Review of former Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 12 million in 2021 for only 950 thousand original. - Galaxy User Guide

Hello guys, meet me again, Starch Video. Let's Buy, Anbox, hi, let's Purchase in the marketplace for 950,000. I was desperate to buy 950,000 HP without a box, and what we got is like this Hey Keh, it's okay, let's unbox the Luxe cellphone first, best yo wes, Samsung vs, Samsung Galaxy S, and this. Let us get the capillary from the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Eps, it is strange, let us just open the capillary. What is smoothness of the 2016 Samsung Galaxy S cellphone at a price of 950.000? There is an infrared sensor and an LED - flash. But it's a dual pixel catfish. Sung is worried that there is a spark and on the right side is a power button. There is still a USB type that lives like Padang.

This is an ex-flexip, guys and this has a 3.5mm outdoor jack and this has an antenna line underneath Hi And. This also has a Wfp and Endon volume button, and here is a SIM slot. The sim is already a hybrid CBS system, not like yesterday's S6 was able to choose for memory or simcard - bot, Hi simcard Hi. In short, the schedule and memory juice is up to 200 GB this cellphone is about 25 years old Deschanel was released in 2016 bye, hi anime also has a microphone... Hey, it's thick, it's readable or the best SD card is Caca SIM card I like it is read, Hi, it is read, OK, it's read...

We can get this cellphone, guys, which used to cost up to 10 million and this cellphone is also equipped with NFC, guys, Hi Remind NFC Hey bro, Let's paste it eh Hi and it can be read: Samsung Galaxy, S7 Edge. The rear camera line on the rear camera is already using the rear wheel system here using the infrared system as well and let's test the oximeter, so we buy a cellphone can also get an Oxy m oximeter. The current price is a million GGS depending on the quality you get. It's open, Samsung health, hi, and on this Samsung there is an active laptu step for that exercise, it can be recorded or not, If the heart rate is stressed, we can use it to measure it infrared. Now the infrared is here, but it will turn on red hi keh.

The subscene is a bit dirty, guys, because we used the layers, Hai Keh, it reads: Hai Keh, heart rate 79, ah can't save it, but we throw it out knowing it's stressed ok. This stress level is measured from heart rate and blood saturation and the price is 950.000. There is a pandemic even now and a good oximeter is expensive. If the water continues to be recorded, we fast add more. The oxygen or oxygen blood measure we measure. But if you use another application, it will definitely turn on hi hi hi and Samsung Galaxy head is already available on the cell phone, Okay, this is saturation Hey, my oxygen, and this is a Samsung Galaxy, S7 Edge dandred about phone and software information, and this is using the Samsung version.

The price is 950,000 I'll explain later because the front of this Samsung Galaxy Edge is 5 Megapixel and the back is 12 Megapixel and there is an OS, guys, OK, great from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to the system used by Samsung. This is the global version, Herona guys, here the specifications, search Hi for sure and the internal memory is 32. Hi gencef Puyang used is Samsung Exynos 8 oct Accor folds, a dozen meters eh Hi The battery used is certainly rp3,600 military ampere, okay Lets test from Samsung Galaxy f7f camera Hi Keh, The camera looks like this before it was a cellphone with a fast focus, setting speed Hi. Here is an example of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shots and the video of the guys. Okay, so this cellphone can't be read, guys ; Here I can't read, guys.

I can get this phone at a cheap price, a million under, guys. The pixels are dead, yes, but you can still touch them, guys. You can just press the Samsung, Galaxy f-Log enggeus wes Keep, it up, guys, they are, still flexible Eh. Let us test the sound of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge [Applause] This Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge already has a fingerprint on the front. Let's test first, the fingerprint on the front, joe, Hey Keh, Nikita Activate. So we just enter the PIN, guys, annoyed 2017, keh hi,. The old method is being continued Hi, so that the cellphone is already five years old. old, live hi eh fast and we can arrange it hi, hi Hey. The e-Cash protector looks like there is a choice, I just choose Aeti guys, so the battery is economical And.

OK Malik Thanks for watching on my channel starch video about my review of the Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge in 2016 at a price of 950,000, with conditions that are said to be good guys, The condition of the body is pretty good with 98% smooth, hi..

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