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Nia, Galaxy, Z, Vol 3, Zip File Here is a Samsung trend and at the bottom, I took the one with 12 GB of internal ram, 512 GB of prayer okay,. Here is this sticker and we'll see it - Oops - the smartphone is crazy! It's really cool, let's put it in the toilet. How difficult is to open? Then it is fine, here i get a double cable: C charger cable,. I then get a short guide book and I use Indonesian because it's official in Indonesia - and this is also let us see how to use Simcard,. Let's see, here it says: dual nano-sim take it muddy, okay, I didn't get a charger. Head, I didn't get anything Oops even though a.m. cost.

around 25 million, OK, Let's just open it right away : huhuhu huhuhu, addhuhuuru, Oops, Samsung, Galaxy, siv Daughter is really cool Oh, This is right now the coolest folding smartphone in the world, uh okay. It's on the frame, yes it is clean from the sticker. - "Nice, I like the color Jet Black, like this, " Let's look just at the SIM tray used by the Samsung Galaxy Z folder. It is a 20 SIM and the gas is for an external memory card. Let's talk about the word on the side. Sure there is a power on-off button. There is a fingerprint sensor here because a typical off power button like this must be there. Left behind is Pigmon. There is a loudspeaker volume button, Then we see top wow, it's quite busy, yes.

There is a line for antenna, there is a microphone and speaker, there is an antenna line, besides here there is only the SIM tray slot that we opened earlier and at the bottom is also quite crowded. There are three cameras, one LED and the writing is here,. But how is this really different from under display camera, which looks like mimics and action? You can see there's a camera in front of the house and we'll see when she's another OK,. Turn it on, hop on, and write. Galaxy Power by Android Bus is great, really like it. This is the same as this Samsung Galaxy Z folding from the first editor to the third generation I.

We hold today, pay to touch a smartphone with folding screen, it is crazy, it is already on, hey, delete it, okay? Try it by tusnet, let's press it, so that the screen is right, We're brightly, wookie, we're firm, we're solid,. Our blog is visible on the front - screen, oh oh. Yes, we have to turn it on to the front too Try the breakfast. You are so thick in your hand of the back design like that. Check the AnTuTu Benchmark of Samsung Galaxy Z fold, Reva, 830000, 720w, snaps fast Let's see come on, lets not post the process by Qualcomm Snapdragon triple8 VJ, not the perfect one, sorry, I don't have an Ad60,. The resolution of the screen is 1768 x 2208 pixels, the rear camera is 3 pieces, each 12, megapixels, is really good.

If the smartphone is cool, guys, the lens used is probably only 12. It is the same as the iPhone, only 12 megapixels, it's cool. The OS is Android 11 and there is energy, of course, and immediately. Let's take a look again at the office magnets of the Prosecutor from the Samsung Galaxy Z Vol. 3. This lii 2435376 landslide holds the title Maknya from dhiarcom Wow Guys. Here is a hi, buy this three Samsung Galaxy J4 smartphone, Right now you will get the fastest processor in Indonesia, yes, because it's Stegen Triple 8. The code for Wanna Be already exists like this 8plus cheat. With the fastest processor, the RAM is huge, then the Antutu Bencmark score is high and jpgnews is also over 2 million, which means this, Oops,.

This entry has entered the game, Genset Impact, Wow, okay, and you know it's Samsung Galaxy Z Vol. 3 here. The fiber is 120Hz, so it is likely that Mito will be smoother. Let's see the graphic settings, hi, in Kede using Euro. The pressure is extreme s60v wookie. The voice is also clear, men hihihi hohoho ho. Oh, wow the graphics are crazy, guys,? What's around home? How are you guys? It looks like there's an enemy there. Yeah Wow, okay lethal moves, wow, okay Come on Come on Come on Come on Come on Come on Come On Come on Do not slam Come On Come On This Is It If we play games, the inside screen is empty,, If we close it, it moves to the front.

So the screen is not it, Nia top, hi, okay, the bag is glued again, Maybe next can you continue, but how come the picture is sad, yes, it's full screen,. Unfortunately, it's not perfect from the inside screen to the outside, Let's open the family again using the internal screen. Wookies are solid, cynical, and steady. This Samsung Galaxy J4 three Fauzi is already IPX8, which means it is waterproof at a depth of one and half meters for up to 30 minutes. Okay Yo Hi Now I'm trying to play the games here, the impact on Samsung Galaxy j4 three. While we soak it in water, it is already ipx8 and this is really cool. The Samsung Galaxy Y is a folding phone but can be ipx8 waterproof, which means that he already designed that there will be no water in the slipper, Anin.

Let's try it, Let's try it in water. If it is okay, okay, I hope the current is real Oh. If it's in the water, it is straight Hi, it is hard, it's really resistant Hey, it is waterproof! It does not even move because maybe the screen looks like everything is signed,. It's all water, right, I gave the tree above, yes, you woke up like this on the street. There was an enemy Yes eh, crazy, Tamil movie, Hello hi-hai hi-, hi- here, oh... Let's soak it honestly YT,. It's like a hand on the screen, right? And it's a gas irony, I'm really going to dip you in playing SIM Impact, games, yes, oh,. Now this is playing the Yasin Impact game on Samsung Galaxy Z Vol 3, which has a curved screen around us, pat us down, [ music ] Wow. Yola is steady,: hey, I'm sinking, huhuhu, hi, I am alive.

We live in a modern era. As long as the Samsung Galaxy Z Vol 3 is great, guys! Playing pubg Mobile Games on Samsung, Galaxy, Z. Vol 3 What is crazy about this is that there are two speakers, The tv is really loud . The recipe is smooth and I play it using graphics settings, which can have Ultra, SD and the frame rate Ultra. When the YKK Automen closed down, it moved to the front screen? Try playing the Pubg mobile PC game, which is sweet, search. It turns out that I don't care - it's just that it can't be full screen - yes, I've set it to full screen, This morning we're going to listen to the soundtrack, h.

What is the type that loves snow? Why not like the Samsung Galaxy Z fold two, yes, suddenly I'm playing like this, ah, we are closing it like this, so here I immediately subscribe, it's perfect, hi, it's perfect! Let's see the full screen here, F, Pabji and Hi, I forgot how it used to be. Hey, after I saved the Medan girl in the application. Section, it's already full screen it's true. Now the pubg mobile game player is like this. If it is also full screen, man you can't just foostep this. If we go back to the blank screen in the make, Oops, try it, how come it is Sparrow? Hey OK, let's go in here. Let's open it Oh, it is crazy, it's cool, huh? This is great, Samsung, Galaxy, j4, 3dbet, walk.

It's water-resistant only because the Samsung Galaxy Z fold is already IPX8 waterproof, and can last at a depth of one and a half meters for 30 minutes. Try playing my game while soaking the water, it's okay, it's strong and smooth. Even though there are a lot of gaps, it turns out that the water did not get in. There was only water in the speaker, wiped it with a tissue and a little bit plugged in. Pubg mobile From the glue inside the, the outside caler can still be full-screen, Samsung Galaxy Z vol 3 turns out to be able to play games while being immersed in water without any problems, steady, steady. 10, cameras, I doubt it's good. Samsung Galaxy Z, Princess, Vegas that is, all the video about Samsung Galaxy Z, Pop 3vd. Hopefully it can add to your insights and don't forget to subscribe.

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