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Hi hahaha, okay yowes Subway, Surf, Batu Basalah, it's the same channel as free and uh. It can be a similar now because there is a scene from the newest Sony that's been really hot for a while. This will be stirring until it is completed, yes, the fifth generation of Sony Nex5 I already know the name of the headphones by heart use hakdez. Then we will check what is new, this fifth generation, because if, for example, yes it is really interesting now, it looks so right now without further ado, let's go to the video Let's [Music] microphone from Sony Micro-Level, stereo So. Ear, your left speaker when I speak because you think it's on the right? This is a double YKS, 2014 MP3 in Mark Infoin. It hasn't changed like the great family.

There are some functions like MF there is alexabet in and also OK. Google is compatible with all the systems below. The battery is 30 hours and industry, leading roles, counseling or emmc, and indeed if you say that Sony, now is my main noise-coating headphone, This is the fourth generation x-42, all headphones and cheating here because in my opinion, this counseling is the best - he is actually in my opinion organelle. You really need the headphones for you, lian, who really travels long distances, maybe an airplane grandmother, because I used to take long-distance travelling on the coaster,. When I arrived there, Celine really made a difference. The nano stemcell really helps, but this one is because we are still copying.

I'll try maybe I'll be Komsel More details, all the same as the SMK here, I'm good,. actually a new machine 3 months of using it, okay, it is fine, it is not here, so we're happy, uh, just tear it up. The packaging is different from the previous generation,. This recycling label is in Javanese tricycle. The cloud is the symbol of the flagship, Lex That means to be the tallest among them. The casing, hahaha, feels super different. So sexy , you could say it's original, blended material so that you can recycle things in your environment. Try the plate, just turn it on and I'm told the application's name is headphones connect, Nia, the connection response stays on IOS and Android, but Progo has a Google passport.

There is a point like that when the plate goes down, it's open, okay, there's Threesixty real viodio, music service, free Trio registrar your new headphones so you can get the Llorente And here it is This is really cool, we are not just okay, left so we open it up. It's not like it's magical, it's like wulu Kepret, since we were born I. Think it's a bit big and the first thing I noticed was that the headphones couldn't be seen. Now the pet is in the form of plaques like this and Wow, The material now seems quite different, all from leather, but the finishing is really soft and the material is also on the side. It's also really soft, but it's a bit easy to stick to the fingerprint, though perhaps a little calmed. It sticks directly and the headphones are placed in the frame.

It also uses a different material, like leather, but it is super smooth and the padding is super soft. This address is like soft memory. This example For example, on the above camera, the shape is still the same as the third generation. On the left there is an L & R mark. How OK is that the clamping force different, It feels a bit more sticky and in my opinion the pears are different because of the difference but one that is exported is a bit narrow, it's oval, while the new x4m is a bit boxy. If you also enter it inside it has an autoplay sensor right, while on the X4 it is already hidden inside.

Now for a total of eight microphones, 4 on the left and 4 on the right that are later the functions to help with the noise-cancelling feature and speaking of the sound is also six4d, He said he used a new driver that is already made of carbon fiber with a dimension of 30 mm, it's quite wide +. There is also an improvement in the fast charging section where in junior high school, if you charge for 3 minutes, it can be three hours before if on this phone. When it's still charging it takes about 10 minutes to get four hours, so that increase almost doubles. That is different here is that guys in this junior high school there is go NFC. There is an NFC logo, but now it's not there, but maybe now people have all plate uses bluetooth.

Yes, and there is also Quick Access, click on the cover, OK, lastly. If you want to take a closer look, it is much wider in terms of size, so the xmp is bigger. Therefore, for those of you who travel with a small bag this may be a consideration if it is possible. We usually continue to test about my headphones I'm really curious to try it. First, there's a headphone jack of 39mm. The yellow-yellow jack is like the microphone, right after the power button, and also on the plate and next to it. The Noise-Canceling button and also the mood bucket. Here change the modes here and it is the microphone. When the charging is a slow signal there. It also has a clearing system, but perhaps because it hasn't been officially released in Indonesia.

So the writing is still like this code and the picture is tbd, OK,. Set it up first then he will be a demon, while still he goes straight to the application OK, and this requires the latest application from headphones connect with cheese. If we check Okay, for a moment I have a B3 update, kmoment is OK. OK, at the bottom, there is an adaptive native Android app for sound control. The function is that it can sound like it is in accordance with the environment, you are, for example, having diarrhea or you are in an office that is quiet or noisy. The volume can be like going up and down, and adjusting for me, which I don't like so I just turn it off, because sometimes it gets weird. If you are CQ, the Restu section is still MB and some and m is petrol.

You gave me a rating earlier, talking about Daniel behind the camera. Her voices are very clearly heard in my ears. Only my own voice now comes to the cave and listens to it, it's more robotic. It's, I've just started to get used to it, maybe I am like that, and the noise cancelling gives me Ouch it's really quiet. It is really like my voice sounds like it's speaking to my heart, it is more muted. It must feel really bad because even if there is original sound the sound doesn't actually exist at all. So it looks like it is true - it's really good to pass the alternation, the other one is now the version of Now. I haven't used this version since I haven't used it because it is weird because maybe the noise cancelling effect is also zero.

