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Hello hello back in line so go to the review. How are you all to be good and in front of me for this edition? There is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S sexual life. So it isn't just the cell phone that Samsung seems to want to release the LED version of its device and the tablet bill does not miss anything other than This tablet I am. Also talking about two components : here there is a cover book for the Galaxy Tab Slide, and here there is a bluetooth keyboard. Feels late even though it hasn't been opened,. This is the Galaxy Tab S Sixlight that will return. It just seems that I am a bit oily and the hijab is out of shape so that it is more stable, okay the silver gray color is really interesting, the color I like.

Let's put it on the front for a while, okay, there is a small box that holds a SIM card, user manual for ejectors, There is a charger, do not forget that there is a USB cable. So the charger screen is not finished, but next to it is a pen so that the Pendi Galaxy Tab1 is already included in the box, no need to buy it. It turns out that everything from the contents of the box is correct, Galaxy Tab P1000. So when this video was made, I have been using the Galaxy Tab slide for about 10 days, therefore, I can try to tell you how my experience with this tablet is from Samsung.

-, which I think is interesting and what I think is a good user experience for the owners first, your designer, like the reaction to Padfoot, the girl tab slide has built quality that hurts when you hold it, the metal mat is solid plus a thin and light device. That is a complete merger when mobility runs out, It is a matter of ports and TPS slots. And, don't miss the SIM card slot, so you have to depend on WiFi. In addition, I mentioned that on the departure side. There is also a pair of speakers. A good position in the upper left and right is when it is installed in landscape orientation so that if you use it to watch YouTube, Netflix or listen to music while typing audio it sounds balanced. Then the screen resolution is high enough and comes with a large size of 10.4 Vinch.

The panel is a meme that is nicknamed Samsung's signature, Super AMOLED. If on this website it says TFT tfd, but actually this is a panel that Samsung used on previous smartphones, even though it is so strong. It does not disappoint So if you might have a perception or something like Wow if it's really bad on FB. This will be crazy because this one is different because you don't disappoint, even though the sensitivity of Selayar feels really good and of course it will be very supportive.

One of the advantages of the slide tab is the s-pen for those who like to draw, make sketches, or simply make notes, The features applied are not complete starting from the stroke, color, conventional, digital handwriting, to the feature for making circles and other shapes, similar to the Galaxy Note series. The position is that it is a device which helps to take notes digitally and indeed, By the website of one of the target markets of the role? Is it okay to expect lessons with mito tablets in class, or it is still forbidden by teachers and lecturers to often think of playing like you in my past Obviously not allowed because that is the way it is, but I'm now from 10 years that have passed to. For those of you who are still in school, you are still in college.

It's really good to share your experience in the comments column below, continue about Samsung s-pen, It seems like you really think about it, so that users don't have to make a decision - just paste it in Cecep S section. The pen will stick because it uses a magnetic mechanism other than this. If you use it like the one I showed you in the video, then there is an alternative for Naro expert with a tablet attached, Ideal for use while watching there are two magnetic positions that Samsung provided to adjust, but it could actually be three, namely by not sticking at all and you just go down like this for me. This is my favorite position because the angle is more or less 15° so that it's not flashy, but not too straight.

Don't even have a problem talking about the pen when the magnet is in the middle or fold When the cover is closed it can't fall off, there is a barrier when you open it or want to use it. The very neat tab, then there are additional accessories for Islamic themes, namely the Keys keyboard, a result of collaboration between Samsung and Targus. However, I haven't had any experience yet, but without explaining the advantages. It is of course a matter of keyboard that will be more suitable to those who need to type in the same sp position. So let's open ver a know that both keyboards are really good, OS bands and for the last one is a matter of performance in each slide, powered by the Exynos 9610 chipset, 4, gigabytes of RAM, from 64 gigabytes of internal storage.

If Samsung doesn't position, the Galaxy Tab slides like a tablet. Powerhouse is not super powerful, like Bud Because that is the allocation of sex TP in the Premium Line but with what is brought now and in its capacity if it is used as a daily tablet to take notes for office, work, access, multi, social media, listen to music or even play games with settings that can be adjusted. I have been set up and to this day I have no issues with any website and everything is OK. The big battery is also very supportive and is in my use for the last ten days, even though it is really hard to get confinement. Definitely because draining the battery takes a lot of effort, but at least within 10 hours, the last day, I charge it every two days.

Maybe it's for other people who are more intensive than me to play games, maybe all day, maybe a day it can run out, but it's definitely very difficult to use this tablet battery. This Roll File is an Android tablet. I believe that the official non-premium is very worthy of consideration., I'm sure the later that will say, Wow, 7 million is very expensive. Don't think it's a problem because Samsung itself doesn't click on it super quick but everything is clear in their outlet. Keeping that in mind, you get a lot more value than the first slide.

You can also add storage with m micro SD and don't forget a last aspect that you will increase the price for a tablet is the presence of a Simcard Slot for Forge Connectivity, and this does not seem to exist or has not been offered by other Android tablets in a similar price range. You can order it like you want, but maybe you still have doubts, I think you should try it, please come to Samsung Store, Samsung, and experience the product. But now you don't have to wait till the situation is over. That's all I can say Thank you very much for watching for those interested in further details, all complete in the description column, below, submit, see you in the next video. Take care of your health and always have a good day!.

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