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Do not forget to subscribe to this video before continuing, so that the bell will come up, so Hi, Hello! Of course you are fine, right, I always pray for the best for you and those who like watching my channel I pray for you more, I wish you success, do not forget to strengthen, use a mask, wash your hands, take care distance and make sure your mobility is reduced, Now that I have the task of the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung namely Samsung S2 fight, Samsung Galaxy S2, Plus, cheek and Samsung Galaxy S2, Ultra fight okay, let's just watch the body, screen dimensions and camera dimensions,.

Let's go Crow [Music] Samsung S2 two mornings has a smaller body dimension than the walls of the other two Samsung S2 smartphones, with dimensions of length, times width times height of 146 times. Its 76 meters are dug and weighs just 167 grams on the back of the body after being coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and for the glue made of aluminum, the body already has the IP67 Pan certification, namely resistance to dust and water. Basically, the design is similar to Samsung Galaxy S Duos V Ok. We must continue to the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus has a body length of four times. The total shape of 7 is almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2 2vd, as weight weighs it 195 grams on the backdoor or the back body.

Material has been coated with Gorilla Glass fetus and the frame is also made of aluminum. Pandia is resistant to dust and water. There is Phantom black white, pink, gold, green, graphite sky, blue vio The. Let's let and cream the old Samsung Galaxy S2 2 Hi, the design of the SS2 Ultra is different from other SS2s. The design looks like the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. The frame is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S, both of which have a back body that has been coated with Corning Gorilla, Glass pictures and the frame is made of aluminum and also has an ip67 certification. We get a screen for the screen panel of Samsung Galaxy S2 2vd using Dynamic, AMOLED UX for the screen size 6.1 inches and the screen to body ratio 8704 percent.

This flash player has been covered with Corning Gorilla Glass pictures. Fi features such as high refresh 120hz also come with templates and has a brightness level of up to 1300 minutes, even though it only has the smallest screen size among other S22s, but for brightness and color sharpness. There is no doubt that it is quite capable of, in my opinion by design. There are many differences with its predecessor, namely Samsung Galaxy S2, one screen measuring 6.1 inches using the best material with 2x MB and being able to display a high reversed, which is 120hz. Then we will discuss the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus for the screen size has a size of 6.6 inches and a screen size of 6.6 inches. 8803 percent on the screen has a resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels.

There is no difference with the sexiest Samsung February 22 and for others it has also been coated or protected by Corning Gorilla Glass pictures plus features such as elevated refreshed, 120hz comes templates and has the high brightness level is 1750 night and this is where the difference lies in brightness features. The s22 + WiFi has a higher brightness level than the s22a Edge, which reaches 1750 night. Then we discuss the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, which has a screen size of 6.8 inches and screens to air. The apostle's body reaches 90.2 percent, so it is very obvious that the bezel has minimal bezels, both left and right sides, top and bottom. This screen has a resolution of 1440 times: 3088 pixels. The screen protection has been coated with Corning Gorilla Glass.

The screen is high reload rate, i.e. 120hz. Comes temples and also has a nitrate level of 1750 night. Then I tried sp, the first SPN dcds text now three times faster than its predecessor.

The speed in question is the latency of 2.8 milliseconds, whereas previously 19 would be expected with a careful S pen ; 'Be careful,' The experience on the paper looks more real okay, one more technology carried out by the latest from this screen, namely the vision booster technology, which is the intelligence that automatically adjusts the screen to the surrounding light conditions and adjusts the brightness level to the color contrast and for the quality of the screen when we use it as a video media content like that is quite charming, There is no doubt for Samsung to share this friendship [music] Hi. Then we will discuss the specifications of the smartphone but I will get incensed or just a smartphone, namely the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra only for OS- Of course.

It uses the latest Android OS, namely Android 12 wrapped in Oi 4.1 color for the chip, using Exynos 2200 with 400 m fabrication on the CPU, an octa-core Cortex a76 octa-core, Cortex A5 10, then juxtaposed with an eclipse 920 GPU. It's clear, I haven't tested the preview later. If my saved item has arrived, we will look at the performance of the smartphone. The main camera has a sensor size of 183. One point: eight Then there is a camera sensor of 10 megapixels instead of 49 which is useful as a telephoto periscope, followed by a camera sensor of 10 megapixels instead of 24 which is useful for photos and the last is a 12 megapixel camera sensor instead of 24 which is useful as an ultra white sensor.

Then it has a selfie camera in the form of a console with a sensor size of 40 megapixels instead of 22 megapixels, which is useful as a white sensor. The main camera is capable of recording video up to a resolution of 8k at 24fps, while the selfie camera is capable of recording video up to a resolution of 60fps. We continue to the main camera of Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. Instead of a single point, which is useful as a white sensor, then supported by a 10 Megapixel sensor instead of 24 that is useful as a phone and the last is a 12 Megapixel camera lens instead of 22, which is useful as an Ultra White and for the main camera, The Samsung Galaxy S2 uses a triple-camera setup and the specifications are the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus.

