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Jeju is mostly a TV and the smartphone recommendations back before Eid 2022 about what price now. The price range of 7-10 million rupees is first to discuss, but let's join Mariska, so it's 7-10 and 10 and above, Then, how about before we made 1-3 3-5 and 5-7 Now 7-10 and 10 and above lets make a video Ok, before we start? It starts from seven million and up but will not be divided into two, each segment: Yes 7-10 right and 10 and above Yes before you begin, pay attention to this one [Music] Hey, OK Bro, read it right, yes. If you can still read it, go back and read it correctly again to avoid confusion involving this figure. But now I haven't read the details. OK, so let us start with our requirements or expectations for a price of 7-10, OK.

And this is all, Kris, I, hope winism, at this price. If the Vg6 flexip uses and continues to be restored we really hope that the 86 will be the same. The feature of David is reflexive, one of which is to see if you need it. The first 7-10 we have is the one whose back is mixed to the right: Time. Yes, the white one has the face mixed with sad words, yes. It is mixed with a lot of paper. How come the back of the trail mini GT tupro? The price is 9.9 Okay, easy, recommendation, Snapdragon in January yes, That is obviously the most recent one, sweet Jane and the performance of Snapdragon finally, one of the most gnarly. The rest can be checked in the review. The screen is ltv for AMOLED files with plastic ultrasound resolution, I'm usually cool this afternoon.

The soap opera is really cool, Stereo speakers, stereo, big battery, charging fast, does not arrive for 40 minutes, 30 minutes to charge the batteries, but one thing that I really appreciate is that producers can care for the environment correctly and care for the consumers. Thank you for realme Masha, the nyarger Hehehe, yes. A little can change the perfect response, watch, video. It's obvious that the selfie camera is actually only 1080 30 isn't it Flexi is actually a bit of a flagship war here and there continues to be a player. The main camera is a bit lousy in quality, with the main camera really wide, bro. The sensor is really different, Wow, let's say 1050 is sure but the quality is not one to one.

That is just right, because the Snapdragon infection action is fast at temperatures. It's quieter, it is quite high, so God is warm, so use a fan. If you want to play games that are really heavy. Hurry up, before the end of the Etihad. Yes, I can speed up it. If the bottom case is just changing, it should change its power balance. The selection of the default casing is white. Continue to update the price of 9 million okay, Did it enter here because the price dropped down and down by 10 paste has been 10,9 million, now found most. It's amazing Hah, whose favorite art is still the size ringing.

Is this optical system Zai Yi Jing? Maybe the retrograde graphics, the layers It's, more -more, Star - Yes, Jesus accounting does not flash a lot of light when it hits the light So if an iPhone user knows I like why these dots are true?. It is true, it is amazing, what a difference there is! If there are dots on the iPhone, the file name from all kinds of lights is. The search is very high, very vague, very cool, and really cool. There is the gimbal technology, so it's stable in this video, while this photo of Sabil is very facial. This is a cost innovation, class, yes, and is stable. Yes, the main camera, it's the same, especially because Ramsay has a large screen, Mr. AMOLED.

The performance is fast and this is one of my favorite dimensional solutions is tuning films using Gamecity 1200va. As long as we try to use the smartphone to play this game, it is one of the coolest smartphones for the impact of magazine and another one. This camera is good, it can be funny, it can't be a benchmark because the camera is really good, so yes. Actually, flash has dropped the price Yes thin body, your battery is durable. What is the point of the Mono Mono speaker, the rating continues, namely, the protest is that the camera is a bit sloppy yes. The main camera is really great. The price is now a good one. The Flexi presenter series is a sister fortune which is made a little cheaper, little 5 or not.

There are two 3050692 there, I will be there tomorrow, Jeng shirt, 1100 huh There is also one Ultra,. Yes, the Super AMOLED strays, the Huda camera is okay, bro, don't use this, it is already really correct, even though it only has 12 megapixels, but wow, cool, Windows, Samsung, it, it is cool. Yes, in Bali we used wireless charging. It is still there, everything wants to plug into the Pacific monitor screen. Yes, there is also Muhammad, Annisa sustenance Maybe it's not that the contents of the box are minimal. Besides, you believe the battery life is lacking in the initial software. It's reported that it's been pretty good with the next update. Term, 256 magazines are also real.

Even though the effect of the prayer writing is good, I like the important notes, even though the contents of the immigration charger box have the potential for users to buy the wrong charger, it's the result of fatal scientists, so be careful, because there are many seas in this market,. Go to the Samsung Store and see if it is finished, yes or yes, but it's already finished I'm confident that, even though the power delivery is okay, guys, it's 7-10 just right there but there are still some that may be considered, yes. This is considered yes, but if our previous strong suggestion was yes, then this is the right target. Maybe specific people That's right, if you want it more affordable there is a Samsung S 20v Snapdragon, which is a variant of 8256 256.

