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Hi assalamualaikum is gone, I can't believe it's almost two months since I have made the Samsung Tab a driver for Goa Tet Lover, in the sense that this tab has become a replacement for my phone. All social media has also been clear, including WhatsApp, and my face only has one on it. But this has all been moved and, along with the SIM card, basically all my activities that I had previously transferred from my cellphone to a tablet, now I want to feel an experiencia as well how we feel living with a tablet without a cellphone, including a PC as well, because all the cave activities that were on the computer I moved were also hit So. We won 't just talk about everything. Selayar Satay before, I really want to purchase the newest TP Seven or it was fun to release it last year.

It's a good risk, I really want to buy the SMS blast. Rather, if I buy it, KSA Junaedi hasn't eaten for three months, no one is joking around. I finally decided to buy Ice Six seconds at a price of around 9 million + keyboards, and I want it to be a bit cheaper too, but there are also those who get up to 8 million, I did not take the S-Seven because the screen is still IPS and I prefer an Amoled 60 screen. You will definitely know how good an amoled screen is, especially since the black color is really thick, 10.5. email and office or just watching. Normally when I watch using this tab, I don't need anymore to use a Bluetooth speaker, or TWS because I have used the speaker brush which was pointed at by eiji. The sound is really loud and we can cash back according to taste.

The performance is also fast, not optical At the same time, Hayo, Si TPS 6 wears the regular 855 RAM 6 GB, 128 GB and can still be expanded using a microSD card. So it can be used for heavy use like Microsoft Office Boy, tasking applications that do a lot of video editing and even gaming can normally do it. At a resolution that's fair, IV is right at 60fps, but when it's red there is sometimes a small frame drop even though it doesn't always happen. But I wonder why, with specs that are high, why aren't there still a frame drop like that, i? Brooo can run on tablets well, but I really feel good. A tablet bath because the characters in the game feel only bigger and Emil's skills get better. When I go back to playing on my cell phone, it feels like I use a downgrade.

Playing games for hours and the temperature is still okay, don't worry, it doesn't get too hot, and I can still get a battery life of about s68 hours with super. The ball is like playing a game for about three hours; VPN GPS is active 24 hours. If VPN and Bluetooth are active, there will be a lot of battery competition, but if the wearer is more relaxed, it can be used for two days. More so for the 7045 battery, I am very satisfied. The only problem is the charging, I still use a 15 watt charger, The battery is large, for full chili, so, It took about three hours, but the software also confused me between liking and annoyed. It can be used as a tablet as a PC, just plug it in the monitor or wirelessly.

I've never tried a wireless deck because I do not have a Smart TV, so I'll just try. I use Samsung Subtitles for heavy multitasking when creating scripts So when I make scripts I open notes while opening Chrome to find information, then open YouTube to listen to songs, occasionally, open WhatsApp or Instagram as a distraction. Feels, like my real content, I. Also, ensure that most Brio people stick to this because they need the SP.

It may be used only for signing PDFs or like me, who usually use it more to get away with touching the screen as sometimes it's a bit better to use Kanza paint and to use the gesture features for Post-video clients, that is all, but for those who like design drawings or cache, This SP definitely uses Samsung software and there are many more S pen in the market. Quiet features are now in, but it's not good for application. Compatibility, for example, should be in the landscape position if I use the automatic keyboard Tis.

Instagram can't be landscape, usually take just a picture, some other applications can 't, for example YouTube Studio and other are also available but I'm too lazy to mention one and the point is that it is not Samsung's fault because as far as I know the app isn't great for tablets, maybe I'll be able to do it later but I don't know, so I'll use smooth for the first time. So I can open Instagram, so that it's more comfortable, even though it's not full screen, so is it worth looking at this Samsung Tab S 6 in 2020 or close it next year, If that is true, it depends on me for the second or the two scenarios,. The second scanner wants the Alberto - Packaging as a replacement for PCs and cellphones. There is only one design problem about it that is unique.

If you see it is weird when you exercise, it's natural because it can't be removed for me so on the Samsung S seven it can be removed because I've used a magnet. That's the problem. Also for the screen, you know, Samsung is really nice, the three batteries last a full day, and can be used for a full day with barbarian usage, which is like I'm a replacement for HP, yes. If you wear casual clothes, for two days and for three days, you can still like the design of this picture. The sp It's really worth it because it can be attached to the back of the keys. There is a gesture feature too, but for pictures it is still good, even though it still has a small delay, for example.

If you want to be thinner, there is a Mitra or Samsung Tab, S, Seven notification, plus it's good to play games there. Afterward, here, I don't have any big problems: for example, if you use Bimo as a second scanner, if it's true, I am fine, but you have to prepare a small bag. If you go, go out, wear a normal pants hoodie. So the cellphone is here feey and there is also a hoodie here. But if you want to use a tablet as a second designer or want to replace your cellphone or physical device, you don't want to carry a bag. Those of you stuck on a second car, it is really worth it, but if you buy a new one, you already have a standard S7, How about you compare your S7 with IPS screen, and it is already a MOLED display.

That's why I opted to avoid the iPad, because I don't want to use an iPhone, so that's the best choice, but the Tabs are here. Here is another, that the tabs still have a camera and the results can be called like this, it's normal, with a camera for a tablet,. When you want it to be as good, you don't have to expect that much, The people taking photos with tablets are strange. I still use the Pixel 1 XL, which was the first generation, but only for photos and editing but it is better here. So if you want to use it for example, it is better to make your cellphone ready for photos in the second scenario. Because after using the tablet, I’m really lazy to take photos or videos. Don't forget to like because Mr.

Expand enjoys his experiment, many people are interested in it but it's difficult. Because I want to use not a tablet, I forgot to make the Gowa Laut Hospital screen to everyone who knows my secret, you are a [__ ]. We have four social media, there's Tikak Instagram and YouTube and also the website. Don't forget to check everything. He's sure it's been a month since I have been using it and I'll replace your cell phone..

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