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The Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra is currently the best Android smartphone on sale officially in Indonesia. Don't worry about GMS, Don't worry about IMEI, Don't worry about the service center which buys a lot and you just use it right away, but there's one thing that you should consider first before redeeming this cellphone, because this cellphone is actually heavy Hello everybody,. The second is the weight of the features in the sense of this word. Let me know in this video because it will be too long, so I use it every day. Why is the screen ultra extension? First let's talk about the box, the slim one. It's like this and we both know that it does not get a charger, actually from my personal cave there is no problem.

We talk about chargers because if we think about it there are lots of chargers in line for parties that are simpler in size with bigger whites. Also, instead of the default charger head,. This is the one that comes with the Ultrasonic Note 20, even if it is bigger in size, the party charger usually has more than one port and the price is also a lot of 100 to 200 thousand, which is good, but I am. Sorry for the earphones, but it's just guys from note 20 to get Nippon. This raya, we gave you ak G Bro,. This is really good earphones, even though it is actually the same as a strange charger. Many are selling it, just keep searching for good earphones, it's even more difficult than finding a charger. If someone sells it, they say it's original or a vise, but this heart is still in doubt, like.

The files are the default headset. If it doesn't really look like we took it out of the box ourselves, that's all I am, at the beginning, talking about, guys. Let's talk about the beautiful design, the most obvious is the camera at the back, it's very common to be in the upper left corner, but the painting is still beautiful because the camera frame effect has been improved, which is like taking it from the frame on the side. It's actually original and has become a separate identity for Samsung's Galaxy S. Twenty One series, which I hope does not stop there. The design is down to the lo or middle series. What I am holding is the Fandom Silver color variant, There are only two colors for the Ice twentyone Ultra variant and I. Don't think, there is nothing wrong to Selera, friends.

Friends, whether it is black or silver, they're both pretty, Mad Dog's finishing is easy to leave fingerprints too I use Corning, Gorilla, Glass pictures on the front and back. The problem is that the screen is 6.8 inches in size, It has a tuke resolution and can have a refresh rate of 120Hz not like the previous version. If you want 120Hz, you need to lower the resolution to 1080p, but believe it or not, I can't tell the difference. It is hard to blame Samsung flagships from the past, especially now using Dino Megamolek technology for you LED. Why do I say twice because I use Dayne, AMOLED UX.

It is really easy, there is no flicker like other AMOLED amulets, aside from Samsung, just see for yourself and for other ta'rifur friends, This should also be discussed, because Samsung AMOLEDs are different. on the screen is also much faster than previous na h version, It is about weight, it's 228 grams and doesn't even have a chassis. You bought a smartphone as expensive as this. The battery is also big 5000 milliamperes, which is durable during my use, for the e120s screen is also, Yes, It can touch with 5-6 hours with other standard use, I play all day long, but this is when I have an event leaving Bekasi from my house. Until you reach your destination, you only need to collect the shots.

It takes three years, with a note that the conditions are the same along the way, yes. The screen is just 1080p 120hz because I'm back guys, as I said earlier,. I can't tell the difference between my eyes but to see a screen on a smartphone the size of a smartphone. Actually I'm the same as people who want a smartphone vendor to have a high resolution for their smartphone in daily use. And it is even more wasteful so that you end up complaining that the cellphone doesn't last like it's been all day used. Here is another one, Tira's friends., the phone I used is like Wanpes 8 Pro, the same Oppo Find X tupro, which has the same screen that can be swapped. If it cannot touch the SO7 hours If it ends up being 7 hours, then lower the resolution to 1080p 120hz N Ah.

If the screen hasn't changed, it's only 1080p, it's okay, it's better to increase the refresh rate to 144 heels, but oh well, because it has options like this, Samsung really does not have to complain about it. If the battery is wasteful, try to use it all day, and first, lower the screen resolution to 1080p 120hz, it doesn't matter If you don 't see the cellphone screen at gecko resolution and continue to charge it, I use the charger and the default cable is not 23. I can charge it fully for an hour and fifteen minutes, It's a bit strange when all flagship smartphones are like this. The charging capability is big... also Diren.

One era just make sure that, if you charge it, a blue circle should come out like this, and there is a super fast writing charging is not fast charging like this, on the side of the processor,. It's clear that it uses the latest chipset, namely Exynos, 2100 and I, and that it is equivalent to Snapdragon vp8. Yesterday I had a complaint, I said that with Netizens who didn't hold it as usual, but the soup had already advanced, even though I meant it: Let's chip technology when compared to Snapdragon 820 players by Onik, don't forget to mention that it's unique: Karma, Aim, Boy and they're, both five nanometers and both can fygg,.

When it comes to performance, it's different, I mean, O Netizens, who are with all their typing most correct Yes, if you look at the previous videos that talk about performance, it is a bit more joss. Graphically, yes, when you listen to triple eight, but the impact is also faster. It is different from exynos the calmer the onen't have to put out a very high power, but m kept. Sitting in a phone booth all the day, friends, imagine a cellphone like that. Besides, he would instead fight for Jordan travel or fight for compass, shoes or fight facial, cellphones, unseen, no hockey, Mayangga hockey, but I lose to botno no matter how tight your cellphone is. As long as I use the ex2100 I do not experience heat, which means I play the gasoline impact for more than a half hour.

