Rp.22Juta gak dpt charger, GILA!!! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Test Game's Camera

Yes, more than = QR on the channel to your love. Here it is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Five - Year,. Many of you already know that the box from the Samsung Galaxy S 21shared looks like this. It is small and thin, which means it doesn't exist or isn't provided.

So for the Samsung Galaxy S 21 series OK, here's the box, like this s21 Ultra, five Beyonce Andrew painted the color black key box, the rest like it, yeah the black color is, really shiny for me, OK There's, not a lot of information on the box, just a layer of Samsung Galaxy S, 21 ultrafire in the galaxy and here a variant: that is persistent, black OK Let's just open it, OK, The smartphone is here: let s see what is in this box, okay, 'tis really minimal, there is nothing left, Here, from this small box we see it: IMEI sticker then there is a SIM tray. There is then a quick start guide: It's quite simple and it has a charger cable. Uh. The hops are steady and okay. He provides slot 2 nosing with a simple sandwich: model.

Okay, up and down, bro, don't paint the slot card for Micro, SD. It says slide and at the top there's only a microphone and a tentacle line, one piece, and on the left it's just plain. There are two antenna lines at the bottom. There are two lines for the portable SIM microphone speaker antenna and the SIM tray slot that we have opened and the coolest thing is this back wow. Now, like Instagram, you can say that color is like a color, a rock that carries a pen like a Dove Dove cassette like that On the back, there are four cameras, one LED flash and Samsung writing. Huhuhu, hihihi, cool, black smartphone, The coolest plus that I've ever held. Is this Samsung Galaxy S plantion, Ultra Hmm okay, on the front there's a lens with a pansol below here and there is an iris on the top.

It says: gas, OK, let us just try turning it on. I am curious, hop, cut, Samsung Galaxy, secure by nox power by Android, ok Let's wait, see the lock screen OK, the wallpaper is active, yes, and we enter the home screen. Yes, this is a typical characteristic of Samsung style. The wallpaper contains glycerin with dark gradations. It continues to exist because the icon is typical of you. The screen is like this guys: Top left and right are already very thin,. If before it appeared that the bottom was still thick, thereby enabling Vivia to thrive. It's already 120hz, it's running like that Guys, we can see this body has a screen.

I have already set it to double knit plus with 3200 x, 1440 sharp pixels, otherwise OK, Let's take a closer look at the AnTuTu Benchmark score of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra. This is already included in the highest specification range with the highest score as this is almost 700,000, the AnTuTu Benchmark score. Let's see here again how much battery is 5000 mm, watt hour Okay, the OS is Android. 11 is good and NFC is OK for the full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 ultrafire, - And now, after we saw the AnTuTu Benchmark score and specifications, Let's look at the jpgnews score using how much of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Fajri. The long name is Samsung Galaxy, S, Creation, Ultrafight as follows, Wow,, almost 2 million ih wuh 1950000 600.

Nyolong: afternoon Let’s play the game, let alone the screen. Let's just play: Kenshin impact and pubg-mobile Okay, India, guys, you have entered the Genshin Impact game. It is smooth, it's jppuma Benz, His mother has already attained almost two million - I'm sure i can play heavy games like this. Now it is right, aka Hayes, okay, yes, the sound is clear. The gurgling of the water is gradually advancing. Oh, yeah, guys, I entered the game, menu, pubg mobile number. The sticker has two more speakers, let's get rid of it right. Yes, he has already entered the battlefield from the pubg mobile game. The heat is filled, finally, Hi, then cinema, Another signal. How come the frame rate could not go to 1090 vs.

Tell me the speakers really like it:, wow, Samsung Galaxy S2, NTA, Ultra, I really like playing the game, I played games and the impact was smooth, Really smooth, no lag, play Papji mobile games, The most, yes, the speaker, the more the tags online too, with two speakers, yes, this stereo tape. Speaker really makes the kernel special. It's really cool, and I am happy with this Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra Hi. Now I want to talk about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra. On the back is a four-camera configuration, of which are 100 megapixels. Next is a 12 megapixel lens for the ultra white sensor, namely the Sony Nex5 63 effect 22. There is the Legi 10 megapixel lens with Samsung S5 K3, d1f, 24 and 10 megapixel for telephoto lens with Samsung S5 k3j, one with sensor, F4 points.

The front lens is then 44 megapixels with a Samsung S5 kg ha-1, fc-22 sensor. Let's see the results of the sample, millions of photos from the Samsung Galaxy S 21, Ultra fight as follows, Hi hi Oh yeah guys, recording with the Hi back camera, Samsung Galaxy, Hi, S-champion, Putra, Fanpage Hi, with the full format fb60 vs super then I really smoothed it on. That is the color too Hi Huhuhu Hi, the running speed I hope that it is cool Hi, it is cool. The format is still full SD, but the study is super. If I replaced it, I turned it off and could immediately switch the lens in Legging record, normal lens snaps, ultra-wide lens snaps. The normal tense is snatched and the telephoto lens is 30 + 10 times the telephoto lens is normal.

Cool, reliability, the police are reporting on the video, you're stupid, cool, great Hi. They fall again, they can be videos in Sweet,, any lens, Ultra white, normal lens, telephoto lens, sweet cleaned service, MTS lens with the clients of the blade, great Hi, This is portrait video mode, which means that if an object is in front of the back the blur will be, The back is considered the tastiest durian. When you sit it down to the front lens, using the front lens, it detects the face right behind it, lol Ok, It's so dramatic, Reni shoots a video in portrait mode. Great Bro, now I want to test the fingerprint on the screen Okay? Here I registered my face : first, okay 90% and 95 Yes 100% Fast Come on, let us Sweep up the nose peeks opens it quickly, okay.

This applicacy is written on the Samsung Galaxy S 21 ultrafire. This one is compared to the Samsung Galaxy S 21 plus on the left This is cool. I don't regret black, choosing the color Dove. Like a charcoal item and I've never seen a black Ske Smartphone and a Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra - screen. It's just like the previous one, because the new Samsung Galaxy S 23, the new Samsung Galaxy Note, have all good cameras. Just like B, it is good, but it is normal, and this on the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra Paji. Uh, you are the quality I think the camera quality has improved significantly and he is stable and cool.

But that is still what I'm a little strange about Air River Z120 has to play the paddle mobile game, How come the 9 frame rate setting doesn't appear? What is the software developer Sea Game, Papji Mobile, because it is the Samsung Galaxy S 21 son of a new manufacturer, it is really hard to find weaknesses in a smartphone. Buying this guys, really make videos about unboxing and a little review about the Samsung Galaxy S 21 ultrafire here. Hopefully this video will add to your insight and increase your confidence so that you can purchase this Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra or even think of postponing it. Don't forget to subscribe and Don't forget to subscribe to a57.com and the latest products from this channel, and don't forget to watch the next Twill bye, hi hi..

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