That's the same as the successful fall of Samsung. The only advantage is step 865, which is great, yes, wow, If Samsung doesn't give my name to me to generally there won't be an update to become a banner, even though the modem is actually a fan,. If you guys are okay you really don't have a problem with the podium. That's why the message a bit earlier really needed to be considered, right? Because we were talking about three years. Ago, I think, Xiaomi 12 was also included in our mentions, primarily because of the bodyboarding. Incredibly complex until it is really comfortable to hold. The swearing is really good. Netizens actually have a variant: unit it's really loud, cool speakers, small size, fresh, rubber, usually luxurious and the main camera is OK.

The picnic is amazingly delicious. Also, the spleen, brother, Central Java, March, has content. It's called the community, the okay track, and this will be right for you to sell me a class before using your Redmi, for example. It was a social emoji, maybe I'll direct it again to Xiaomi. Buying data is difficult, isn't it? it was broken, five working days later it was fixed, replaced, it was great, it is fun. The consideration is that there is no telephoto through me, I received pro15ubb and then no one has an increase in rating, so the rating is also 1212 together, so the Devi rating does not have an output display and the performance of this game is still tolerant, because its small body shape is normal, prisoner, but the material is really not Wagner.

It's not for gamers, at least until the last software, especially it hasn't dead yet. Gamers, hackers, parking, considerations, I hope it will be fixed by Xiaomi. If that is the case the advertisement o'clock for some reason as follows. Maybe it was a slip from the beginning of the Mini Solid series. This is again an honorable mention ; yes many people have asked for a lot of money. First of all, it's quite old, it's been quite a while, but let's see what makes him interesting that the iPhone 11 price has dropped below 10, yes, for which variant is this? Take that, he lost his way. Enno has been using it for three years. How come it is that much? The camera needs to be answered. How come it is really easy, not really Keloas Stories iPhone,.

The worst thing is the 60hz monitor, because it's still the old one, right? The biggest PR is now 4G, but use it only for three years. All of them are family. You can buy the best here, it's simple, you're drooling the best, the best. It's pretty good huh? If you use regional government events that's OK. There's a problem, okay, nemoni from a dozen to 20 million, but yes, I have seen The Best of Iphone here, yes - For example! It has been if you want to talk tomorrow, but we are more suggesting to defensenews Youtube to buy an iPhone before the iPhone 14 was released. This is the best iPhone that you can buy, it is simply very simple. What you need to pay attention to is that the battery is great. If you take the variant 13/13 media don't expect a rich battery on top of that.

Give it anyway, you don't need to worry about Android against eh, there is no end to it. Maybe if you can afford it, the sweet pot. Be careful for scams in Indonesia, because many say there are iPhone sales - promeks. Now, cash costs four and a half million. Is there a lot of people who can't afford an iPhone but have an iPhone,. I hope there will be a miracle for a few years. Hedgehog won't help me, Because the seller knows that the Indonesian market has enough potential to it. If you want to buy an iPhone, the contractor will finish. If you want to be a little economical, but if you want big ice 2012 If you want it If you want it, if you don't have notes or if you use a stylus bottle, yes, Obviously the s22 ultra is our ultimate media.

Just forget about 56 kg, that's the variant ; ok, remember that S2 and S2 Plus will be very similar in size. The note for the plain S2 is that the battery size can't be compared to the previous one. The battery is 3000, but it turns out to be quite durable and we've seen even the 4000 losing him, and the government code already has new software, It's okay, regardless of the performance, you can have the best Android 2022, It's not wrong for you to choose this, sorry for the classic B version is classic fashion, the best Android 2012 to be honest, even from the next few. Ah, okay, okay, that is interesting, actually 2001 What is up Z, vol or not The salary of Nazi Flip 3 officials is Oppo, Find X repro In the year that rapper OpensiteExplore is already monetary.

Well, so we did yesterday. There is the Fon5 Rojiun 5S Watch that is also there for gaming. What was bad was, everything was good. Initially it was on the list of recommendations but there's one more thing: they've been efresh, the description of souvenirs is safe. There will be a new reversal next year, but if it looks like a Zippo Z flip and the Confine X watch is hot, it's already caught. When you hold the item, the boss will come back later. Yes, It is different. I don't know if it's a volt and a flip, let alone a lot of people looking for it, because it's all small, but it should be in August, It should be because we haven't missed it since August so we can buy it instead of you.. We really need to say that we have to be patient and wait.

Unless suddenly the phone is lost or that's it, yes It's new, Mi, 11 Ultra is the same, so that I is left on for it later tomorrow. The King should have been brought in its place, right, so everything that wasn't listed above isn't bad, but we consider that the refresh might be too close between April and August, since this price isn't 5000000, not 3044196, our recommendation and a little advice, if you want, took the Flexiplex last year, yes and sad to forget that it recommends everything from us,. Please choose according to your preferences and if there is something interesting, for example, there's an official pass so, write it in the comments column available for friends, yes, it is true. It is also okay.

I also miss you, I do not need to be a Baper, I don't have to write GB, just write it down. -7 and now 7-10 and top 10 Okay. .. then, until solo see, you later [Music] Rp....

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