The main camera is capable of recording video up to 8k resolution per 24-inch IPS screen for the selfie camera. The Samsung Galaxy S2 2G has a resolution of 10 megapixels. Instead of 22 cameras, the selfie is capable of recording video at a 40fps resolution to a forklift. Then is the selfie camera from the Samsung Galaxy S2 2vv the same with the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and turns out to be the same, It has a sensor size of 10 megapixels instead of 22, which is useful as a white sensor to record its own video capable of recording videos up to resolution of 4G 60 fps.

How has il captured from the camera, both photos and videos, when this smartphone was produced? When this smartphone includes photography which first allows clear and sharp video, then there is also a super clear lens function called Glass Hi, which makes the results of video recordings smoother and clearer, and here are examples of video recordings and photos from these three smartphones. How are you now I use the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, later we will try both, namely the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung's Black Galaxy S2 has 30 settings for the color, so comment below, the photographer said shooting was good. Let's see if we or ourselves have done again the Samsung Wave camera, yes, in principle, like this. Let's move forward, Eh, there's no problem with clothes.

Okay, let's go to a higher setting, Lex Hi, here's the Ultra-HD per 60 setting the color is clearer and the sharpness is fast. The status is then the problem for the display. Samsung Galaxy S2 camera, hi, okay guys, this time I tried the main Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus for the current setting of 30S, yes, it doesn't seem the same,. It's not inferior to Ultra, it's good, the results are clear, the colors are displayed, the original colors are displayed, and the brightness is also maximum, yes, for taking photos. Also in this afternoon we walk dead, Is the spy, okay, Good Yes, it's Le Okay, The camera quality from the Samsung Galaxy S2 is for what quality the image quality produced by the S223 mixed camera is much different from the S2 Plus and S2 Ultra.

With this 30fps stellar rate, there is no problem, I think it's just how stable we are, Hey Son. Once FBS for the main camera Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, there can be an increase yes, from the Samsung Galaxy S2, one boss last year, yes the colors produced are clearer, the sharpness can also be, and the brightness is also maximum to go high. Have you used the Everest Car HID Lamp so that it doesn't cause cracks or Lex when taking it? Pictures in daylight, like Cut, full HD, 6, 0fps settings on my two Samsung Galaxy S3 and the quality is also not the same. The color is sharp so the brightness is also maximum. The frame is also wrong: ok, ok for ah stability is also good. Loyal phablet goes like this Ken Hi Ok. This is 8 chapter quality, 24 FPS for the picture,.

Then again the frame doesn't happen. Only the images captured since the previous year are clearer. Also maybe because of the color, it will also tend to be darker, okay. Now we are reviewing the main camera from the regular Samsung S2 2. The results from the main camera can be checked, yes. Also, do you compare to the home settings, apart from now? Now we are trying to turn our backs on the light, or to tag like or not, or to keep other focus on ourselves guys. Apparently we are trying to set Putra HD ver 30, yes, Keisha is, of course, much better. The Ultra-HD holder means it's much better, so let's say the previous restaurant is good. This time we are attempting to use the main camera from 22 Ultra Yati HD-30 Fruit, Setting Yes, work in the atmosphere.

Like this lack of light, there is other noise or more focus on caring for us, sir. At the Brightness setting we are an elephant. Much quicker and before you or can you comment Guys, we are on the highest setting. We are on the selfie camera, yes, in the Hdbr 30 setting, How about marriage? Sir it is brighter, it's really good. Now we are on cool, hdbr 30 setting. There's no need to doubt that the Samsung is much cooler, huh? The order supports Loudspeaker Technology and uses a stereo speaker set-up. The sound turns on loudly but does not jam and is very comfortable to listen to. Here is an example of the audio output from Samsung Galaxy S2, two Ultras Hey emotional Denai, theorem finished Hi channel, including ice cream.

Oh yes, monologue, Maryono Hotel bed sheet is full The Awesome is not playing a lot of cellphones ochobot Enno play-doh, play-doh, play-doh Chaeri goes to the additional file, These three smartphones support the NFC feature. Then for the fingerprint sensor when the smartphone has a fingerprint sensor embedded under the screen, The Samsung S2 Ultra has several variants for storage. What I hold is the 12 GB variant for RAM and 512 GB internal storage. For the highest variants is also 12 GB RAM and internal storage up to I 1 Terabyte and for Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus the highest variant is It only has 256 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM = Samsung Galaxy, S2 fight for the highest variant only has 256 GB of internal memory and 8 GB RAM Okay guys.

Next, we will pair the cameras between the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, with the iPhone 13 Pro, which is better during the day or at night. Okay, that's it for now a short preview of me, Thank you for watching my videos, see you hi hi,.

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