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See you again Jagat Review TV. This time we will speak about 3 smartphones that were just launched by Samsung, right? This is the S21 Ultraok, so this is the third smartphone that has just been announced by Samsung,. The S21 family comes with many new advantages and of course a new SOC or Exynos 2100 processor that we have now discussed. We slowly discuss the special features of the three smartphones. This is official data from Samsung Indonesia and can be obtained before launch. We got it and this is directly from Samsung Indonesia. We preview is an initial sample, so it is impossible to test his performance or abilities, his camera, all sorts of things. Also here we will first discuss the features and functions, Oh yes, It is possible that some features or functions have been missed.

Then please understand here because it is 1 day before the launch and before this video was made. If there are corrections we write it in the description and in the comments, column ok. Let us start with the basic specifications. First, we can actually divide the three newest Samsung smartphones in early 2021 into 2. Actually, there are S21 and S21+, and there is even S21 Ultra from Samsung, yes. The S21 Ultra is considered to be an enthusiastic product, while the S21 and S21+ are indeed more stylish, from their appearances,. We can see that the selfie camera position is in the middle. This is what makes the S21 Ultra really different.

These three smartphones use Gorilla Glass Victus for screen protection which is 7 Victus, and the body frame uses metal when it comes to protection, All three are waterproof with an IP68 rating so they can withstand being plunged, and you can clean it with water, but don't force it to swim, especially in the seawater, okay. These three smartphones essentially use the same SOC or the same chipset Exynos 2100, which was discussed in the previous video, SOC, or this chipset is indeed expected to have high performance from a technical standpoint. We do see indications like that, but we will not discuss benchmarks in this preview because it will be part of the review of each smartphone.

The availability of this SOC makes the three series S21 automatically have a 5G modem, and Samsung promises Indonesia that the modem can be used when 5G is present in Indonesia,. All three are suitable as flagships that can be used for the next few years, Usually, the flagship can be several years old. In the future, only recently, the question of flagships is: This three smartphones also have dual SIM slots, but all three don't have a microSD slot. If we take a big internal storage size, take the small one, not the big one. It's better then to be the fingerprint sensor in the screen and use Ultrasonic fingerprint technology for the charger. We can confirm that there is no charger in the sales pack.

We do not agree with this decision, but the price of this phone makes the charger the price insignificant. We can even use a type-C laptop charger if you want. It could also be. You can also use wireless power shares as the Note 20 Ultra. Ok, these three smartphones also have stereo speakers and everything has been changed by AKG now. We can see now from the camera that all three have new software where there is Director View. Here is Multi Camera Stand By. The thumbnails show the results from various cameras at once. For vlogging what's more interesting is Pro mode. Now there is Bluetooth Mix audio recording so that we can record videos with combined audio between the camera microphone and the mic from this bluetooth headset.

We will test it more fully in our review later ok, 12Mp f/2.2 ultra wide fixed focus. It is then 64MP f/ This, 2.0 Tele autofocus is the same as before, very similar and this maximum zoom can be up to 30x. While the selfie camera is 10MP, f/2.2 autofocus s again, we don 't feel a significant difference in the camera compared to the previous S20 series. In terms of software, the S21 and S21+ will be superior. Given that the new ISP (Image Signal Processor) of the Exynos 2100 allows it to activate up to 4 cameras simultaneously, and that this new ISP should also be able to bring a raise in the quality of recording, results Each type will have 2 options, both of which have 5G connectivity and there is Wi-Fi 6 at the left of the screen.

It will only follow this 48 to 120Hz 120Hz and screen brightness can be up to 1300 nits. This is now a rise in both having a flat screen, This should help n. If you are looking for cheap and easytempered glass. The difference between the two is in the screen size, the first S21 6.2" (inches) with the same resolution, This brings the pixel density to 421ppi. If we look at a smartphone with a normal reading distance, you will not be able to see the pixels, it's an industry standard from ancient times. Oh yes, the screen is coated with a Gorilla Glass Victus, Until the body is shifted, the dimensions are clear different, The weight also is just 171 gram dimensions.

