Po Pickup SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G ke UD Tour & Travel!! - Galaxy User Guide

We say hello in Indonesia to [Music]: today we are picking up and the goods will be delivered to the pick-up location, Samsung Galaxy S2, two Ultra variants, 12gb internal RAM, 5, 12 colors, Phantom, Black, Wow, watch the video, ok [Music] first check the box Wow I'm here, Let's go, we will check the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra Internal 12gb, RAM variant, 5-12, yes, Segaf, [Music ], hi maybe, this afternoon, as usual. We got an IMEI sticker and a 21-color Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone unit - I really understand the black widow glue. This is just opening the seal [music] that we have put aside. Let's check the completeness. The data cable is there. The warranty card is truly a warranty card.

Guide., Yes, Hi, Miss, On, Purpose, [Music], I hope that the settings are about the Banyuwangi version: 41 e-book, Android, 12, version. First, sir there is a scratch, once for the cellphone, [Music] erpan1140, Suro sir, yes, This time there are also two pick-ups. For the prize, a pump for the rear camera is 108. Yes, it's safe, sir. Usually, this is a portrait lens It's to take a blurry effect so we just open the focus, okay, with the feature, there's a modem, there's a cake pro mode, sir. If you want it automatically it's called portrait video. It's like the background blurs specifically in our homes. Like the example on the iPhone 13, there is already a feature like this and on the Samsung S2. The scene of the cast is blurred, so focus can be on it.

You can use the Night model with Ultra White so you can take a wider object. Ormal can be zuk, it can be 10 Kalisum. Faithful, can take photos up, close,, sir, okay, front camera. The back sound is identical; it pauses OK. I noticed Hey Cube [music] yesterday afternoon because the goods have arrived,. For example, now a simaja, the bottle, but recorded with a pen directly. If it's dead, just press the PS and then drag it to sir, yes it will be later on You can make a note of how fast one dies. It is better, it's simpler, there is also a smart choice here. For example, this is like a smart paint tank.

It's a matter of dragging the weather, After that, the words on the screen are spoken - the screen says "Sir, yes" It depends on which side of the Muslim community in particular can be directed as if they were only half way. Cameras can also take photos and can also be made after taking the photo, If we want to go with our family to the camera, we want to take photos with it, but it is also automatic, for example. If the photos have photos, sir. Don't worry ; kspe can already OK, Is there once to take a picture? Yes, Egypt now press this button as that once and the Sp has to be parallel to it. This can take a long distance, Hi, Oh, yes Oh.

So this is for transfer to move, sir, press later, just move it right or left of the sp, for example, certain sir, press g eser left or right wing, Abdullah is a musician. We have just finished picking up and unboxing. Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra Phantom Black is a 12G intralingual 12, very satisfied, yes. Although moving data and looking very elegant and very luxurious, yes of course. For those of you who want to order, you can go directly to Jalan Suha number 2, Leka teenager and Sppbj cell Jalan, Kyai [ _, ), Abdul, Halim number 226 Majalengka, but now you're hungry again. You can pass orders through our marketplus, which is in Shopee Bezel, Tokopedia Bezel and also Bukalapak Bezel and also the Bezel Application, of course,.

Tomorrow's series Putri, where else in the next video Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah barakatuh..

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