Password Samsung - Lock Screen Forgot? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello guys, welcome to the Tenorshare channel. Let’s talk about samsung today. If you forgot your Samsung PIN code and couldn't unlock it. Maybe you have tried many times of the incorrect pattern. Today, I’ll show you an efficient way to unlock your Samsung samsung. The tool we will use today is called 4uKey for Android, It can help you remove your screen, security and also your Google lock. You can click on the download link in the description. You have to connect your phone to the computer. Then launch 4uKey and click on the first option : remove screen lock Note that removing the password deletes all data on your phone. So once confirmed, click Yes to move on. Be asked to put samsung back into recovery.

Here are steps to learn how to enter recovery. Then long press the power and volume down button at the same time to power off the device. After turning off, press and hold the volume up, bixby button and power button at the same time. Release all buttons until the Samsung logo appears. Your device will later enter recovery mode. Click next and follow the instructions shown on the screen. Use volume, keys to wipe data or reset factory. Use the power button to confirm. Once confirmed select, wipe the cache, and select yes. And select the system reboot now. And waiting for your phone to reboot. It shows that screen password has been removed. This means the lock screen is no longer ahead.

Normally it takes around 5 to 6 minutes to reboot. You can set the lock screen type as you like, but this time keep the PIN or pattern in mind. This is the tutorial on how to unlock a Samsung phone. If this video helps, don't forget to give us a thumbs up! I will be grateful to you..

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