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The pictures are all just big Daughter of the Zodiac Project review and here is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2003, which looks like it will be the last Samsung with a note label because it looks like it will end here so know it. So for those of you who may have missed the news or did not know about it. There is a picture that is quite disturbing, namely the Christmas leak of the Samsung Galaxy S, twenty-two Ultra - yes, the S - series but the shape is not like a box design until there is an expert, so it looks like the Note series that has been missing for the last year or so. This is probably a sign that Samsung is actually going to end the Note series and switch it to the Ultra series with the ultra label.

So if you can use the S pen, it will be on ice which the Ultra version says for other SRS like normal ice or as a standard, conventional cell phone Although yes, this sphene is optional separately made on the side, which is different than what we know so far, it can be entered. There is no problem, but some of them feel like they are approaching different people. Let's just make the S series look like a note, so people who feel lost can be fulfilled, It's a feeling of longing that may be like that, yes but that is just a crappy analysis from me, so don't file if you're serious about it. Let's go to this cell phone, not twenty.

Secondly, because it wasn't long ago for those of you who might not know either the Blood phenomenon or the Samsung Indonesia, Ultra files dries up, later, I don't have this file, it's still a 4G version. But if you look at specs, there's really no difference, except in terms of connectivity, which means that he already has five Vi. So what I have to answer in this video is a question about is NU. Twenty Ultra is still worth buying at this time, even in the year to be used, especially when you look at the price which has dropped quite dramatically. Let us talk about specs and performance. The screen is still of a good standard.

Samsung continues to make chipsets using the Axioo99, RAM Lapantiga and the Widowed Storage 2006, It is actually still pretty good for a brand, but at the same or cheaper price. If what you're looking for is loud, specs and a lid for this one, they are yes. The Pokemon unit is still running smoothly. The newly released high graphics settings can still be done, even though when we look at Lutfi, choose in the corner. Like Moscow at the time, the important thing is you can still do it, but you can't be judged either. There are quite a lot of users who feel dissatisfied with the Excel chip, the majority say it's because the temperature is really fast. It heats up fast, while the second is not efficient on the battery.

Platelets become are two things that I often hear from the XL. Not only on the record, but also on other cellphones that use the same chip, such as the S20 effect. If you watch an Xperia E1 once, you can also comment on the experience of using the XL. Then the battery is said to be durable, isn't it? Of course, it can last longer than this one beyond the performance of cellphone. One point which for me has not been replaced by a series of nuts, like, for example. The Tinoti Ultra is a feeling from SP. Indeed, the S21 Ultra and even the Vol3 can all use Espak for's sake just because Samsung makes it an optional device for me, I. Think it's like an easy difference : in terms of placing notes series from the first, SPS.

It doesn't make the cellphone net wide because it is attached to the Chase, but the lack of it makes Samsung unable to install a very large battery. If we talk about features such as the N T Ultra Yes, there are already Bluetooth on the expert. It can be a remote shutter for the camera can even read gestures when we change angles. When we take videos or take pictures by yourself, I think that's all that has not been replaced in the note version of SPM. So for users who are still looking for the best spam for a while, In my opinion, watching the training is still very good and then we will proceed to the camera.

Note Ultra brings high resolution already In the style of the flagship Samsung, a triple camera configuration with 18 megapixels as a hero coupled with an ultra-wide lens with a stupid camera phone It is not complete with the newer one,. It turns out that it lags technologically, even though it is already years old. It's still very good for the majority of the users, It's really enough, especially for cellphones, which have been dropped quite a lot in price. If I try to compare here, the Ultra extension or Zenfone 3 explain it can still be aligned: hi hi, [music], hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, [music], hi, hi, hi, hi, the rest of the socks.

Let's talk about the design, in my opinion, Brother is one of the best designs from Samsung and if you look at it from SGP Ultra leak, the old one is still not in line. Everything is complete, I think there is no lack of overalls at the current price for Ultra notes. So maybe I missed this cellphone when the price was just released. If we look at the new one which is still sealed, the price is around 1314 million, the new one is 256 for the eighth variant, while the second one is already a trishaw. If you look at the specs here, it's not as a popular species as a person, so he is The. The cell phone is targeting the market, which is very specific in my opinion. The clinic is suitable for those who are upgrading to Samsung premium.

The tespen flavor, with the best experience, according to him, is still here and the last is for those who may not feel compatible with a Samsung cellphone. It’s done with an S pen on SDN Ultra or the default, which is more expensive. There are things that can be justified for those who want to use Potentiora notes at this time,. So if you think it is suitable, buy it now, because I think the price is still very attractive, but for those who might have other preferences, especially in the search for a mobile phone that has a fast chipset, especially for gaming, please explain: So to my mind, it comes back to preference and the needs of each person for people like that, yes. That is a little bit of my brief discussion about Galaxy Note twenty ultras,.

There is a little NTT Ultra party chair on the floor. Hopefully it will be helpful for those who may still be confused about buying or not, and for those who want to see in more detail the Fauzi cellphone version, or maybe you want to buy the 4G. The link is smule if it's always been that way in the description column below until we meet again in the next video, always and as usual, hi hi hi..

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