It's at 71.2 x, 151.7, x, 7.9mm, thus makes it one of the lightest flagship smartphones with a small body but still able to accommodate 4000mAh battery. Yes, it's the same as before, If you switch to the S21+ it's now a bit large, but it is suitable for those who are looking for a rather large screen. Indeed, the weight is in the range of 202 grams. It's still ok. The dimensions: 75.6x151, 5x7.8 mm is a bit thinner than the S21 The S21+ can accommodate a bigger battery, which is a significant increase from the S20+, which used to be 4500mAh up to now 4800mAh. The back casing material for the S21+ has a back casing – a material coated with Gorilla Glass Victus – and this is a matte surface, not glossy, so it is not slippery.

While the S21 wears a back, some say "glasstic", some say polycarbonate, some say plastic, : it's more or less the same and the surface is matte also. It is also very similar because it is produced in such a way that it is very difficult to tell which one is which. Don't be fooled by a hoax. If someone tries to say'so, S21 uses plastic, it's expensive. Considering its resistance to dings. We have often seen reports in the community that smartphones have cracked and broke when dropped. Although you have used an additional polycarbonate casing, it will not be the same again ; the polycarbonate one is just plain: S21, right? Don't be fooled by the hoax that the S21 doesn 't use plastic all together, it's just a plain S21 and it's plastic.

Then we will be discussing it at the end of this video. For that this one S21 Ultra is indeed superior to the 6.8 "infinity O display and this screen is equipped with the eye comfort feature where the blue light has been reduced for the screen by 50%. It can be adaptive from 11 to 120Hz, depending on the application. This 440pixel results in a very high density of 515ppi. No need to discuss it again and for those of you who protested last year. Now you can't protest anymore, why?, because this screen can be set to WQHD+ 3100x1440px plus 120Hz. It can be combined, you don't need to go to Full HD+ to get 120Hz. Then the color volume of this screen is also 100% promised.

It is like this : in the lightest and darkest conditions, the screen, the setting, the color gamut or the number of colors will be the same. We haven't received confirmation for this exact color gamut, but it should be the same DCI-P3 as its predecessor and of course this screen is protected. Also for camera use with Gorilla Glass Victus. There is a significant improvement on the hardware side, : first, Let's see that the 12MP ultra wide camera has auto-focus. Thank you, Samsung, which has been waiting for a very long time, for the ultra wide next autofocus.

Please increase the ultra-wide sensor, right, The super-stable is available on this lens then the main camera still uses a 108MP f/1.8 sensor, but he said that this is the second generation; we will see what kind of capabilities this sensor is known for in high detail and really ok for photos in low-light conditions. It's also equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) for telephoto lenses. There are 10MP f/2.4, optical zoom x3 already with OIS. Secondly, there is a 10MP f/4 Optical Zoom x 10 with a periscope.

There is also OIS with a maximum zoom of x100, yup, so use 2 telephoto lenses, right? It is promised to have a mechanism where the light will only be reflected 2 times, so that the transmission is not interrupted and the photos are more perfect for this x10 - zoom, oh yes, there is no macro - lens and B / W (black & white) lens, kidding. You don't really need it and what's important is that now the S21 Ultra has already laser autofocus and a ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor, so the autofocus can be very accurate, similar to the Note 20 Ultra, It should be for video recording, capabilities, camera. It's also now better as it already uses a 40MP sensor, not 10MP, anymore f/2.2 and still autofocus.