- So if it feels like my voice is re-entered here, if the position is a battle I use the MB and the sound settings, and you can also focus on the voice. Try speaking, test, OK, their voices are still normal, so it is better to focus on voice when chatting. If you do the scenario again, so that it's crowded, now talking about chatting, there's also a feature called speak to chat. Pictu re is a feature that automatically turns off when, for example, It will automatically slow the song and then outside sounds can come in clearly for everyday scenarios.. Wow I don't feel like using it, it's more precise, it's annoying, so it might be more suitable if you go up.

Maybe if there is an announcement or because of the train, public transportation, this can be used because it will automatically reduce the volume of the song you hear, but I can only use it in my current position to enjoy this song, for example Some research presets for the ICU starting from speech,. There are minerals that can be customized based on your wishes. Now we can a complete selection of 400-16 thousand hz frequencies and take it to be selected. Klikbca is also possible. A firmer jar Okay that there is this Threesixty realty.

You want priority oncolytic if I compare it to connection, because I want the best sound and it doesn't work, so yasugi Okay, if you use that and lastly is an extreme tie, which is a feature to say that it increases bittrade, which gives maximum audio quality, It says simply that if it is exported when I try to use it it makes the battery more wasteful. There is a notification like that, but it doesn't exist here. The technology is more sophisticated, so it won't spend more money in the process because the processor will be twice as fast earlier. When we check the system on the page there are PIN connector devices simultaneously. For example, if X2 Diva was at the same time, maybe in a laptop and a cellphone.

The system process can follow the mobile device or you can fix via Google Assistant or use Amazon Aleta for the Trigger brothers. And finally, you can select notice that the sensor control panel process system gains more performance, okay Oh, So it's already censored, guys, on the flat side, okay? Once again brought to call me, simply press this and this rapper is already on xm-3, It's very, very useful flashpoint, that's Xing, too slow, good picture still is being kept until now and we can finally set the KTM button. Press three times for the Quick access feature, if pressed this time, shuffle between worlds OK. So, it is just changing from ambient noise-fading to noise-canceling.

If you want to add, it can also be done at the last automatic power of when on take off it will automatically turn off Poswan cellphones. Because there is a proximity sensor and yes, sanctification and download software for this service, During those economies we can directly connect with Spotify UAT playback. I will test it using Apple music notes, But use musicians because probiotics can use lossless codecs, while spotify hadith can't still because in Europe there is spotify which Hi, it's great that you can play lossless songs, but for now because I also happen to be subscribed to Apple. Let's just try it out, Son - please, I'll try it for the sound quality.

Please note that you can check this in the audio quality section above, You can select WiFi streaming until we're on WiFi; can't be longer than 8 Hippo. The sections use the eye 24, KB, 40-24, beat 192 kHz and you can see the data, yes 36 MB, Only one minute of song left 3030 MB to close the small if the lossless one is big: 175 MB Wow one song, 145 MB, is really big Okay. We usually use Just What I like that is already at the top of Facebook hi [Music], okay test. This 123 test he is exempt for the quality of the microphone from the Sony QX100, How are you guys with a lot of microphones? His voice should be clear, but he wants to know your opinion. Write it down in the comment section below: okay, okay, uh, crazy enough data.

Listen to songs, especially in the Bruno Mars section of From, Thailand, I. He is still unique in terms of sound quality. The tendency is more numb, the bees kick, but can be guided. The response is treble clear,. It is also nice when cool, but yes, the characteristics are Sony, yes, it is still more or less rich. If you could say it's possible, it is not really treesize, yes, the acoustics are a little mix. The vocals are still a little mixed, but the shower is really messy. So if I can say that it's still focused, it is just not too tight, musicians use cellphones that can match, namely there is a motorcycle taxi codec. Where Sony has this wireless bluetooth, which you can check through the developer, setting yes.

If we have it set, you just click it until the developer option is active; just stay on Google And. If you scroll down, it is right at the knee, there will be a stream written on it. Ng bluetooth, ldx, browsable, 96, 34, 32 bits per sample and in this cave I set this code usually I am a balanced sound type. Usually it's activated immediately, but I prefer to reply to Audio, This is to find out if your smartphone is compatible with hydra lossless from Sony headphones. The code is LBH okay for fb music. You have to use premium so you can use the lossless spotify one that is still not there or something else. Comment [Music] enter boxing from Sony D 05. Design is first impression really light, The new frame is softer and more comfortable.

If you ask if it is interesting or not, Feby, I have to continue this later or will I try to compare it more in depth with the Sony Wantosen X4, the slime. If you want it, just write it in the comments, the column and below and k If you want to pre-order it is already on sale, guys, on the market it's already multirole. My face is now at 3.7 million soya slavina. If people want a video comparison now, they can review both, but I will try to test it further from earphones that call again. This one cellphone often talks about irfanshift, so that’s all LED drinking ice what.

Do you think about the Sony string, One Max spray, it, I'll direct in the comments column below and if As usual, you can be helped by reading later, yo comparison or video review from this cellphone, drinking What. If you want to know more about these fonts in the below comment column, click here to watch..

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