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Everyone is back with Putu Reza, and after talking about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra which was really good for me, we started. Now we talk about the cheaper version, Smaller. If we talk about ultra, then it's easy. Samsung's flagship phone with very complete features. What about the smaller and cheaper ones, but it turns out the specs are very similar? From the first time I saw it until today, even after I often post pictures on social media. My impression is still the same as this cellphone, that is, it looks boring but it is better. The bored part comes from the design because it is the same as S21 in last year. Take a look at the back cover of my white S22 and compare it to the picture taken by the Galaxy S21.

What makes it good is that on the front, because the new bezel is thin and symmetrical. I know there are quite a lot of people who seem to really care about the bezel and I often read comments like "Wow,.. His phone has a thick chin", "Not symmetrical", and all sorts of things. Samsung has now made it symmetrical and thin. This is also one of the selling points of the Galaxy S22, especially for those who do not like big smartphones. It's nice to hold small. It is also comfortable to hold with one hand. It's not difficult because my hands are comfortable so I can navigate well on the screen. Down, I can press it with my thumb easily. Despite its convenience and small size, the dummy dummy has a long shelf life of about 1.5...

The question most people want to know is what about battery. In my opinion, because it is small, the capacity can't be too big for this. It looks really small for the present standards and supports 25W charging. For users who use it casually, not too intensively, I think this capacity is actually quite enough to accompany them on a daily basis. It won't run out, quickly, I'm pretty sure that I'll be happy with battery capacity in this phone. The screen on time at least 3-4 is stuck. It immediately falls, the graphics jump right away. Even though I am very comfortable with using this cell phone it is just not suitable for my everyday use. But again, everyone's use is different, so maybe somewhere else there will be something suitable.

When we talk about performance, the Galaxy S22 is no different from the Ultra. My Galaxy S22 has exactly the same specifications as the Galaxy S22 Ultra Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage. The specs are equally strong. This is a compact but powerful cellphone that, I think, has been around a very long time ago. But another good part of this cellphone. Maybe the resolution isn't really stuck, is the screen. Of course, to give a multimedia experience. So for those who don't like curved screens, Okay, a little little insignia about the performance of Samsung Galaxy S22. I actually wanted to release the video on March 10th, 2022.

It's been almost 2 weeks since the video was aired, and on that day I received the news that there was a GOS update on the Korean version of the S22 series. This GOS is actually something that was not mentioned in the western media much, but turns out to be very busy in Samsung's country. Well, game optimization service is intended so that the performance of the cellphone is more optimal when used for gaming and that it does not overheat. Once it's on a cellphone, it actually affects performance, and if you use it for heavy and intensive games like Genshin, Impact, there is actually Throttling and the phone gets hot. What eventually made it quite crowded in Korea, as the users protested.

When I reviewed the S22 Ultra, I said that the phone is good for all uses, but when I play intensive games like Genshin Impact, it feels like I am ignoring it even in specs. It should be really good after being blasphemized, Samsung finally released what is called GOS update, where, if we look at the notes, this will open up the performance so that the cellphone can actually run optimally. The update arrived in Indonesia. During this time, Samsung's CEO in Korea. There was even a formal apology. Imagine how important this thing is that even a CEO needs to apologize. My cellphone is already with the latest version and the results are indeed better. I tested at Genshin Impact. Before the update, FPS seemed really hard to get a stable, 40.

I would say you can manage around 50, even close to 60 if you just started playing. Yes, the cellphone can heat up after being used to play Also, the FPS drops, but it doesn't reach the 20s level, which happened before the update. The FPS is not as high as the previous setting, and if it's hot, it drops to 20s. But if you really like Genshin Impact on your Samsung phone,. In my opinion, the best is medium-60 fps so that it doesn't heat up. Yes, this is a little intermezzo about the GOS and now we'll talk about the cellphone. Overall, software features are still complete, including in Labs mode, which allows users to use multiple windows in all applications, including games and streaming services. There are 4 cameras that are brought to you by Samsung Galaxy S22.

The features provided are the same as the Ultra. On this cell phone, even though it is cheaper, no important functions are lost. Expert RAW can still be downloaded and the results are good. There are video portraits with various filters, and don't miss recording with high resolutions such as 8K, 24 FPS, or 4K up to 60 FPS. Samsung has also now an in-app camera, e.g. Instagram Story. We record directly from the application,, The main lens of the Galaxy S22 is only 50MP. It is actually still good and not much different from the Ultra version. The difference is a little natural but it is not very messy after all. Even if it's 50 MP, if we take photos in auto mode the photos of the Galaxy, S22 and S22 Ultra will still be 3000x4000 or vice versa.

This is still a good camera and the results are very reliable.. With bright light conditions like outdoor during the day, The results are detailed and sharp. The slogan Nightography promoted by Samsung can also achieve good results. Still think it is a bit of an explanation for outdoor night photos but still, This is a good camera and I'm pretty certain. Here is a sample of the front camera - using the Galaxy S22 for adequate lighting conditions. So I was already outside, but did not say anything, now I'm moving inside. I can be said that the light is adequate because I used a set lamp,. So it's bright enough for this room and you can immediately see this is the result of recording using the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Bitte rate and we pass in low light. So for those of you who might want to vlog or something else, the front camera of the Galaxy S22 can record up to UHD 60 FPS resolution but for now I only record at UHD 30 FPS, because it adapts to the video that is showing, here are the results. You can immediately see the quality of the S22 Ultra front camera, which I think is really good. Also, with a cheaper price, smaller size but with specs and features that are still okay to have, The Galaxy S22 is certainly a cellphone that I think can really make the user comfortable. The design is like the cellphone of last year, is a bit boring but yes, I am sure that if you can make it comfortable, those who use it will be happy and have fun as long as it's.

As long as you are not a heavy gamer, you will be happy with the Samsung Galaxy S22. If you use it properly I think that this is a really worthwhile phone for you to try and maybe buy it right away. You can check the link in the description below, in the column. OK guys, That's all for my review of the Samsung Galaxy S22. For those of you who haven't watched the S22 Ultra review. The link is also in the description column below. Putu Reza said goodbye. Always take care and have a nice day, as usual!.

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