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Hello, the pictures are all back to Autorindo and, let's start right away here is a review for Samsung Galaxy S Fenty, One, Epic Okay. When the video was made, it means that you have used this phone for around 10 days, which is actually enough by Sae's standards to make a call to the Madam, ah, handphone. Maybe cellphones can be now Samsung, Mini, portable? That's why I mentioned in another video, boxing, one of the most distinguishing aspects of the Evi extension compared to the usual x21 series and FB exploits which were previously the design of this edition variant, comes with a body made of polycarbonate and aluminum frame.

I like it like this, but for those who want to be safer, there is a more elegant black color or there is also a purple color that, if the context is about Samsung with its brand ambassador Maybe some people say this is plastic, but in my opinion this phone has a bilkul pole ( OK, 1112 ). It is like 52 SVD yesterday it was not the best but still a good belkote. So for those who bought the s21e Vi, my recommendation is to immediately buy my cash just in case, even though it is a polycarbonate material like this, it's actually relatively safer to use without a kissing. Finally, I had a crevice in the corner that I regret, because I didn't just use a cellphone,.

Another thing that is the addition that the presence of Epstein dust and waterproof certification is not or has not become a thing, a really compulsory feature, but if it is actually really good, this is actually good, which provides more comfort for the user. On the other hand, it means for brands that Samsung has heard that desertification is raising the level of its research so that it can be on par with its flagship phone, which is truly out of stock. What Stonefish brings is really good in the top class, with good resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Estianty wants to fight so, for example, I use this cellphone to ferment, activities that are quite atom. Intensive, gregarious, mushroom I have lots of applications.

P found that refreshed from this screen appeared to drop from 120 to 17, even two levels below it really turned out to be me, who was very quiet suddenly, so what do I do in my homestay Sweep icon, like that, when I fit? No, because I am trying to ask for a second opinion with other river friends like David - it seems like he has all kinds of bodies. Let's continue to get the experience from pe Performance for him may not know that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is equipped with specs equivalent to the standard s21 on the exynos 2108GB storage, 123 for the current wing unit and a 4500mhd battery with existing specifications like that formally there is actually nothing to worry about, because it is already equivalent to The standard I found it a shame that I only used the standard .

It took a very short time and spent more time with the Lootera version, but in terms of performance what kind of performance does SWT offer? If we talk about Off Road Gaming, there is really no problem. It usually arrives at medium speed, 30/60 PS, it is still okay to run, even though Frank is finished, but there must be a drop. The heat when you use it, skip it, think it's standard but not up Usually the temperature is OK and the only moment I think this cellphone is really faster than the others is when we use it to record videos or pictures. But I was too late to talk about Evelyn's battery with a capacity of 4500 m Maha, which is actually not the biggest but is enough and from the use. I can get a mining scroll long enough to watch and social media geosapta.

This s7f has Android 12 and the latest Wow YKS full features, including my favorite one, are in the Labs section which is to be able to open all applications in multilindo, including splitscreen. Is this for you, maybe like I want to grab Effendi game while still being given something else, or you can also do it while you watch, but you can keep tweeting now. This can be used because some of the streaming apps that I use can't be opened from screen [music], another one for the camera, by default. There is a camera tripper on the back with a resolution similar to the Galaxy S10, except for the Telephoto which is only 8, Mega Pixels, and on the front 32 megapixels are already taken photos and videos.

If the chat is indeed the same except for the dual recording in the Galaxy S series, then it passes the standard until Ultra and also consumed vol3. This similar mode is called Kyouya character, where the user can change lenses while on SCTV there are only two recordings and the lens is restricted to the main camera. So we can’t use the ultra-wide lens or the phone. The results are satisfactory, as if you use a Samsung cellphone. When taking outdoor pictures during the day, the results are very satisfying. Even when you use night photos or indoor lolet, it is actually ok. The color between the white lens and the wetan telephoto in.

The addition to Ultra White produces a LED condition, It is still not as good as the main lens, but the presence of an uplifting mood can be enough for the general fact that there are no significant drawbacks from the photos and the following are samples, . Only ng and front are forkik or USB 60fps for recording on the 60th resource, for this user an ultra-wide lens cannot be used and also this number button cannot be pressed, even if it can be shifted while forki 30, all lenses can be used without exception. Audio is for the recording with class V SDN 2 Evi on the roadside, every Tuesday wearing a mask So.

Maybe it is a little bit slower than it should be, but I'm trying to talk cloves and here are the results for the Canadian video, check it out, In front of the night conditions there is Dodo, Tupperware now, with lights on Jalan Besar, brother. And here it is in the video of uh Pekalongan going forward. Sdn sells Eve outdoors at night, where the light is bright enough to go straight that's,.

How about this Internet Cafe? Give SWT Fauzi to choose now or we should buy a standard extension or maybe a station plus or just once s22a is released, Where can the capital be for the variant of 8128 at number 89, which is 9 million less, while for the 8256, 9900, 10 million more people are a little number, which in my opinion is quite safe because the price for now is above Estu Evi which has been released long enough. But when we compare when SWT Evil was released in 2020, the 10th price happened, When compared to the usual extensions or maybe Estianty, OnePlus, I still think that this swf offers attractive value because users can still get an experience like a flagship cellphone from Samsung, at a higher price.

They don't miss a lot of things because this is a cheaper cellphone. While the latter is asked if we should wait until the s22 is released, in my opinion it is not appropriate, as the positioning of the product is different from one another. This is the only venition, Samsung flagship that always makes better innovations every year,. If you're delayed purchasing T1F ice cream with your current budget and hoping to get the s22 later on, I don't think the price is much different, I don't think it is suitable because I'm pretty sure the price difference will be good. So if you want to buy it up until the 10th there is a special offer from Samsung. As usual, I'll put the link in the description, column below. For now, that is all for my review.

For the Samsung Galaxy S point one FW Thank you until the end I hope that this video helps those who want to get a little more design. The Devil is always there and as usual bye [music]..

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