there is a volume button on it, there is a Samsung mica plastic. Only Samsung cellphones that fit has recently plastic on the right and left sides. So that you don 't get scratched, even though I have never been a boxing partner and the brain has WeChat left and right, but that is the end. There is a SIM tray that already supports triple slots so that we can fill two nano-sim cards, plus one micro SD card, up to 1 terabyte.

So here's the cartoon sim for the micro SD and on the bottom we still have a headphone jack and there's a microphone again Yes. There is a USB type C board and speakers,. The screen itself uses a size of six and a half Ah, i.e. the inches and resolution. If the specs are like that, we'll see first installation of the phone and first install it, because if we look only at the specs, it is not proven that way. Even though we can get a big internal knight from the price of 21 million. The big bag is pretty tight, The large handlebar is also a good model, but if we haven't tried the game or haven't tried the camera, we can’t make a decision, but so far so good in Indonesian. Also this is the earliest display of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 12.

Was immediately realized from this cellphone I didn't tell you what chipset he used the MediaTek Helio p35 with. It's so a standard chipset, that's an anti- level HP -! - That is what the screen itself looks like when I turn it on, I also see other colors. This is an entry-level HP, color quality. The back looks pretty full if you look at the bezel. It is not too thin, The party also knocks even though he uses polycarbonate, the taste is good, maybe because it's really boxy. This battery only has that effect, so the phone feels heavier, and yes. My impression is the same as Billfold sleeping on this cellphone. If it looks like the front feels normal now, we can try to see in the video Previously, if it was just similar to other Samsung cellphones.

It also has auto brightness and others that are standard on 12 million cellphones. Let us try to test the performance. What's unusual about this is that it is in its internal memory. Two and a half million people get 18 internal memory for me that is really good, and that could be one of the highest possible factors that can make you interested in this phone because at this price it usually is only 64, it is normal or even 32. For example, if it is considered too focused on internal memory. Let us first try to play the Mobile Legend if from experience the Helio P35 can already evret OK. If you think about it, it's pretty loud and fortunately there is a hybrid mode because if you play games, that's one of the things.

The most important thing is that frame rate goes to his mouth or more in fact, If you play a small game like this, you want the graphics, no matter how good it looks - it doesn't. If free 30 is on a really high graph, I'm definitely lower uh, okay, because it's still early, I haven't logged. I would rather have a high timer compared to really good graphics. That's still because I'm logged in as jazz, uh, just logged in to pot for the first time there will be a lot of tutorials and hello,. If the graphics performance is the same, it looks from the start the same and it's really smooth to play. Mobile Legends OK, maybe you are more violent and more daring. Vous guys are more exciting than when I used to play with my ID, the enemy is like running away.

Now, mobilejens is still busy, watching YouTube, or mobilejens from 34 years ago,. The paint is good even the helio p35, which he made HP basics for entry-level cellphones. Ateng likes playing mobile legends at 12. The skills are not complicated to shoot from a far area and the important thing is the item, I use it as a reason because it is very simple it doesn't need to be small.. Okay, it has only been five minutes since I won straight away, can I make a gaming channel for sure that Samsung has to play Mobile Legend. Yes, if we use it to play PUBG, let's test it. Can PUBG also play smoothly with the Helio P35 with Galaxia 12? Yesterday, especially, Epubee was lighter, so I hope it is good.

We have already discussed yesterday for cellphones, which entry-level phones with It's very easy for the tamnel right away, Maybe there are a lot of people who are interested in this cell phone, so this cellphone and 2 million are interesting to discuss with this movement. It feels good, but the graphics are clear. If you look at the maps it's clear that this is a graph with smooth levels. If we look at frame rate on medium It's not even on Hi or it is answer, eh BBM with graphics settings, not Hi, or at 90fps Yes, it can still feel smooth, Obviously not on medium. Let's go down to Yogis his house disappeared but reappeared yes.

If you play shooting, especially if the framenet is low, the autocalm moskill is already as high as anything, I'm a bit surprised because he has a medium frame rate which, when you listen to it it doesn't sound too good on the same cellphone Even, the million that we discussed at that time, which I said was not good to play, even for fun, It's still really good to play, for example for medium level. If you want to be optimal, it is extreme but it does not feel like gmail. According to what we discussed yesterday or this Samsung on the Helio. The important thing is that it is stable, olvg, the bus, a lot of houses have to be rendered by a friend who was hit and it still runs. The performance is also smooth, pubg is safe.

The ice is two zero points, and here is a 5 Megapixel ultra-wide lens and two 2 megapixel lenses called a macro lens and a lens for this type of focus. I look around for pictures. Tomorrow we'll show you the results right away so that you can see for yourself how the camera recording is from the Samsung Galaxy a8s. If I see it, the camera quality is good. If it is bright like this it can clearly capture the 48-megapixel camera. The area that you take is quite large, which is in accordance with the purpose of the white lens. The food mode is also one of the features on the Samsung Galaxy A 12.

It can also make the food look even more attractive because the color is higher, bro and there is a point and telolet also is safe, so the camera from the Samsung Galaxy A8 is okay for the price 2 million Hi. If, in conclusion, after examining all parts of the screen design, the camera performance, if the battery I made is not worth the idea, but 5000mh with SBY catfish should promise Bang, it should be for a day or so maybe even two days.

In conclusion, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Oh, I like this Ablation Personally, I am happy with a body that feels spring like this, it feels dashing, and he also has a textured top and bottom here, and there's rarely a cellphone that looks like this and the camera design that looks like this is also quite unique, but for example let's see the front of the screen will feel ordinary, like a million cellphones. That runs 16 because the bezel looks pretty thick and the screen also has a pin quality which does notn't make the quality high, If you play the Mobile Legends game with Parji, it turns out that it can only be really relied on with performance. If Mr. Ziya is standard, but still good to play. So my conclusion is for the Samsung Galaxy A12.

This is after I tried it for a few hours so that this cellphone can be trusted to use the parts that really need to be recorded, and maybe you want to see firsthand with your own eyes, not just look at the video. Maybe the screen is Nia because for me this part could be the biggest weakness of the Samsung Galaxy. The adoption of screen quality is the rest. Yes, yes, I can safely recommend it, so unboxing and a little hands-on from gadgetin for Samsung Galaxy, A12 Lex lendbtc dislike dislike and we will meet again in the next video yo Oh yes,. The internal memory was also very large, 128 GB was two and a half million..

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