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Alvin in this video I want to talk about problems to other guys, more precise - elk for this cellphone I want to talk about the case for the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and this one event I brought from several brands. So there are only two scholarships, so from Ringgo, as usual, there is from ringke Fusion X design. There are quite a lot of guys, so there are mirrors for this armor racket and there is also Spiden, but armor is also Spigen. Liquid Crystal, Clear Version OK The next one has SPIGEN slim Essential, Armor So. He has the kickstand, but the clear case continues and the last one has tempered glass okay.

So Let's talk about it first, we can talk about it like we can from the light one first, because it is not too flimsy ak, There are only two touring, so there is a Fusionex Riko that you designed and the Fusionex one, which is Black only the black color variant. Maybe we can see from the Black variant immediately, yes, wes wes with Salfok and the wallpaper. The packing is still the same as this, it's written on fusionex. The back layer is the same as the front layer. For this 52 there are two versions, yes Fourze is shown and the vc is for the VCD. So if you have the Fauzi version of the A52 you can wear ice in this casing. So it's still OK for details like this to the right as usual there are volume buttons and the power button. Fusionex is here, eh, that's back.

It's already full or Lopang Batak Italian wes is empty, the top part. Only the microphone on the side is plain. There's only Lanjar Gold and the pot is like this OK, maybe we will plug the 52 right away. It should fit, for example in the casing ma'am, This is a cool lux, even though it's purple and black, yes, guys. He only has it because the camera section is there, as are the items. The elephant keeps finding items from this really cool is. Hello, Apple, Joe It is cool, it is perfect for protection. Fusionex has as usual good protection on Facebook,. If you put it on the table, then it is safe and worth it, so the top and bottom are higher. Also if you put it like that on your stomach it is very safe, so it's like this Your screen doesn't touch the shirt right away.

Okay, so this profession hasn't been equipped with temper glass, so this Fusionex should be compatible with full G glass tempered. The second case is still from Rinke, only he is fashion. Chemo exchange - design. Only the inside is different from the follower. The coating is only inside so this doesn't have a coating on the outside because he is a child, the texture is the same as the one on the outside. It doesn't leave fingerprints, okay, easily for details like this. It's still the same as the previous fuse, so it says fusionex then the power button continues. There's also a volume button with Lancer Dul at the top or forgot to make the microphone on the left. Maybe we can go, I just plugged it into the Samsung a520 key for painting this body, it's even more advanced.

If it's unique, it is typically like a girl's color. It's really cool, okay, for typical details like this Hey, If you put it on the table, the screen will be the same, for example. Om, when you put it on the table too, oh yeah, It's actually clicky instead, OK, paint it like this for your Fusionex design Samsung Galaxy, A5, 2016, Kitkes, Piken, Okay. Go straight to the spigen casing. If the cage was faster earlier,, There are four kinds of glass, yes, and this is tempered glass, Spike ngaling Master for a52 So.

For this 52 guys, you guys will keep following our channel because we will make a special video for Spige n, a master for that, it is okay to Twisted Una is a unique store channel, Sad armor, pure Thafar, one of the kisses from the game series that has maximum protection, wes continues with the third blood to Tarwo. And I'm surprised that this armor is the most-troubled, perhaps yes, Spike was the one people are looking for the most. It is a Krugyanstane, so is suitable for watching or multimedia. There is also at the bottom the inscription Galaxy A5 2-piece Alim Paul 52 which means 4G us. The bottom is like this, these little words, Okay, let's open the pet and immediately see what the contents are like as usual: guys, make it just the same plastic Oh.

If it is clear, come here, we get it for cleaning, it's the same as a paper, how to clean it, let me get rid of it. The Samsung a520 is a girl, but the color is a bit dark. the detail of the case is so that this is immediately unclear er. The camera is thicker than the one fusion. Liquid can not exist and the top like this has one microphone hole. At the same time, it's written by a tech lehrer Okay. The left side is blank,. Okay, only two lobes make use of the pot like this. Maybe we can just plug it in it should be pretty or cool okay wow like the default case, there's just a difference that it's a little thicker or maybe I'll take the bottom case Okay. If the bottom case is, it will be like it is sluggish or mushy or too jelly.

But for this liquid crystal, although it's a Shopkins, it's still like that. The camera will not stick out here so that your camera will be safe for the screen OK,. It is the same, even if the fish circle is higher at the top and bottom. If the spinner is all sides higher than the screen, it's stable here, it won't scratch the screen. The buttons are the Man transport Kiki This is the Liquid Crystal Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 mirror that is also okay, is next. We will also discuss the Armor racket, so this is the bag, which is probably the most sought after by devices. So every time there is a type, a recent hint is that the information they made for the helmet must be an armored racket.