Video recording can already 4K60 is the same as other cameras on this smartphone, As long as he's in the S21 series, we've discussed the software a bit. There can be a variety of new features that we will deepen later in terms of body size, It is more comfortable in the hand for its weight at 228 grams, dimensions: 75.6x165.1x 8.9mm, so not too far from the S21. Also for the battery, the S21 Ultra is the largest with 5000mAh. It is still supported only up to 25W, but from our experience using this Samsung 25W charger, The charging is fast on the back side of the S21 Ultra, coated with Gorilla Glass Victus glass with a matte texture or dove. The camera protrusion doesn't feel too thick.

Even if you buy it, we won't use it without a casing, but if you want to use it without a casing, this is a good tire purchase. If this 6e can have an additional 6 GHz, then this is pretty announced, and even the Wi-Fi router was announced in early 2021,. There is no news on other color choices in Indonesia, so then we can talk about the S Pen. Only the S21 Ultra can use the S Pen, but it can use the S21. The S pen is not included in the sale package, so it should be purchased separately, along with the casing, but you can use the S pen even from Note 20 Ultra, Note 9, 9 or 10. If you buy a special case for the S Pen, there is also a back case model with an S Pen mount, and there is also a case whose model is a folder with an S Pen on the inside.

This is cute for those who, like the closed, folding casing model in the first quarter, will be an S pen that uses BLE or Bluetooth connectivity. Also you can also take advantage of the Air Gesture feature. The S Pen menu is also very Note-like, very similar to Note, and the Response time of the S21 Ultra is promised to be 9ms the same as the Note 20 Ultra, so that users of the Note 9, and Note 10 series should be interested in this one. No need to wait for the next note series. If for Indonesia the S21 Ultra variant is quite complete,. Actually, we do not understand why there is a 128GB variant here, because it should start from 12GB + 256GB in our opinion.

This is an enthusiastic version and there is no microSD slot, but that is it,, Maybe someone needs it as a complement to the presence of the S21 Ultra, Samsung also announced a Samsung Smart Tag which can be attached to tools or objects that are often hidden away or who need to find their position. This Smart Tag can be searched using a smartphone. If you forget to put your bike, you can search it with the Smart Tag, "Where are my keys?" You can search and then there's also the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro which comes with the Eartip Classic and the active noise cancellation. These are the new earbuds from Samsung released at the same time as the S21 series. The package is also interesting because the case is tiny, really cool.. We discuss the details.

The price and preorder only, for those of you who are looking for this. Conditions like this are that the S21 does not exist, yet it may just arrive around February 2021. So initially only the S21+ is available for the more affordable version and this will be packaged with Galaxy, Buds Live and a Smart Tag. Then S21 Ultra is all in the package with Galaxy Buds, Pro and Smart Tag then for all of them there will be cashback up to Rp. There is also a bank promo that you can check for yourself later and all of them will also receive Samsung Care+ for one year. If it falls accidentally or is damaged by water, it will be covered by Samsung Care+ in the first year. It can also be upgraded during the initial purchase. Also, trade-ins can be made during this pre-order period later.

From the beginning, you can trade and all packages are included and is more interesting. It is very important for you to remember that there will only be a free upgrade for those who buy, on January 14 to 17, 2021. The price is fixed at 8GB, + 128GB, get the 8GB + 256GB for S21 Ultra, buy 12GB + 128GB automatically get the 12GB + 256GB. Also, those who buy the S21 Ultra 12GB + 256GB automatically get the 16GB +512GB. This is actually the biggest advantage high because the distance is the farthest. Of course, all bonuses still apply to those interested in playing. Please go directly to Samsung website. We don't sell smartphones, so we are just providing information, right ok, it's enough to get here first.

We will continue with the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, so we will not disassemble everything. When we detect retail products we will test them in detail. If it is not now retail we will not review it first. If there are details that we want to test or will ask with the CES 2021 Series please write them in the comments column later. As soon as we have tried the retail version we will try to test the features and capabilities, as well as the pre-orders. Wait for the more in-depth reviews about these sophisticated smartphones from Samsung after this. I'm Dedy, Irvan, Jagat, Review, TV..

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