Hi, guys, I'm back again on Victor's channel in the deep of my mind, I did not make a video about gadgets, Guys, and this video I want to make a video about gadgets because I haven't talked about gadgets for a long time, guys, because there are so many comments that are more toward fragrance and fashion guys. If you want me to talk more about gadgets, always add as much as possible about gadgets, thok or unboxing, so we 'll mean unboxing, whatever it is, I will open it. Talk to this time, because I want to discuss this gadget myself. This gadget is in accordance with the YouTube channel. If you know about the S22 guys already, the Samsung Galaxy S2 two, which blew and had excited about the chipset issue, also from the latest Snapdragon gen1 and the resulting overheating problem.

Yes, I've been using this for a month today right now, here, let's talk about gas. Is it special?, I knew right away, but today I want to talk about the camera. I want to face MU versus with a Sony FNC camera, together with the roof like the mic and the booth. We are also directly versus because of Jaya Galaxy S2, which they claim can beat professional cameras. As usual, Guys, don't forget to subscribe to Victor's mind channel, like it, also immediately like it, because of this. How special is this Galaxy S 22 for the camera. Today we discuss the specifications and performance in the next video : Okay, Guys bumper, first dog. Yes, guys I'll immediately debate Sule a little bit about the specifications of the Yosh extension.

You guys can check below the idea for if, for example, automatic what is. If manual How, can you just know the potential with the same lens I use? So I haven't bought a new lens. Maybe the full brush below is because sometimes in videos you write too much. It makes us dizzy and boring too. We will Yani compare soniexz fnc with s22 I, like this lover, It's white, guys, OK, and already you know the specifics of Amera from Actions ms22. Let's turn it off for now because I tried several spots here for us to take pictures. It's a hot day, guys. We will also review for each performance and everything, but we want to band I want an essence: camera with dash 22 Okay. Let's try Samerin with hand-held method.

Compare this camera, hey? It's a bit shattering, Also guys! The phone is a little hot - Hey, OK - we've done it. Let’s go straight to this guys and try to compare them. Lap fork and VGA + PS equated, and this is auto. You can compare the sound again by listening from Sony xav-63. I use zoom mic Yazumi from Sony. There is a difference of course, B I think that the Samsung S2 will be louder Yes because yes, but for precision, Hi, and it's better for editing, I prefer Sony, of course, Sonic Okay. So there are two sides of the camera, if, for example, on the screen are the guys. Let's try the Handheld.. Let's try that because we compare which one is better, guys. While walking forward, which one do you think is more rocking? YKS is both hand held.

Compare all this with the full auto yes simply. While maybe it's a little speedy and there is a little color here, arna hello, that is it How, do I? Try the front camera against the Sony ST Fancy Okay now. We will try the sky front camera with the same resolution. That is amazing, I am a brain for senescence because it's a bit heavy so I am sore too, but this Jasmine, in my opinion, is really suitable for today's YouTubers who prefer to use cellphones, find a camera and we will see how he handles it. And just like Cintaku because Sony is original, so it does not. It should look too good or not, but we'll see when it's edited, okay? If the likes are really good, guys Wow, Samsung's gold chest is very smart. At dealing with extraordinary likes.

Even though there are a few edits, our faces become more beautiful okay, Hey, it's starting to get a little sore Okay. Hi, Because of the weight difference yikan le It's, it's just a bit heavy Okay. How does he deal with lighting that isn't that good? There is usually more blackout in a way, yes. And we will see Wow, that's great, Samsung is amazing! Let's try the display of this director while we are not making a video and this can't be zoomed in guys. You guys can go directly in and hear it. Even though you hear my voice from the display tomorrow. The director who is going to check and see isn't the biggest one,. Try one side since Rika can be obtained because she supports HP to use for thoughts, can check OK later.

We will try using Bridge, just finished Pro and go straight to ice. Both yes guys change the Quran to the s22 camera. Now the desktop key can see this more smoothly also try Instagram and ke Ancol, The total above can be seen, so enter in. Let's move to a bridge camera, which means two Samsung S2 Soul cameras, OK, right, we're using the front camera from realme SS2 two with Pika, after Teddy Pro sees Hi, it's getting smoother, yes, I can't hear my voice. It means you can't move,. It was also amazing I wanted to try Fort I mean try while running on your cellphone, while running for a review and trying to reproduce if, for example, in the Karr above OK This is extraordinary, If you make a bureau, that's really great Hey, it's cool, OK,.

