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I want to discuss the casing for the Samsung Galaxy S7, one or E71, which is in the cave. Yesterday I made a video of the Samsung Galaxy F1, which is a51e. Then make the casing which is just for the A71 because today's H51 already exists. It means that there is already a keyboard on this channel,. Just make a team for the sleeve and hang it. If that is the case, I'll show you the new color, how about the silver or gray material. Check here for the finishing behind and there's a new feature, the same as yesterday's 51, which is a single take. Later I'll. Let me know because I'll make sure that the lover is back, this time. Let you know at the beginning that the A71 Blog has a log similar to that of Samsung.

One is also similar like not then eh eh, no tenlite continues to look like es twenty series: twenty pilos at or yes, SWT, Ultra basically, The box camera is on the top left, as is, just in terms of lux yes, but you are dimensionally Yes Of course it is different if, for example, someone skips it it means Samsung, especially when the series is like this. It's also luxe from the back design. -Friends, write in the Comment column, below. This time, I bought 10 cases in one shop so that it's easier to find them, I'm also looking for them, namely Urbanstory, there's no one that costs up to Rp. It does not have to be expensive, as the mobile phone is also quite expensive: okay, guys, so here is the latest color of the Samsung Galaxy S7 171 I have on hand.

If it's in the box, it's typical crush over the variant that I hold Mirami 8 with internal storage 120 Mr. GB for testing and casting as usual, waiting for tea can also be done, but once 250 thousand, yes, it's the same battery using this Mac PC, I want to let you know that there will be a new color filter on the camera, aside from the new shade,. The video is like this, this is my standard of movement. It's like that with Samsung because I use in different ways an asymmetrical take. Make it easy for friends to paint the cure when it happens, you don't need to change the camera mode? At a glance, the latest of Samsung for, the Galaxy A7 1/81,. The price is 55,000 which is a model like jeans, I purchased this It is the blue one.

So when you put it on Okay, the original color of the cellphone is still visible. Have a peek at the silver color, put it here. It feels as if there's Jin Sing, as usual, at the bottom, Eh. It is not correct now for the virus to keep it, so it's like cash style. Really, I still touch my thumb and middle finger and if I put it on my stomach, it's safe,n't right away hit the screen, by the way, It still uses Lex's default anti-scratch. If you put it on OK, it's safe, it doesn't hit the camera frame right away, cpa. The ironman casing appreciated Rp. It's really like Ironman, if you want packaging, friends. Actually, the maker of this case saw it, and I accidentally found a model like this in the urbanstory shop.

This is actually a soft case, but it has a small price, So you can't say that it's a hybrid: it is so simple, friends that you should pay attention to it. The forehead is the same as the middle one as kickstand,. This is a Transformers hah I'm wrong. This is a Transformers guys, haha. Yaman is the PD, Dede. Whether you mean a short, like this, for example, if you fall from your pants for God . Uh oh . It's okay. My cellphone is like that, I gave a tip, It looks like it is in the upper left and right corner of the bottom pin, it is even weirder. Some of the smell Hi Deewani, it is safe. You do not hit the screen. Put it directly on the screen, It's also safe, I'm priced at Rs.45.000, more OK, then this transparent case costs from Itachi Rp.

It already looks like the chassis made to him by Transformers, it's similar, right, but if. You put it on your back, it's safe, and Taro's stomach is also safe, for, yes, the front or the protection of the camera. It's a bit hard to press. It’s plain, there is no hole for a lanyard or hanger. Right now, it says ipaky under protection of love, Anjay Adelova, but you still can't use it, but you can't replace autofocus at noon. There seems to be something that stands out on the left, right, top and bottom, and because it is a protective casing like the previous, this Transformers can be confident if we say, why don’t you still believe in yourself? Yes it is safe ipaky. The price is IDR 30,000 just continuing if the next case is OK, now the market case is Hanicom also.

There is also camera protection and it turns out that the hutek of the kindergartner is ugly. The color is good as this, transparent,. If my taste is good, later I'll come back to the tastes of friends and there is no need to repeat it as usual. The main thing is that there are pentols. The upper part of the volume power button OK has a security hole. On the left side, the bottom is also acidity. There is no lanyard left-hand, there's no lanyard left-hand. If you put it on your stomach. it is proven that a lot of friends who use the hanicom case are safe, yes, I don't want to buy this in the store. Usually, there are cheaper ones. They are expensive, depends on the shop, be smart, look for it, The reason is Iko just let it go, OK.

I bought plastic because it also has the same foam and if you use it like this, it is free, the value is like this. It is a motif like this kind of carbon. It's not really divided, so it's still fun to have it in our hands. In my hands, it is still good. There's a security hole on the left side of the power button huh? There are two holes for a lanyard or hanging rope. Ah, it's safe for the holes. It's safe, there's an extra lip. If you put it on your stomach it is certainly safe, It doesn't hit the screen directly on the cellphone. If you put it on your back Oh it's definitely safe because today is an okay plate, Rp. If you like this model, yes, this is lux, again check it out, we are cute.

