Protective case and screen and dead cats for my Samsung Galaxy A51 5G. - Galaxy User Guide

What we have here is my wife's Samsung Galaxy A51 5g, which is identical to mine that I use to film this on. I have purchased both of us protective cases and there is a bit of a story as there seems to be on all my projects. I ordered a case that looks just like this and bought it from amazon and tracked it to the local amazon distribution depot and then it magically disappeared and never arrived, and Amazon made me wait a month before I could receive a refund because it could turn up. When I received my refund, I ordered a pair of them, but I thought I'll be clever and order them from a different seller, because I didn't trust the one that didn't make it to my door so see.

This looks identical to the one I ordered, but this one does not have the protective screen in it, in fact, one of them is broken. I already have another spare, so that's not the end of the world that one is broken, but uh, that's pretty hopeless. What does that really mean? Ah right I'll have to think about that, whether I complain or not, so I have ordered a new one but it had a cover for the back um where the camera is, and this one doesn't. What we'll do is we will fit one of the good ones to my wife's camera because we got two sets of all these I'll use. So the first thing that you do is clean it with the wet wipe number one, you can get it out.

Okay, wipe wet you just notice that you still got the protective plastic around the outside, but that won't matter on the screen. We need these and this right that bit will peel off that way in a minute, but before we do it we've got to lay it there to line it up and again I'm a little bit annoyed because I'm pretty sure we've got an extra hole at the top there. I don't think I can remember now, but whichever way you go you have to line them up and you need a sticker. This one looks a little small, not happy. So we've done that then lift this up, pull that off and the idea is because we have not absolutely failed.

It's got quite a gap at the top now and push that up a bit more, yeah, I'm not happy with that that didn't go off as well with mine, but that's up there you can see my dirty fingerprints. On it, it's lined up and holds on firmly and then that's the job. I'm annoyed because the one I ordered had a little plate to go over there and protect the camera. The other thing I was going to show you is on my existing camera phone. These dead cats, as I call them, I made with a springy bit in the middle, so it fits on the outside. I am currently making some that fit over the outside of here because you don't want them all the time. You want them only or I want one only when I film so there is my springy bit which I will super glue to the back.

There is just that you don't lose them when you take it off and I will apply some more fluffy stuff over the microphone holes. We don't want all that hanging over the lens, so that's for use when I've got it on a tripod, not for when we are out and about, although I suppose I could use it when we are in the bank. Also this is my pop filter which I bought and which is pretty useless because when I use it I can't see the screen of the phone, which is the reason I've gone back to putting dead cats on it. Focus is funny in that it is actually my wife's phone there, but it's modeling my dead cats. So that's the springy thing across the back that just holds them in place.

They are anyways a tight fit, but that just stops them from working their way loose and that's with the protective cover on the phone and that's the ones I use when I don't have the protective cover and that's the ones I used before. The protective cover arrived, so that we're probably getting a bit of popping at the moment as I speak on the phone because it has no protection, no dead cat, no pop shield I'll do thanks for watching - there's always more info down in the video description - and if you like this one up here, you might like to look at my channel over here, see what else I do..

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