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Hello and welcome to the shrek tab until last year, I was actually a huge fan of the Samsung Star ii. The devices were easy to notice was cheaper than the flagships, the s3 and still pretty well equipped pretty high quality, and so on last year that all changed something. Samsung simply brought in the market far too many new devices within this type, all of which were either overpriced or worse equipped than the devices of the 2017 a3. Nevertheless, devices of this type on the market should all be characterized by a fair price and, above all, really good equipment, and Samsung Galaxy 850 is the beginning, at least here in Germany.

Over the last two weeks I was able to test it extensively and find whether it could convince and whether Samsung might make a successful comeback for this new a3. You were hoping that the a50 might finally become a nice, handy smartphone again, but i have to disappoint you. It is similar in size to a galaxy 10 plus and can therefore be operated without any problems using one hand, but is also quite thin and lies relatively well in the hand if you can still say that with such a large device that you have relied on a so-called infiniti - display, manufacturers would probably just say nonsense about this. The display countries are absolutely fine for a mid-range smartphone. Of course, the child below the display is slightly larger than the current flagships.

6.4-inch super amoled panel that dissolves in the already mentioned, Ocz a 25-megapixel front camera with an aperture of f 2.0, and then the earpiece a notification device is not. One of the highlights is definitely that the 50 Galaxy offers a 1 in display fingerprint sensor. That is to say, for a smartphone with an original packaging of 345 euros, there is certainly something special.. however the ultrasonic technology is not used here, and the sensor is also significantly slower and less reliable overall. It came a few days ago an update that fortunately improved the sensor a bit, but it still takes two to three seconds until a finger is recognized, and the sensor simply doesn't work at all in two to three out of ten cases.

Instead of a cheap set in display fingerprint sensor, zen alternatively can be unlocked via face recognition from the age of 50, but it still works only in two dimensions and is therefore quite insecure. The frame is made of plastic with a high-gloss finish and does not feel particularly high-quality. On the left side we find a hybrid slot. There is not only space for up to 2 nano sim cards, but also space for a micro sd with which the internal memory can be expanded to 128 gb. With the competition, you usually have to decide between dual sim and micro sd with Samsung, not that it's definitely great the power button and the louder and quieter buttons are then on the right side and unlike the galaxy s 10 for example, they are also fairly easy to reach.

The pressure point is a bit stiff and overall is not really good. That's what you usually know only from smartphones of the 100 to 150 euro league on de On, top. There is only one microphone and on the bottom Samsung places the 3.5 mm jack connection, USB 2.0 port, another microphone and the mono loudspeaker next to each other. It can get quite loud at full volume, but it also sounds tinny rapidly. Unfortunately, you still have to spend a lot more money against the ingress of water and dust. By the way, the a50 can and should not be protected for 350 euros vp, but I don’t think that either – I expect the 85 and the A8 2018. They were, of course, ep certified, but also had a significantly higher vp.

He wanted to explain to a few people that the glass was who, but it is definitely plastic with a high-gloss finish. Of course it doesn't look like that, depending on the light falling there are really nice reflections, and yes it feels better than the back of the galaxy m20. The work is decent but is still a clear step backwards compared to older devices from the series that originally stood for beautifully designed design and high-quality materials. Quite apart from the fact that all the competition in this price range offers significantly higher-quality devices, huawei honor foam motorola just picked someone now some samsung fans will again argue that they want the device.

That is of course an argument, but not everyone makes it and it does not change the fact that samsung simply saved money. I have it at the moment on 50 with android 93 and online version 1.1 known from the es ten uses samsung's internal ex 96 10 victim as the processor, with a maximum of 2.3 ghz. The display is of course included and also informs you about missed notifications in locked state, which at least compensates for the non-existent notification led broadway is not pre-installed except for the microsoft office, apps and samsung's own apps, so it definitely has the laudable performance. Technically, the galaxy r 50, also throughc house, now convinced now start to close very quickly.