It’s still good, pubg playing more than six ice. Clash Royale is also comfortable to hold. This cellphone looks like it is just warm. My nails are just like how friends. The performance is fast, playing games like that, can both be right, but the cellphone gets hot quickly. When it's my turn to reply, I don't feel good when it's Instagram in Moscow, so I don't feel comfortable holding it. It's loud, I did not feel comfortable using it so I went back to what I needed. For me, I do not have a big problem with Exynos 2102 - it's not fussy, but for friends who want to be I-sport players, please feel free to use Tri Palapan for Antutu ice. I tested it here. Strangely enough, the results continue to go up in each subsequent test.

Several of my friends have watched the video review of this Ultra extension, My friends see that their gadget is the opposite of mine. Try to look at the clock on the top left, yes, I tested it. Yes, after dawn, continue on Yini is really big, Samsung. The clipboard feature on the keyboard is also available on other keyboards, but I still like this one, and I'm happy, the weight is getting better, dies. What finally came down to the predecessor, was really good. The difference in Ultra notes is, for example, due to this right, the closest is the extension series. That is the setting pro video section if Dino Twente or the previous series has a microphone setting only those who use bluetooth or TWS. Where is an additional bete mix or bluetooth mix in es twentyone Ultra.

This is an example of the video behind the camera. Yes, I use Full HD, 60 fps resolution, which, if we do this, I can change the lens. Without having to stop the video, and that's what I usually do, I walked normally. It's quite crowded here. 2 Bojong up to 10 times, I can still do it, but yeah, I suppose I'll still be quiet if I'm not, I'm weird, when I use the road, it's stable, why I don't activate the stabilizer, so I'm relying on a lot of photos, guys here, let's continue Eh.

If this is an example of a 1080p, 60fps front camera video and is a Poissy ChatON one active, If the last Samsung Galaxy S7 10 Pigs, like the sun, for example, try, the backlight Hey, I still see my face, is gokil, never mind I'm still wearing earrings and there's also a director views feature, the front and the back cameras can simultaneously record and things like this are fun for me and yes. We can make content like this Hi, so this is intentionally trying to know the brother before me. Buy it, hahaha, My Husba D, There is a caveat that the front camera and rear camera work together so the model looks like this, because it is similar, like if we were on a video call with Ton. Yes, in the story I'm confident and my friends can also see the rear camera.

If you want to reverse it, you can turn it into a small fish instead. My face looks more like one water while the rear camera looks more like it's on top right, my friend friends, like this you can also change the lens. Mauzu wants to go back to normal or back to ultra-white for the resolution of the camera. Just read the description, I'm sure that my friends have seen it in other videos or even read it. The first thing is that there is no problem for front camera results, the default setting is natural. If you want it to be a bit more beautiful, change it to bright and then click on the top right for the flash section. You can also give autonic beauty, just turn it off. Friends, you just want a natural face for the back.

In my opinion the results are still better, because the lens is back again, or the zoom is optical, not digital. It can be up to 100 times species Um, but the results are yes., I. Think it’s like watercolor for me personally, I don’t know what to do in everyday use. In the video recording section it's recorded 100 times, Zombie hi hi it's the most extensive,. I taught the STM era in order to get it used for this Samsung. We can switch lenses while recording without stopping the video first and also the ultra-wide lens can fork 60 fps and the maximum recording can also be Edge 24fps and there's also a single take. If you really want to take a photo, you can get a lot of modes like that, Keep going I also made a complete 21 to 9 ratio.

You bought dozens of millions of Android like this, there's nothing wrong with that, Just back to the beginning of my discussion on weight. One hand for replying Wa, while driving on right, no need, Muna. What I felt before is that I feel like my hands are sore and I am holding this cell phone. The point is, try asking yourself: Samsung Galaxy, S7, this ultra wins in the screen first. The screen is also bigger and curved, and the rear camera has more, so I guess it is worth it? The rear camera is for selfies by mirrors, Is. The second screen really important in the eyes of friends and Pelangi? My friends really need it because yes, according to Now, my cell phone - screen feels flat.

Is it that looking for anti-scratch and installing it is much easier than the curvy one which is usually also more expensive, especially since the fingerprint is on the screen, so it really matches anti-scratch. Just think about it for the first time. This is the best for yourself Oh, SWT, OnePlus or Es Twenty-one bias, it is also no less powerful than the cs21 Ultra Oh, This Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultra can also use an s-pen and there is a special official too, but it is getting wider. This is why I really look forward to the Note series: Don't turn it off, but come back! I'm more interested in the design than the Samsung Bactus Reraya, not because it's more compartmentalized, while the S series is like a lot more Opung. Like the note series there is an erection for the camera..

The problem is that this sp doesn't have bluetooth, but it's quite useful for those who have a habit of editing on their cellphones,. What I use is delicious, the brand is Caudabe and that is the best guys. This video from me for the original Samsung Galaxy S. Twenty-One Ultra seems like the longest review is shaky because, yes it's natural that Samsung is the flagship series, whether it's the Ice or the Note series, many features are really difficult to get right. Just for friends who watched it from start to finish and as usual do not have to like it, share it and you don't have to dishub this channel if it's not helpful but if it's helpful, please share it too Yes friends whose reward is fasting, see you in the next video, bye [Music]..

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