Let's try the quality, how about the quality at a rather premium price and considering there are some interesting specifications in it. Just before that, for Bisma Friends who haven't subscribed, don't forget to subscribe and the notification bell Hazard with videos from us, and just watch with photos and videos from [Applause] Indonesia, clean water OK, before we dive deeper into the camera results from the FTV galaxy. I want to let you know that this is a triple camera setup that was brought from ST before, So at the top there is Ultra White 12 megapixels, in the middle is a 12 megapixel WS main sensor and two PDF guns. While the one in front is 32 megapixels, he also supports for questions. All sensors can be vgcv and due to inflation.

So when you record a video with an orderly VGA resolution, you can switch sensors simultaneously, while capturing from the main to nurse for example. The angle from the photo kettle to the front camera itself, So the flexibility is high, woman hi, hi, hi, hi [Music], maybe in [Music] Hey, I'm recording a video using mojopuro, CCTV reduced, but I want to change the microphone settings a little. Can you hear the difference with the video? I want to use a microphone from the basin that I use so you are in pro mode You can choose to use the microphone from the cellphone or from the info or both mixed. The spare battery, maybe even like that, and you want to be run over by the wheels in the afternoon.

You can use the microphone from the earphone or headset or use [music]. Hey Friends I'm curious about the DBKM emergency situation on roads formed like Sudirman, how about this? So it's quieter but in the afternoon there are still a lot of people walking jogging.. There are still some who say: they are passing but it is not crowded because it is Sunday so it is like this, the hands are really quiet. Can replace the echo of a sad woman for 4 : 12 times with 3wf poetry mode. If you use Super steady mode it falls a little. Maybe the video results will be a little blurry but it's more stable, I'll help, I don't need help. Even if it's just clothes, [Music] Yes, I forgot to set something. If I use the front camera, Galveston Devi, I use the results for G30S.

The season is in the photo and if it turns on like that we'll see if the Uts is more stable than the viewfinder, isn't it, as in the viewfinder it is a bit stable, Beb. If the fork was stable, maybe Bro. Now I'm using voice G30S. I went softlens camera from galaxies, ptfi painting still angry to the front and back is great. The article is a little on the Kadek model, so please click on the full link..

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