Review SAMSUNG 50" TU7000 LED Smart TV Crystal UHD/4K. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi, Hello guys, Dadang, this time I will review this product from Samsung smart TV, yes LED, Smart, TV 50 in Sharing e7600. What are the features and advantages? For features, it's already a Smart TV. Ultra-hd or rich top, The menu looks like this, here's the menu display or the home dashboard display of the right corner, yes. It is also equipped with Bluetooth how to access it. Press menu then select the sound output Secondly, here is a list of bluetooth speakers. So if you have a bluetooth speaker at home, you can connect wirelessly, yes speaker, bluetooth software or bluetooth For Internet connection, headsets can also be used in Um.

Um, later select the network, go to lost network settings, for example wireless, select wireless. If for example, choose ON, here we try to use WiFi or wireless, it's already connected, Coke. This is YouTube did not try. The TV display is now Rp. It can be used for power, switch channels to increase or decrease volume and there is a source button, how to use it by press or by hold. If for example we want to move means one press Now to select us by pressing, yes press and hold this, then the volume will increase automatically for the input we see here, the stomach ache. Let's see whether here is an optical cable.

Here is the one located at the bottom of the power head, cable, I think that's enough short review of this TV Thank you for watching, don't forget to like subscribe and comment..

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