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Hi guys, for those of you that have seen my review about the Galaxy S2 Ultra. For those who think the Ultra is too big or too powerful for their needs or too expensive. That's something you should consider esthon Estonian version one, maybe [music]? Also Samsung has given an instrument that is more broken from a design. It's true, even though it does not seem like much has changed if we compare the Galaxy S2 to galaxies 21, but with a front and back panel made of Corning Gorilla Glass pictures, the difference is the same as its extreme series brother, Ultra, which means it is about 10 percent stronger. It's a bit different in caste, like Estonia, one, plastic plus the use of clevis from the aluminum armor.

It's much more solid and premium than ST scientists once it is okay, it feels like metal. If you wrap it in a casing, the price is 50 thousand. If you don't use it, the size is just right in my opinion. When I eat it, there are four colors choices for free templates by Faith. I took the green because it turns out that my wife likes the color of the ice tea. Well, never mind the Galaxy S Ton screen. It retains screen technology and is emulated 2x with FHD plus resolution like the Estonia, but with a size that is 0.1 inches smaller, namely 6.1 I The nci, which now has this screen, also has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz like most other Android flagships, but is so sophisticated that it can adjust the refresh rate.

What is that for the sake of increasing efficiency, because the battery quality is no longer discussed. There is one thing that is a real design, improvement. And finally the chin is gone, boys, the bezel around the screen, The Galaxy S Ton, is now symmetrical in size, all small and beautifully symmetrical from top-bottom left-right since Samsung released the 2017 edited Galaxy S, with its Infinity-O display I'm already worrying about the size difference the next day, especially when compared to its sibling. The symmetrical stirrup design on the Samsung flash continues in the following years: the site still has a forehead and chin, Esten 2021 is detected first, who said goodbye, but the dust remains.

There is still a difference; at least is it symmetrical until the appearance of the Galaxy Z fold, with all symmetry the size is decent and in the end good. Like brother, often one prefers this, expensive Galaxy S2 also uses the same chip : Qualcomm Snapdragon Eighteen One, yes, not Exynos, not still, sorry, after the typhoon was completed, I felt like this vc already was on par with Persib, namely Snapdragon Agent 10 to Brilliant. SWT is also equipped with Ultrasound Fingerprint scanner for display and stereo speakers whose sound quality is even better than the average laptop, which is more expensive than a smartphone. This 15 tree of words can lose such a small to a speaker,.

It's really good because let's go back to Eskul, that's a flagship smartphone - yes, because talking about Flexi is definitely not far from talking about the camera that should flash as well as the camera of the Galaxy S2. This can also be said and compromised, there's almost no difference with Stone's brothers in comparison to the experiment. It's really going up a class in terms of specs, so shake it again. While the resolution of the telephoto camera has dropped from 64 to 10 megapixels. If it's an Ultra White camera, I'm sure that Samsung has also augmented the size of every pixel. Now there is OLX optica l - image stabilizer so it can produce sharper photos and look for a camera. The color pops out, but it looks more difficult than before.

Video results are also as good with the OS and can reach up to eighty-four frames per second. It's also bright that all new software features I mentioned in the Galaxy S2 review. Amongst some examples like Super - Resolution Zoom, the detail is sharp, even at 30x. The result remains diesel even though the telephoto optical zoom is only up to 3 of you and 30 are still USB. The results are really class, anyways, probably good, be the best nightlife in the smartphone, In my opinion, the photos and videos of galaxies are god. This could be his brother which is much more expensive hehe. Please hurry up for camera features again.

You can check the video review of the Galaxy S, Maybe, the first one is a little thinner, but the battery life also goes down the same, surprisingly I can average screen on time of three and a half hours and total stand-by time around 22 hours, with 70% condition using Forge Bluetooth to net and Refresh rate 120hz, not bad e-toll. Eventually I managed to get a screen on time of up to five and a half hours and total standby time about 24 hours, 7 days, adding 2 significant There is no impact on reducing battery capacity, it's almost the same as maybe it's because of the sophistication of the screen which can drive 120-128 automatically. Possibly this new Snapdragon chipset is more energy efficient.

His brother is confused up to 45watt, but the battery room is also smaller. This response can be charged in just one hour from 0 to 100 percent. Yes 10 minutes, we wake up in the morning and continue to charge sports coffee, take a shower ready for full day usage, It's now capable of charging at a speed of 25 words. The anger is using this, aknic ct25 25watt USB charger, which is very small, can be super fast charging, tough, heat, and fire resistant. It has multi-protection, so it does not over current over power over heat overvoltage to overthinking I'm. U use a powerbank X Mix Dj Max because it is cool for the same power, it is really small. It has each, which means it can regulate the best voltage and temperature for maximum charging.

It is safe to take to the plane and supports Samsung adaptive fast charging, which is 15 Words additional advanced features. He can catch up with cool modulo suitable for CWS, headphones and so and so. Guarantee damaged, replace by a new No limit on the number of claims. No need to carry around a box ; right, i saved it ; so try using it ; so I think Galaxies Ton is arguably the most appropriate smartphone to be a flagship, standard or benchmark for other Android phones in the future. If you want to send text, it is at least like this, or at least it is not Ultra because Ultra is my bro's height and it's too expensive and GS b. It even beats the pixels that are directly designed the same as those that have Android at a glance, The solid screen has a symmetric opponent.

Also the bezels of the high-end camera, the battery, which turns out to be not bad, very comfortable to hold. That is exactly what Samsung has packed in this time for the Galaxy S4. Only my numbers are actually for those of you who are in Indomaret for the new Flash and have a concert,. 28 too, and 13 for 256 DC, voltmeters, Friday up I hope this review helps, See you in the next video, don't forget to subscribe and smell [Music]..

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