There is a camera protector that swings around like this, You want only to have a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. You were just a bit skeptical when you first arrived here. The casing seems to be normal, it is actually normal but it costs Rp35.000 and is also a soft case except for the camera. This is Marquez hard but you can't see it. It's like not using a casing, it's like using a case that was born in a storm, so there's just an addition of Green Green Ville like this, that's it, so yeah, it's really thin Ipin to the finger. It's cute, I can still touch it. Guys, I still have doubts about the quality of the slides on the camera.

If it is detailed again in China it is tilted If this cave says : also m, I am tired of writing that the camera of the protection level will not come because it is awaiting. Instead of having a camera cover, it's pretty good 35,000 to get this cute style that he is holding, it is good, okay, for the hole at the top h, It's safe too, the volume button should not be at your face : No click it feels like it's pushed over, just firmly when we press buttons, uh. The bottom side of acidity is also left,. It's simple and there's nothing to come out for the screen protector. If you put it on your back, I think it is safe, because the camera doesn't even know it at all because the protection is in a box like this.

It's not just the liver that is in a small box like this, and if you put it on your stomach, Oh no Hey. Why do I say tough because it has a macho shape? It is really difficult to hold, even though it is balqi, yes, but because of that, the two middle fingers of the ring finger because they are painted from the back are lovely. They don't look like cheap casings. If you have yet to see a little of the original color of our cellphone according to me and the camera part and it also has water. Next year, click Scan That's how thick the front lip is. Thus, if you put it on your stomach it is definitely safe from the past. Kotaro - Casing is of course also safe. The holes are also usually neat.

This casing has to be hybrid, boys have Saman, it has to be on the bottom, it's cute and on the left. This is the Gurinjay casing hahaha. That's it and netizen Anjay Guerinjay was extended, I just found out that there is also Guerinjay Guerinjay like that it's crazy, yes, NU is the one who spreads the word about Anjay, right? He said that this is for small children. Also they do not talk about magic, but a child who doesn’t know Anjay knows Anjay because he is constantly bullied. This time, experience Anjay casing. I only took one that was modelled like this a Google pixel because the others were bored. Oh this is the original Man out of focus. Ultimate experience becomes embossed jahihi and if you hold it, don't split it. It is really still touching the middle finger.

The top is okay if you don't find the ring finger but it is safe for the holes in the middle. When the volume button power clicks I, as always Bisskey. The bottom of the microphone must be safe, too Oh no I don't see the mic, it's a little annoying yes. The speaker is also a bit closed. On the left it is still as usual, like this. It's like typing one, it's cool to hold it, it is nice right? Well, the Palm on the left is the Ac. So it's good to have tension in the coffin. By the way Anjay continues. 45,000, yes, are next, the water that is in the ahrin box, and this is modern Ironman. It's still a little bit alive. But there are not many if you like infak. The volume button on the right side of the volume clicks ipower, it is a bit awkward.

It is neater on the autofocus case, which had to be left of. Just plain water y. Something like this box isn't my favorite. VN will also discuss things like that. So the model is like this, it is hybrid, hard, guys, the middle part is more Eh than the previous one. The softcase is next to the edges: it is black, or it can be lifted like this into a hybrid and then painted like that. The original color of the cell phone is still visible, peeking at the camera and moving it on to the plate or turning it around according to taste. And if you put it in a mess, it can be wide. You don't have to go back to the initial position like the water men earlier and it is a devil there, eh, a little yes. There is an anti-cricker, left-right, up-down at the corners.

It turns out that it's not like that, for the top hole The acidity is left for volume power. Okay, Clichy, everyone, it's safe, there are two holes for a lanyard or a hanger at the bottom, okay, it's cute and on the left side of the security. Create a Kepqda, as usual. Two of my favorite cases continue from the camera on the front. So my two favorite cases for the Samsung Galaxy A7,. This is the first modern macho like this, we get airing, we have hybrid, there is also a harness and there is a softcase and I think it is worth it, The second is Anjay's casing hahaha, focus on the ultimate experience. Is this foreign property for friends who have already? I've subscribed to this channel for a long time and viewed the Channel & Stream content.

I'm sure you know already the reason for this autofocus militia. On this channel you can already get two casings for each other. The real reason is: when we talk about this Masque to come back in terms of physical design, it's cute, it doesn't look like a cheap cellphone and he's also balanced, it's good because this is the case for protective cases. For friends who want protective covers. I want the lux to be pretty decent, so it doesn't mean that it is very easy to look at a modern case: like this it is safe for you. If, for example, you fall from your pants, you are about that high, yeah, God forbid, you don't need to drop it. If your friends are happy with a slightly stylish casing, then this means in the sense of the word no Well, yes, it's still thin.

That's why I recommend the autofocus casing for the type like this fix because it's still better than the one macho. girls don't deserve to wear it, a model with a casing like this, in my opinion yes. But if it's a boy it's still okay, modern, macho, there's water. I mean this, and it's even better. If the autofocus case is lux, I just am happy, Melati is also worth it. It's only under 50,000, but I also get a pretty cool protection case. It's pretty good for the upper and lower left, corner, right? It's pretty thick and the lips are too thick on the front, it's okay. It just doesn't hit the cellphone screen if you put it on your stomach. Thank you very much for those of you who watched from start to finish and like usual do not have to like it, Iwak is sharing friends..

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