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Ok, this time I want to talk about the cellphone that I used for almost a year ago, Galaxies. Twenty one plus [music] OK, Stonefish, I've used this cellphone since the beginning of last year and the original plan was only to use it for reviews, guys. At this time the target was to use the size version or eastward ultra, but in the end I reviewed it. Cellphone, the Galaxy Note 2003, apparently then. There are lots of other flexible specs It's more complex than this, but before comparing here and there I finally wasn't tempted to move, because there were many reasons,. Just because this is the most real thing compared to the others, and of course the National Police themselves.. One of the reasons why I still feel at home with this phone is because in my opinion what I can do it is beautiful.

It turns out that the interesting impression hasn't diminished, guys, because the body colour is cool and the camera shape is very unique. , like Galaxies, twenty or other Persib Androids that are gaining here. I don't find smooth barbarians on the body of this cellphone, even though I often use the S screen on the phone. For me the body of this HP still feels good, apart from being comfortable to hold first. The medicine is also great, Guys. The character and the beautiful state is nice.. Hi, for the screen. This HP screen spec is not the most advanced, like the resources are still inferior to esthon, ultra, and i am also losing river.

eruciform 5, and the color range is still class as well as with the Xiaomi Eleven, which has one million colors I can say, the specs of this cellphone tend to be standard because it still uses the full Amoled SD 120 Hz screen, but through Tuba trolling. It is a problem because I use a cellphone whose screen is more sophisticated than in the end. The screen settings normally go down to 120hz full XD, because for me it is the most balanced setting to get good picture Congress and battery life. One of the features that makes me happy with this cellphone screen is that there is a color option here. Vivid I like this, because buses with colors always add saturation and levels.

The contrast is just right and that's really cool, because it makes the color of the application or game with which I'm playing look even better, but it still feels natural. Now the sound quality is a little shrill for me if the sound is below my other Samsung flagship and makes me a little annoyed, especially last year, I met an iPhone thirteen Pro or an Eruciform five whose sound was amazingly good. Maybe if some of my friends use galaxies tons of boards maybe you can just look for it in the comment column below about you, guys experience the same thing or not. The performance of this cellphone uses artificial paint, namely Exynos 2100.

When it was first launched it made him the strongest Flexi in Indonesia, but there have been many patients who have entered now. The Galaxy S2 Plus can no longer be called the strongest. It is considered powerful for everyday use and can be used to play any game, but now the panorama feels stable compared to others, as the performance is quite noticeable. If you work hard for a long time and also play games for hours, while the others are not. It's too bad, for example, if you use it to play GT Invecs for over an hour. This cellphone is the only group whose frame rate drops from 47 to below 30fps while others can still get F150 and some can even last up to 60fps.

What makes them all different when all the hardware is open is that Yi, Bai Gowa makes xtgls really good for everyday use, because it's beautiful and stable not to be confused and the cool features are also there. Many women also make this cellphone useful for long-term use because I update it faster. So even if Galaxy S2 goes white, it's likely that this cellphone will not feel too old. Why I remain on this cellphone is because the camera is Yes, because it is not as sophisticated as the Galaxy S, twenty-one Ultra guys, but that's exactly what So is. The reason why I use this cellphone is the speaker holder itself. He uses only 3 cameras guys, namely 3x white, Ultra, white and telephoto, that is much lower than that of the Galaxy S7 Ultra, which has 4 cameras and a much larger megapixel.

But there are at least two reasons that ultimately pushed me not to move to the Galaxy S7 10 First broadcast, because the number of rooms was more The. The camera design looks a little more shabby in Australia than the S2. It turns out that the Fl20 camera here is actually more than enough to cover all our daily needs, because the photos and videos are good. Can you really tag photos that aren't of the same quality as the three cameras,? They can take sharp, low-noise photos, the diameter is wide and the colors are pretty. The phone number isn't sad, the galaxies are ultrahd, but the camera's performance, the telephoto has been lost wait,.

It is really good, only four times the Zoom Palace, The pictures still feel good, because the results still look sharp and not that much different from the main camera four times. The amount isn 't really a great thing, but normally I have never even been perverted. Many of the above have been used as a benchmark to compare camera results from other flashes and so on. St. Tropez remains one of my heroes, because the photos are a bit hard to beat in terms of color, sharpness and Indonesian focus. The colours are also pretty, and don’t dare to use the old android.

If he can move from white-gold lenses away the Internet like a photo celeb because everything can go up to 30fps and that is very rare on an Android phone and the video is also stable, guys because the image is complete. Most of the main camera does not have optical image stabilization, but I realized. The video is still very minimal and doesn't feel much different from the main camera. Oh yeah, because the newest David has died here actually there isn't a cinematic. Here focus can't move. We can alter the external effect like this. It is a lack of video for me and it's from the fb resolution on viu because of the mood I'm a narrow troll. I think the video was fixed by the bus and is very reliable for daily use, especially when we use a lot of Tosu.

If, for example, the battery is dead, and is normally used, this cellphone can last for more than a day. A few months ago I used this cellphone for traveling. With a data package, only WiFi was visible, and could last for more than a day, with a fairly high screen on time, which was almost 5 and half hours. So maybe that's the advantages and disadvantages that I feel after using HP for almost a year so stumbling. I can say: Esotropia here is fun and not exciting because I often change. My cellphone, I feel that the performance and question worms do not match what I used to in, because the others are better Guys, but there is also the excitement,. Even though he's not nearly a year old, it still feels like flex.

He can even compete with the flash from other brands because of the camera screen, the body and the battery is still very good. For now, the portal is still female even though there aren't any other spheres. Of course, I don't know what else to recommend for this mobile phone to buy, let alone the Galaxy S2 White launched. Earthworms are better than this, but if you get a good price and want to purchase this cellphone, I think it is okay to try it because I think this cellphone is still very capable to use in the next 1/2 year because it is still cool. My opinion is the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus - Well I've used it for almost a year now..

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