PUBG MOBILE TEST - Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra against iPAD PRO M1 - Galaxy User Guide

This [Music] I dried Hu hu hung Hu hu hu [Music] ya, hu hu hu, hu, hu [Music] [Applause], [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Music], hu [Music], hu hu, hu [Music], hehe, [Music] [Music], subscribe, [Music] [Music] this Pepee Pepee Pepee We will play soon before starting the test. The graphics settings are entered in detail. This is ok, ok, ok, now you see them both in Ultra guys. Extreme high options are active here. Want you to pay attention here, for example, friends. When you turn on water reflection, the smoothing switches off. When the water reflection is turned on,. The smoothing turns off, I hold 2x when the water reflection is on. This time the water reflection is turned off.

The water reflection turns off as soon as the iPad Pro damas wakes up: Samsung Galaxy, Tablet, 8, Ultra, The, A E. Of course, Samsung We can not do the 4pics of Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra smoothing, but. As you can see, we can achieve 4x smoothing on the iPad Pro with an iPad Prime processor, no matter how high hardware it is how the world's best Android enterprise device is Android. When I get the graphics fluent on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra,. There is no event of 90 efpiyes as you can see: here people, you can choose excess, but you can choose 90 efbies here. This means that the iPad Pro 97 with Dragon processor supports the iPad Pro 97 unfortunately. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra is a Snapdragon octagonal processor.

At the same time, although it has the adreno, 730, graphics, processing, unit, we will see 90 jokes support in the game. We will see it in the game in detail, friends, I'm getting ultra high, smoothing 24 can't be obtained anyways. Now I am pulling the iPad Pro aside, friends, we are closing the iPad Pro for why? On the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 ultra, we will test something. We will start the pubg mobile test with Friends. Let us take the middle and start the delivery Z Of course. I wanted to show you guys before we start the test. This is the latest Android 11 operating system A on Android devices., After Ndroid 11, ya and developer options in versions.

I think there is a process with this job, now I will show you the process of showing efpyes C pivot says: We select this immediately friends, Dipi Watch, I, open from here I just chose, show the effigy value and when it goes back there is one that shows the efpyes value. That came out on the top left side. We go to the settings, I come again to the graphics, when I come to the graphics, friends, see Ultra HD 60 in the lobby. Just because I'm trying to show the performance of Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8 ultra, know can I hit it, don't pay attention to it, see how it works, see how it works, is it fluent,? Is everything normal? Check out them so you can see 40 yummy friends. This is for you but don't enter the water, OK.

We will do game play just to see things in the key sequence, mizza, these wetnesses. We can not go to the Turk with his plays. The mighty Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra has 12 GB of RAM. It has 12 GB RAM, so you'll probably see these values. Even if you buy the 16G micro Emine of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 ultra, you will not be able to see it on top of it. If: there are people who think that Rem has 12gb and 16 GB of RAM, unfortunately, This has absolutely nothing to do with RAM on the Android devices for now. I don't know if it is possible, I don't know if 90 efes will occur after optimising but as of now we are unfortunately doomed to play in 40 EFes at the highest quality settings. I can't get the graphics in the game.

Can't change that If I exit the game and re-enter the game, I will likely have changed the graphics. I entered it directly, so I can show the efpiyes values without destroying the originality of the game in any way, because the sound of the tablet are, where are you then help a brother 40es a moment,. Let me tell you: when we come to the graphic settings here, friends, it appears as smoothing two. You can get 4x giant in this iPad Pro, 4x in this. It says you can't get it soon, so maybe you can't, maybe they will bring Optimize 54x. Seen with my own eyes, while playing Pubg Mobile on iPad Pro is the edge and smoothing the lines for you. Ipad here is absolutely beautiful.

Smooth, soft Navara Yes, friends, Samsung, Android, unfortunately, There are scratches, so we can't get ahead of it. His test will come to a friend, don't worry. When his test comes, I will share the video with you already. For example, Android edge, smoothing is unfortunately garbage, but I hate it on iPad Pro, I hate it for mobile.. Give up guys, I wanted to mention that too, let's go back. Is there a man coming or something that I like in Pubg, Mobile, friends, Sound, Effects, etc. It is very nice, friends with the enemy, so the team footsteps are different but unfortunately feel that enemy footsteps and friendly footsteps, that is, team footsteps are the same. Even this man ran away when he ate one too. I shoot the island a lot. He brings easy botbots so you can play easily, friends.

Maybe we'll jump one or two real players. Mehmet's problem seems to have been resolved to a large extent in the marble mobile, because when I was playing with the emulator, I didn't want it. The salt is really beautiful. Those milliseconds, culture. Ok let's renew this bomb Both I bought 16 A4 single Alim, Sniper Let's play like I don't know. If a man will come from here, by the way 40 tests to the friend, I'll show you that Espie when we take it up to the extreme, but I'll probably show you after the game is over. Friends, you'll be better, I forgot and let's drive a car like this. Good morning, forty efpiyes don't go higher than forty friends.