Let's try the ig now, it's ice, OK Guys, for eke, I use, Hi and Africa. It can be programmed to get the maximum quality, your voice, guys. Is there, a difference, guys, from forkey to Eke cloud, compare eight hand-held also ok. We will first try it by using it if it can be assigned to the Ig - How amazing guys. On the photo and video we open, you like it, take a lot of photos and videos. If you can compare the sound for the Samsung S2 when Young Lex is like this is just a help. It is crazy cool, I clicked it, sorry, in Kranggan, OK, Sule Sony writing is just clear, If you can see it for yourself, it is great, very friendly, Shabira, guys Okay.

He is the champion of gcp, also discussed the video of the nutrition champion Picanussa check above, but the one this year Vixion guys I got Yes, it's ok to make and show that the latest gadgets and make this video even more so sprinkle a little salt OK, because we are talking about gadgets I'll probably be in the next videos. Do you mean by this gadget with poison? Let me know: Guys, I just saw the potential of the S22 camera,. It's amazing out-of-the-box, actually a bomb in my mind, I. Don't know if it turns out that this Samsung Galaxy is already this good guys, perhaps because I'm too Apple fanboy.

Oh god, sorry Gu Y s! If for example you guys will have a basis, you are really an Apple fan, boy, okay, okay, yeah, it is a bit of an Apple fan boy, but I'm still a little surprised about the amazing Samsung Galaxy camera. Now it's OK, the first is bad, mod director. The director's mouth is amazing so these two Samsung Galaxy S2s are likely to be cellphones for YouTubers. According to the title, the guys, HP for YouTubers Why not cellphones for Instagram, meaning Instagram, artists or tiktok, because it hurts to come back. Hi, Samsung still does not have Instagram so optimally compared to apples but comes back to Android guys.

What are the number of Android phones I am there in this world as a developer myself? He can understand Android phones, That's a lot while Apple is only one because the iPhone is focused and can be optimized, but don't get me wrong guys. There is a cell phone which is really good. , Instagram and its tektok is Ga. Laxy I mean sorry Google pixel Okay, almost talking about my Samsung Galaxy Young, Google pixel is good. Instagram is good, even though I haven't reviewed it, but I've tried it. Guys, Google Pixel is really good for Instagram but we're talking about Google pixel. The hdd is amazing, really helpful for current YouTubers,.

For example, if we were to be a youtuber who is a beginner, don't have this camera, bro,? The price is quite good, I suggest buying the 128 GB ginger and making a youtuber, because there are many once you can record videos with 128 GB Imagine and he can go up to eight, so if eight is too heavy for distortion. The giga supplement is really good and the second zoom is crazy up to 30 times. It's like a very long eleya, or 30 times really. It is amazing, even though it is a little broken, but overall for the mobile phone. Maybe I have a plan to touch the iPhone 4 Tin, yes, intro. Later, we will discuss non-goal.

How did United talk about the ts-22, maybe the Ultra, because if the iPhone 40 replies with Saudi against Kan with the s22, maybe Castle clicks lose for sure but maybe for the iPhone 4 we will be versus Kane X2 Ultra later in the music video and what Third, there is an early zone that is really cool there. I also showed the earth zone. The door is the early zone. So the cellphone is interesting for children to make it also for us. You can also control the emojis in fun, yes! Our faces are really amazing and the final is the fourth portrait video. Video by him, who is the enemy of Samsung Galaxy S2 second. The video was before I was here, I mean in the studio.

Don't Look Muslim activist (, _ ]! It's not like that original, but Okay means to compare with a zoom camera that costs a lot with a price of only 13 million. It's been amazing to explode with a camera that can also be up to eight. It's amazing to you and you guys - the conclusion is 5. Everything can be edited from this camera straight away. Now we want to be everything instant, we want to learn easily with your mobile - device,. You have to edit and test Messenger using a computer, and also you have to set up, maybe with a pro, because sometimes the camera is really poor to take white balance and also the iso is not good like, especially if you are a Sony lover. 1G, creator of Sonic, it is more convenient to play, eslock like that.

This cellphone really matches the ad to make content creators proud, even though it's still minus for optimism, that means optimized for Instagram and tik tok, but it's ok, yes, I already said cellphone for youtubers,. So if you have a tiktok or a Instagram artist, maybe you should think about it. -Think again to purchase this cellphone I prefer iPhone C Sorry If I'm a little Apple fan boy for K, Instagram and tik tok but that's the truth then that happens in reality. Guys, Samsung hasn’t been able to stagram and tik tok, but OK, If you like this video directly, subscribe and like is for Victor's thoughts, because we will discuss fashion, fragrance and everything because we want to discuss everything and what you request will be in the video.

Wow factor thoughts and don't forget - I'm still holding a giveaway So don't worry, giveaway for Rp1..

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