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Hello givers Welcome to the gadgetzone blibli i7, Albert gadget Where. You can get info about gadget tips and tricks as well as interesting promotions from Blimbing. In simple terms, introduce me to the Daughter. We will talk about the Samsung Galaxy SV 22 and in particular, How to get the best photos and videos through this cellphone like how to use the standard until it runs out, because there will also be information about interesting promos,. This is the most basic version of Estonia The series this year is the cheapest among the others, but still a good Snapdragon Edge chipset on and on RAM 8 Giga and a 3000mah battery which is enough for everyday use. There are three at most 50 megapixels, a telephoto lens, optical zoom of three times, 10x and ultra-white 12, megapixels.

Try it I'm very satisfied, like I can see from the results that day and night. Apart from the fact that it's important by default that the Samsung Galaxy S7 uses 3 compared to 4, the most suitable setting is that there is another choice for the situation. Many 9, even full, which is not often selected because it appears more spacious or fuller on screen, uses a photo probably. But there is not much awareness if we use the two apostles that I have just mentioned the size of the image, it will be smaller so it will not be optimal for example. You don't really need to choose 3 to 4 for a compressed 12 megapixel photograph or if you want a more detailed one, choose 3 to 4, which is 50 megapixel yes. This 50 MP is big, so use it as required so that the memory doesn't get quick.

Don't forget to download the second oad whose name is Expert Raw, it's not really automatic and we need to get it via the Galaxy Store. The camera application will have two such features besides the style, and this Fit Reversal is not for everybody. But for me it is really good because not only can we get photos Okay, raw for editing, but the results of recitation are really far like the following comparison :,. If you really want to make the most out of your photo editing then don't forget to download the Galaxy S7 expert. The photo can have a Bokeh effect or a Dimetrodon bleer. Just like the red application, slide it to the corner.

This feature can be used with the front or rear camera, So we can get photos or videos that are OK until here, how about using pingin to buy a Samsung Galaxy S Edge. Can you get cash back up to 100 million and 0% installments for six months to increase with the old heaven is also really possible and then just check the column Okay suddenly. Let's continue with talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 earlier. Let us continue on to the editing section, because Samsung is really done. Here is something called rimac sharing a simple picture yesterday, yes? It's like a Samsung-style Matiz editor for those who are lazy or may not be familiar with photo editing. How to use it : select the photo you want to edit in the gallery.

After that, press the three corners, dots that are taken away, select the trimester, wait a moment and when we're finished we can see how it is done, efore and after a editing. Just press it if you like it, and later it will write trimester like this. Let's go to the next edit menu, there is a name in portrait effect. Now this is really suitable for those who have taken a photo and want to add the Bokeh Effect by Watte,. Maybe you can adjust the intensity according to your taste so that the photo looks better. Samsung now makes it easier for us to remove something from a photograph with an object called a object. We simply select the photo that we want to edit and then press edit, which looks like this logo and after that press.

The three dots that are water on the side and then select the iraiser object. Draw a picture around it which you want to delete like this and press a 'Irish' on it. Ilang is perfect with just a little bit. This feature works best in situations where the picture is not too complicated, like lots of colors or the like. No more Oh, yes, the feature can also erase shadows and the method is similar to other but never a sweater object, just press Irish Shadow and let it work, So that's the tips and tricks on how to maximize the camera from Samsung Galaxy S Plus YouTube position like the mobile phone level. This day was really nice and comfortable and did not forget the camera, which was really good.

You can get up to 100, Tengah million back and 0% payments for six months to increase,. Of course, the link can and as usual is in the description, column, below, buy gadget products, what kind of delivery, fast and surely free, shipping, absolutely satisfied..

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