Reasons to BUY the Galaxy A51? - Galaxy User Guide

This time we are in the series of reasons to buy and not to buy devices. Here, we even go so far to exaggerate some things to notice its strengths and weaknesses. Well, it is time to talk about reasons to buy Galaxy 51, as I always say, each user is different. Certain sections of your priority list may be present in this video, We also have the video of reasons not to buy this device so you can compare it with your list of needs and see if it really suits you or not. Complete review is now available so you can get to know the results of these cameras in depth right now. I simply have to say that they are very good results against light, for example, that it is a very complicated situation to get a very good result and that, as you know it also has an ultra-wide camera.

Another camera is to take photos where the focus is blurred background more or less like what you are seeing here, but only in photography to give a more or less professional touch to the photos, and you can even vary the blur effects. This camera is to take photos of very close objects that are normally small, where you want to zoom in to focus on this, you will be able to do so. It is a very good screen that may be that, depending on what price you compare it to, there are no other competitors that offer you this type of super screen that samsung usually includes and I say, depending on the price, because as I said in the video reasons to not buy this device, the price can be very variable.

I recommend that you look carefully where you are going to buy it, because there are places where you can find it a lot much cheaper than the price you find, for example in the telephone company of your region. The screen is super amoled, as I say, because it has very, very intense colors, even though through the settings you can also put that you don't want such intense colors. That needs to be clarified, but it also has very good contrast, maximum and minimum brightness. If you see the device from the front and then reaches it from the side and he sees it, he will see the same image quality.

There are other devices where it already reaches your friend and he is seeing it from the side since the colors don't look very well or the brightness drops a lot in this case. The screen, as I say, is very good third point in favor that I find here. If it is subjective because it is a personal perception, it will be the design, despite the fact that it does not use premium materials to call them in some way. It has interesting reflections similar to glass on the back and has the advantage of being made of plastic and not being so fragile il.

Then, if you drop it there is less risk of it breaking compared to what if it were a glass device, also they have fairly well realized smaller frames that make the device not so big, but I repeat : this is subjective if you don't like it a nice design. As you know, it runs Android like most devices, but in this case samsung adds a layer to it. It is called Wung Yue and the novelty is that it comes with version 2 of one white. It is the most current version that brings a lot of functions that you will not find in another device, at least not that it is galaxy and it is not one of the recent ones. If you have the 50, surely if it receives the update to one white 2.0, but I cannot assure you that it will bring the 51 with all these functions.

A good one is the screen for example, where you can have several panels on the side and from there you can have quick access to a split screen or a floating application, access to tools, effects and many more things. We also have for example the moggi function, that is the camera. This allows you to create your own character and it can create animated stickers for you to share with your contacts, or even if you want to take a video with your face on top of an animated face if you can do it. That is another point that you may not find in devices from other manufacturers. Another function that I like to emphasize is the samsung path.

This is available in several other galaxies even if they do not have the most recent version, which is a password manager, since it has the reader of fingerprints, you can take advantage of so that when you log in on a web page or in an application, just type your fingerprint and that s it, for example, bixby routines, You can automate a lot of things on your device with this function, such as selecting an activation condition, for example. In short, you can create a lot of conditions and then configure their consequences. That is the blue light filter activated to activate the automatic brightness to lower the volume that I don't know.

You can customise a lot of things, and not only can you have those conditions that are automatic, but you can have a general switch on your home screen so that when you press that switch, do a series of activities that you have told him and that's it, it makes it easier for you, a lot of touches and the last function I want to highlight the samsung software is the function of floating applications, which we have already found on several devices. You can also minimize them in a bubble or configure that when you receive a notification, you slide it down and it opens in a floating window so that what you are doing does not interrupt what you are doing. So many functions this device has that sometimes play against it.

But in the video you will learn about that or reasons not to buy the galaxy 51 I invite you to go, see it. If you haven't seen it so you could make a decision once you know the pros and cons of this device. A little easier, I repeat, simply put a list of things that your device should have or things that it should not have so that you can compare it with this video and with the other and you can make a better choice..

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