Peppa Pig Pig English New Episodes 2018 #71 - Galaxy User Guide

This year, [Music] kassel best friends for years, pepper, is waiting her best friend, lucy walker, [Music], lucy and pepper want to play together. Today pepper likes, lucy blood. They are best friends. If you go to children's room, [music ] schorsch would also like to play with pepper and invite you to play in Peter's room schorsch, but also included it's only for really big girls b and then your own things pepper and invite you would rather play alone. Schorsch would love to play with Pepper. I bake chocolate characters, biscuits, the. Do you want to lick it off Schorsch likes to help mum with the baking, but he would rather play with dad and I would be fine.

The doctor ran around and then the sick man invited them to play like a hospital. Look, look rapper, horcht, n, his chest, and sneezing I. Think your heart has slipped I'll open a band-aid 33 wide Luzie measures, Schorsch fever? You have to stay in bed for at least three years, but Woods wants to see if there is a chance. What is he up to Schorsch go, don't worry plan a musical box drama, the patient understands. Pippa and schorsch visit the tree house, Grandma and Grandpa. How nice of you to visit me and then take off your rubber boots before he comes in the house. Do you want to see what grandpa built in the garden for you - hello - peppa - and schorsch? You know already where the little curtains are Peppa and Schorsch are very happy.

A little pig named would like to visit you? He can come in but only shows a school style without his rubber boots. Places are there amazing says, the secret words dad size perfectly built. First they of course come on [music] father [laughter] doc, h, dieter also says to us. It was yes, but can I possibly have others secretly to have [musical pappas] great? Now wepper schorsch mum and dad together wutz in the tree house, our bassist, so nice I want to stay here forever means you don't want to visit me in my house anymore. Well now opera, wurz and probably eat all my homemade biscuits all by myself. Today, there is the favorite dish of the rapper and Schorsch spaghetti.

Aha, now it's quiet again: [Laughter ] [ Music ] Let's see de [ music] [laughter ], my tooth just fell out. Don't worry about pepper, it's a milk tooth. Yes, it grows after pepper and the tooth fairy will definitely come visit. When I grow up I will be a tooth fairy and what do you want to be when you grow up? I brush my tooth, which is clean, and a couple of people for the tooth fairy do not go to bed fast enough. She put her tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy to sleep well peppa and George to sleep well mom and daddy. Good one makes the little piggies I don't watch myself sleep, let's stay all night, I is my tooth fairy. Eventually, she comes the tooth fairy quite late. The tooth fairy really takes its time.

What kind of sound is that? The noise comes from schorsch only ; he just fell asleep. I do will stay awake and the tooth fairy. She, I wouldn 't be asleep the tooth fairy sda europe sleeps restably hello. Will you give me your watch for this beautiful goldthaler how sparkling clean the number shines thanks, papa slaughter paper show up good home. She was there and had a gold thaler, so after all you slept, maybe maybe just a little bit next time, but I'll stay awake and then I'll guess the number she [laughter] [ music ], jp, tepper and her family are visiting grandma and grandpa witz hello, my little ones come in. We have a pet guess, what kind of one a dinosaur is coming and see for yourself, granith and grandpa has a parrot georges.

Granny says: that's how parrots are. I'll show you hello, paul ii, hello, you dear birdie, valladolid party. Look, there is chocolate, cake, tommy, peppa and schorsch love chocolate cake, but today they wolf it down to be able to play with Polonia their power, but a lot of noise hungry could now get up and play politics. Porsche is a little scared, hello hello robbie, birdie playing Peppa and Schorsch is great fun. I'm dad offered some pepper and act as if one, doesn't make space pepper thinks about what else they do with the police could wrestle castle. Schorsch loves his dinosaur proposal tepper gehrmann a fright, a terrible seats at lunch, the dinosaur chance of life.

Chance can only sleep when his dinosaur likes him [music], so likes to play, flying dinosaur and of course, suffering dinosaur and papa play wutz dame aux. That is clearly a detective is a very clever and good guy. The seeker has so much good pepper is the detective, now I'm looking for you, your dinosaur. Maybe the detective should ask a few questions by chance, saying that if this dinosaur doesn't weld, after all, the detective could always guess where it is with his dinosaurs to the bathroom. Yes, there is a dinosaur on the wall, but you are not like that in the boat. Maybe we should check out the garden [music] of Lucia. I give up georges that you love to play, fly your house.

Maybe flight because it is a bit too tall this time well dad, a great detective is so glad that he got his dinosaurs fly again. In the garden, he plays ball. Maybe dad is going a bit to the place with Schorsch dad already annoyed, not the real Annnnt, I just bring it to Dean, starts really well, I know a game to start learning piggy in the middle dad. First, the ball pepper [music ] again can not throw the ball past mama woods, [music ], [ thrashing, ] I can try that too. Pepper is now the piggy in the middle of the shot, the ball [music] [laughter r]. Unfortunately, I can't play piggy in the middle, yet where I am certain that he does not make it at all papa schorsch look! When he s, I have helped a bit, but also of course pepper [ music ]. .

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