Okay, the package is almost the same as the previous one, even though I'm spigen, something you on then here Galaxy, A5 dual space or 552. Here it's more central to get Armor, then at the bottom there is my ice, the same color in the beginning. It doesn't have anything like instruction paper or alcohol wet wipes This is so the ancestors of the new model horse have a texture on the side. If we are a country, it's tough, it's not slippery and it's really comfortable, On the right side is a volume button and a power button and on the side there are lines like our, The microphone hole on the left is empty, In the bottom there's only a texture like that, OK. 52 For those who are morally shaky, Here it is. There is a carbon design on the top and bottom of the generator.

Okay with the bike path on the back. It's kind of weird if purple and items like Joe actually go in slime, it's just a bit like what is white or maybe more Maps, OK, for the details of the casing on the camera yo automatically higher than the camera A5 2 continues for the lay : this has covered all sides of BC. How come there is Islamic I come out together, okay, sorry guys so there's a small ad Ok in the teaching section he has covered everything automatically, guys, so he has the rest of the noodles, So if you follow your Zenfone on the table, it does not show your screen directly. The landing is automatically safe and the camera is OK also. The subtitles for the buttons he fixed all Facebook uniform here. The ok button on the jump is precise, Hi OK.

This is a protective case, guys. He who has the maximum protection power. When you use Kis, which is very protective, theminus is a bit Balqis. Here is the inscription Galaxy A5 Dual-Core A5, A5 2 stroke Armor for the metal slide. Color variant under the bottom is still the same. Okay, let's open the plastic blank with manual paper. This manual is for a tutorial or method How to install the casing, and it looks like this condition has a road feature or a special feature or feature, namely a kickstand Yes. It's really suitable for multimedia Ok, for the case, it's really big here. So for the previous case it will have hollow buttons, guys If it is not farmor it's actually a protective case.

It covers all your buttons so that dust won't get in! There is a button that has really cool design, so it looks like boxes, yes. And here it says, Taft Armor is cooler and there is only a microphone hole on the left side. If he is actually him, it turns out to be 3 psychic layers. A softcase hardcase is the same as foam or sponge so it absorbs extreme hits. H, there is a story on the back, maybe we'll try to plug it into the Samsung a520f violet, guys. So if you use Tafawut, the positive thing is that your cellphone is really safe. So this case is actually quite fitting, and for phyllis it is OK. You guys are watching YouTube. The guitar is now like this so it's really good, it is okay and for the buttons.

Hi, with the flux of Armor Samsung, a520 Metal Slide - Color variant like this Maybe w the black color is cooler if the cellphone is. Doors is clear: Kiss which is a slime color variant. Slime Armor, which type is a protective case, but has an additional bite. Okay for the packaging it's a bit different,. So it's like my special edition. The name is above, not at the bottom so that Spigen should be replaced by Yuwon's side. There's also a design for Samsung catalog here, You have this and it's military grade or migraine, so it's tested. If there is something special about the chair that says: Galaxy A5, 2pac, FC, ora 52, usually on the back like this guys Hi. There's also something called universal metal. Thijssen is not made of plastics and makes itself out of metal, guys.

If the material is metal, it has a high tensile strength. Also an air question on the technology, such as, despite generally having small writings like this Okay, we will open it right away. It is a bit difficult if it is not this one. It seems that ice cream is a drawer OK! This is a clear case, but the type is hybrid. If it's Bilqis the type is full softcase OK So for the Simarmata sensor like this, so it still has plastic, it is small inside and outside and it's going to be hybrids. This one has a slightly hollow button. If farmer said it was really closed so it's dustproof. If it's a little hollow, Guys, there is nothing at the bottom. It's empty, on the top there's only a microphone hole with the words "hey, fell" or " air question" technology blanks the left side.

The bottom is shredded like this and the logos for making it on the bottom n kickstain, okay. The block is like this for the camera list. It's automatically high guys so it's already right. If it's crowded, shari'i is safe, if it's upside down it's also safe for the buttons to clique and the pot is also precise, and we'll start with kickstain right away. Ok for watching YouTube, it is really good hi, If Kiki is bought Hey. How come you can't guys are not strong So. : If it's Pakistan, then your position must be horizontal, therefore it must be parallel. It is now considered mandatory for the next day in the kitchen, but it's true. Let's just go to the camera in front, okay? for the conclusion as usual, I'm for Kiss, which is really me.

What is the name I suggest most to you, guys, I am, Spiky Nugget Armor in the morning, guys, because the first thing is the files,. This is clear, guys, so this can be used as a reference for you if you are going to do hangouts or get-togethers. It's still really good, and if you want a structure that has protection, which one is it? You can choose from rinke Fusionex or Vespiquen thafar more guys so that he has really good protection. The next time, I will make a special video to talk about temper glass with each other Master a52, Ines So, y'all don't go anywhere - just stay tuned on this channel. We upload content for innocent discussion, 52 Okay! Maybe that is enough for this video, don't forget to share comments and subscribe and I'm Alvin..

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