Turning off the display of the efpiyes value, if we say turn it off, let's say OK, let's say at least what we got so that you can see the remaining people in a while. You will see in the lowest graphics that this game does not support over 60 efpiyes. Unfortunately, I am playing with one of the best Android devices in the world. I can say that it is not even one of the best because there was no process on Snapdragon octagon one I can say that it can be considered the best in Android, because there is no graphics unit on Adreno, 730, graphics unit. This is a military aunt bitter base.

Is it OK, buttonhole from here Look, my son, by the way The plane is coming While you are correctly closing the rose, There was no film, from your own footsteps, your own footsteps, Murat Yes, my mood Wait a minute, okay, that is ok. It's good 416, b4f, dude I accidentally press the button guys I swear, I didn't optimize because of the thing. Let's see OK the plate here, I don't find it equal but the money that they brought. This fara feature is to the classic mode: like feel mobil, it is money I guess: I have the feature a,. Wo appears the money on your screen? Don't know how much money we collected. It is not the last with the rear view : I mean fire. Isn't it necessary, if you are a gamer to buy an Android device? I'm trying to show you what is different compared to iPad Pro.

I did not enter the website, I watched a video After all, I will eat two videos edits If. When you are a player, you will be surprised by iPad Pro. You have a good iPad device that is for gamers or Aires Android has something It can be on iPhone but it does not need to belong to it because some models of ayphones have a very high thing. Don't know about the processor You know, on iPhone phones that support 90 fpiyes graphics, it is open. Ok, but if you say to me I am a gamer, I am playing the game for me today, Afitler and those who say this performance is sufficient. For those who say that forty efbiyes are enough for the highest graphics, For Android users, Of course I can recommend it on Android What.

Do you want to install or Akta? Do you want Android, it is a very comfortable file. Since it is open source, we have the ability to load and transfer everything from outside to the device but unfortunately because weiss is limited. It's much nice to be with friends without talking any more. Let’s subscribe, yes well, it’s seven rotten, but it looks like I’m, lingering. Anyways, I have a car stamp and I’ll go, friends. Don’t be too late. Is this car, the engine stop? Really, if you look at it these graphics do not cause much trouble,. The Efpiyes value does not cause any problems. I am playing right now at high traffic, I'm playing, I have no problems with freezing or friends. This one either makes a lot of noise, he is Red Dawn, He is pressed by mistake to the button.

It definitely does not hurt, friends, the rezone is low. It's somewhere, like the middle of nowhere, but there is no comfort Be on the floor, I don't see it. The keys?, Yes, renew that, let's say drive this syrup when he changes the seat. Why can't I get on the side seat? Even though I can't get on the side seat isn't it very interesting, friends? It is my duty to shoot here God, This weed boat may be crap.. Look... Can Koke Actually, my son 62 wrap? Like I was with this thing. There is no sixus program but Yoo God, God I had also 4 names, I really have 6x I. A pork stuffed monster maybe one or two real players can come 12 real players around. We can see my son, we can't see him either.

We don't have any problems with the area, let's go, at least subscribe, and we are subscribe to this area, Köprülü Prisoner. This [music] va Son And. If you don't press it, look at this, we have separated the keys, I wish to look, look, look, My son, I pity the bullets in vain. Remember my right : Throw the phenomenon now, let's go, Friends, don't freeze, I don't know : You may know that I, don't know if it is design, if a real actor comes. It is so ridiculous that subscribe subscribe efbiyes, ha ha,. My son, subscribe to one plan, God, he is alone. my hand touches the birds subscribe ya, no No, okay, please, Probably this is a real actor. This is a turkey on a glider with bare skin, and I'm not making a sound, I guess I am not looking at the IMF.

Eight oxen honey, subscribe la la Nur is broken. What the hell is it going to turn the screw, whether we are 1.850 or not? Wait this subscribe for this dear. Dude Subscribe, or was he left? Could be a real actor that subscribes the [applause]? Ok ok I will now show you the lowest graphics, 60 epiyes doesn't go over it in the lowest graphics,. I can tell my friend that Close this, Close that, Turn it off. We can only change ideas when we return to the lobby Why did they do such a thing? But let's say it's fluent, let's say extreme, and it's fluent excessively OK, smoothing is off O OK, It's okay, friends, with the thought of at least increasing efficiencies. If Smoothing is turned on, it can do more espiyes, you know.

Now, change the frame rate if there is fluctuation, change the frame rate when you return to the lobby, fluent extremist here too closed off ok, Let's say: OK. Now, friends, the legalized options here I go to settings again. In the mobile we open our efpiyes value. Right now you can watch the ipi Watch Ok. Now let's get out and get into the game, as you can see 60 fpiyes. You are currently playing with your friends on your screen while in the lobby,. Let us see how many houses will give us dirty values in the lobby. ... while you are in the waiting area, you see 60 effigy. While you are here, and you do not see 90 Efbiyes when you jump from the plane into the game. Let's say we don't support the video..

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