Doll or delays were almost never and overall the operation speed is simply at a fairly high level. A galaxy s. 10 is even faster as costs but is also significantly more with current games. Here are no problems as of today. The A50 convinces with great graphics and smooth playback. The processor is purely based on the benchmark values, but more on the snapdragon 660 level. A highlight, is definitely the display resolution, which is absolutely adequate for a mid-range smartphone, especially in terms of color representation and color, but is convincing across the board and is better than most other smart phones in this price range.

It has an OLED display and it scores with great black and contrast, but the display also knows how to please, in terms of brightness I, never had problems with readability even in direct sunlight. - As with the galaxy s, 10 - switching between the cameras takes a little longer. - The pro mode is a bit narrower, but everything important is practically on the board with the image quality. The wide-angle camera is of course a cool feature and, especially under good lighting conditions, you can often take quite useful pictures here.

This camera cannot keep up with the quality of the main camera, whose image quality really convinced me in good light, conditions, great image, sharpness, great color, rendering and d for a smartphone in this price range, the dynamic range is really impressive, It appears different in bad light conditions, for example the poco from better are the recordings of the 50 in many situations not usable. Image noise occurs in my eyes much too early and recordings are simply too dark. The front camera then delivers somewhat average results overall, I find that faces often become too pale, at least the Samsung, but not so strong here as last year. Videos can be recorded at a maximum of 1080p with 30 frames per second. Quality is typical for Samsung at a really decent level.

One second highlight created by 50 is next to the display, but definitely the battery life gave hope for a lot, and the a50 was also absolutely right. I can easily manage a day and a half with it runtime for many, two days, should not be a problem that is simply excellent with the included fast shuttle power supply. The battery is fully charged in about one and a half hours, but the a50 does not support wireless charging, and this brings us back to the conclusion and don't start with the points of which, as always, speak for the galaxy from 50. It you have seen different in the middle class from Samsung, The battery life can convince across the board, good,..

You could expect 4,000 milliampere hours, but Samsung delivered directly — but not now with the Galaxy S10 and s10 plus, for example. By that I mean that we have a wide angle camera, that is a nice feature in the middle class, anything but a matter of course, and that the picture quality is generally really good in good light conditions. It has usb cs, has 128 gb memory, which is nothing but a matter of course in this price range that supports almost charting and it can be expanded both via micr and at the same time be operated with two sim cards. It is definitely a big plus point for me together, because there are simply some pretty cool features. The counterpoints are then clearly led by that plastic housing with a high gloss finish.

At the beginning of 2019 in the middle of 2019 there is actually nothing left for me to discuss, samsung is almost the only one who still relies on plastic that just doesn’t work, especially because the whole thing is so shiny, attracts fingerprints, attracts scratches, etc. It also applies to the fingerprint sensor - It's real to market, so to say ey. I am just praised it now, i.e. the wide angle camera and also the image quality in good lighting conditions, but the performance in low light is not good. That is also much better in the price range and it can't record 4k videos.

I would have definitely expected that from samsung there are really a lot of things that you can find good on the galaxy a50, for example the display, performance, battery life or all the features that would be easy to offer for an RRP of 350 euros in the end was absolutely inconceivable from samsung. Until recently, they simply saved money, especially with the haptics and also with the fingerprint sensor that you have to say very clearly. If the a50 now had such a high-quality housing as did the galaxy a8 back then and just a normal fingerprint sensor on the back te then I would probably recommend this thing across the board. Now with this couple of somewhat bigger defects, I am of the opinion that these 350 euros are a bit too much.

I would simply recommend to anyone who is currently interested still a bit to be seen, because the prices are going to fall already a few days after the market launch, the prices have reached around 300 euros and, to be honest, I see it relatively quickly at 260 270 euros and then you can definitely beat it. Then you ’ get here for comparatively little money really a lot and then I can definitely recommend it to others, but I have to say that I like the new series from Samsung definitely much better than everything that did last year,.

It isn't big deal to find the right track, but I'm definitely curious about what one expects to see that various new smartphones have been announced in the last few days, so I'm curious to see if they can finally convince how the Galaxy R 50 is maybe even better,. Thanks once again for, because it's only to them that I reached 56, so quickly, thank you so much for watching, see you again in the next video, have a good one..

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