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Also, a special shoutout to Ricky for sending these in. To take a look at so let s dive right in we have the rink a wave for the galaxy s, 9, Marina gold, let's check it out: Thank you, Carrefour, Brick, Welcome Here's the case itself, the ultimate experience of the light and hit it This is TPU in the middle and this wave-like design here, hard plastic, pretty cool design, I gotta say a massive cutoff for your cameras and fingerprint scanners. Cut the buttons for your lanyard right here, okay raised button for your mic and I cut off This is the blue model blue case i think that it looks really nice! The blue on the border looks pretty good and you flip it over and wow. This looks really nice if we have the blue s9 yeah. Not a bad combo.

Ah forgot to mention here a branding on the bottom. Let's check out the button tactility power button that works, volume, rocker, nice and tactile and bixby, which nobody cares about. I don't have the fingerprint setup, but it is wide open. This is now to set queen onyx to ring for the Galaxy s 9. Put that on the side of the thank you card and this is the case. The ultimate experience key onyx says that inside the light can feel shock absorbent technology right in the corner. If you can see that right there, allow the light to cut cuts on the bottom, raised button cut out. On top for your mic raised buttons for volume in Bixby, huge cutout for your camera and also a separate cut for your flat right here and your heart rate sensor now I like how that looks.

I think this cutout looks a lot better than just one big cut out Ricky branding here, and this is the purple plum - Violet and it looks really really nice. Here you have this brushed aluminum look and then on top and bottom under certain angles. It almost looks like carbon fiber, but it's not that it's just that type of pattern on top and bottom phone and let's check it out phone slides right in okay on the front. This is how it looks like you flip it and there goes... looking very nice with the blue, s9, blue and purple a good combination. Lets check out the bunny tactility whoo I like that nice and tactile easy to press very nice.

If you guys care about how buttons feel, then get this case for sure Yeah, that is clicky AF, nice, okay check out the volume rocker nice and clicky I, like that very nice and then button for Bixby, which no one cares about there It works perfect on whatever cutouts have a bottom. This is the cutout for your fingerprint scanner in the camera and the flash you see how it's just a separate cutout for the flash right here. I think that this looks way better than the single big cutout to the scanner. Now I don't have fingerprint setup, but it is wide open. This is the key onyx that does it for s9 cases now for s9 plus. These are the Ring K cases for the Plus model of the s9 Here I start with this one slim Galaxy S 9 pair, which is exactly what I'm gonna do here we go.

You wink a branding on the bottom right there and then cut them out. They're wide open. So you can see your mic big open cut off, your camera massive cut off etc, and you have your little slits here on each corner or simply on a bottom of your phone. Obviously, the nice white color looks very clean here. Let's see that the phone should just slide in so I'm gonna. Ooh, here we go snaps right in Wow. This is a really thin case so you can not get that much protection like I am. Okay, glass shouldn't touch the surface. Here the buttons are wide open, so if power button I mean, well wide open button, so no issues with a volume rocker or Bixby.

There is no issue here: Okay, cutouts in the bottom, perfect nice and precise, cut on your lanyard here on top to cut on for the mic. And again nice and precise, very nice, now access to the fingerprint scanner; I don't have fingerprint setup but it's wide open, put your finger on the scanner. It's going to work - trust me and you go right there now. Take a look at it, one more time nice and grippy to put it on black, fast, okay. You can see the white of the case if you go for that contrast, II sort of look there, you go inkay fusion case for the Galaxy S. 9 plus I've had these cases for older phones in the past, and these are one of my favorite cases from rinkai.

Let's go ahead and tear this, so we can check it out there you go, who comes from a little lanyard here very nice! Check that out, you’re welcome to wear a lanyard wrist, strap there you go! That's how you are gonna use the strap and then a thank you card. If you're looking for something that matches your phone, check that out. You hear that whoo nice and fast and do the same thing on the outside, this one might be a little bit hard got. It started right there, so take it and boom good by pretty fast. This is a two part case, part clear plastic back here and the side are TPU. Okay, the purple is TPU race, buttons, race, button, cut out, cut out cut out on top for your cameras, etc on the bottom very nice. So I'm really curious.

I'll put it on the purple phone to see how this is a combination of. As soon as the phone looks in the front, it will slide right in. This looks awful black and you can see the purple border. Now that that looks hella tight I mean, yeah. This is like a mandatory case in this color I mean this looks hot I mean the purple border I mean the lilac purple of the phone. Oh nice and clicky, okay, buttons on the decided phone divine, rocker nice and clicky no issues and Bixby, about which nobody cares, works. Cutouts on the bottom, perfect, okay, top cut off for your mic, perfect beginning. Don't have fingerprint setup, but it's wide open. Go take a look at this one more time because this is a sick combination.

Let's put this on the black one since we are here anyway, okay, here’s my black one slap it on okay on the front looks the same ooh. This looks pretty good also got some stuff on it, but there if you have the black phone, I'm gonna add a little bit of color to it. It looks better on the purple window so that's about to the next case the red fusion is there. But this is the black, fine and the same thing as the one we looked at yesterday, so let me just go and tear this one here. Okay, and again from the lanyard very nice, thank you card. So if you have the black phone, you get this one right where you can get one for purple - a little bit of contrast. Let me go ahead and remove the film see once you get a hole like that, and then the whole thing goes Look Hella Fast.

Do the same thing inside. Here you go see once you get a hole, nice and fast, here's the case same thing, another cutout for a camera, Becker, etc. OK, cutouts race on the bottom arrow racing buttons, button cut off for your mic on the top lanyard. That will blend in a little bit with your phone bring this one with the black TPU sides perfectly blends in with the black front. You are able to see your black phone right through the plastic access, or your scanner again, I don't have a fingerprint set up but put your finger nice and wide open there. I don't know if I talked about the lip on the purple one, but you have it here.

So ladies down flat glass, you never gonna touch the surface all right! Okay, that is the same blends into the phone with a black front and you flip it over, and here you go if you're looking for a little bit of contrast, something to sort of break the purple with a different color. This is what it’s gonna look like the Lilac Purple with the Smoke Border goes well, this kind of goes well with the camera lens right. One looks the best on the purple phone, so if you are interested in any of these cases, I'll go ahead and put links to these in the description down below..

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