One year later, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is even better!

This video is sponsored by the Apple Watch for all the people out there who are telling me. And I cannot review an android device while wearing an apple watch. This is also a must-have for you to head to your local Apple Retailer. To pick yourself up on Apple watch : Hey what's going on people : I hope you guys are doing well today. It doesn't weigh me down and using it with one hand is the easiest out of all the huge phones that I own, including the iphone 13 pro max and the pixel 6 pro. This is due to its ergonomics and of course the one-handed software that Samsung has integrated into the OS from a durability perspective. The back side is immaculate and it looks just like on day one, and that is because I kept the case on my phone.

It does add some weight and bulk, but it gonna save you a ton of headaches in the future. On the front side, I have a few pretty sharp scratches. So despite this gorilla glass victus it's still prone to scratches and looks pretty bad. If you want to keep your screen clean, make sure you pick up a good tempered glass screen protector like one from Whitestone Dome that covers it from edge to edge and it works with the in-display fingerprint scanner. They don’t only bring monthly, routine security updates that look like whale sperm or a coyote kidney – and this is a chicken bone.

Also they update security updates every month, but also include new features with a lot of these updates and one ui4 added a ton of new features to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and I gotta say, respect to Samsung because they have done a killer job with software. Speaking of the one ui4, I want to talk about some of the notable features that are now available on the S21 ultra and the first one is extra dim which allows you to dim your display a little bit lower than normal in case you're really dark in a movie theater or somewhere and you don't want the brightness on your screen, blinding everyone around you, including yourself.

In that way, it adds to your privacy and your security features on the s21 ultra dynamic theming is great for people who like to customize their phone and want things to match. The s21 ultra now has e-sim support if you're in the US and are on t-mobile verizon, or if you have an unlocked model - which is cool and there are also a bunch of camera features and enhancements I recently covered in a separate video - make sure to check it out. Even though samsung has been killing it with its software updates, there are still a few issues. So despite samsung releasing a ton of new features with one ui4, the experience itself has been a mixed bag. I really enjoyed the experience, but several people have noticed weird animation bugs as well as software lag and other hiccups.

Samsung noted these problems and supposedly a fix is coming so that maybe one Ui 4.1 squashes everything and the experience gets even better. Let's talk about performance, I think there's still a misconception when it comes to samsung smartphones. A lot of people still believe that samsung phones tend to lag and perform worse over time. This phone performs extremely well whether you're gaming, whether you're doing day-to-day tasks or if you are doing multitasking things samsung has a lot of new software features with one Ui4, such as the ability to use virtual ram.

If you multitask and want some extra ram, then if it was in a clutch, it can use four gigabytes of your internal storage like a ram replacement - which is really cool, not to mention that samsung has completely revamped the device care menu and gave you a lot of extra functions inside of it. One of my favorite things to do on this phone is to play games, and this for three different reasons. Of course, the specifications give you the performance that you need to make it a smooth and fluid experience, but also the software. You fine tune, optimize and dial in the settings that you need to make your experience a little bit more personal. I absolutely love gaming and watching content on this phone.

It's just a beautiful experience and thanks to the ltpo technology you're going to save some battery life using this display - for something that is forced into 120 hertz every time - and speaking of battery life.

Only now, if I use the variable refresh rate or push it to 120 hertz, I'm getting anywhere between nine and a half to ten hours of screen time, which is great, but this is also when I'm mostly on Wi-fi and using mostly cellular, I'm getting anywhere between six and seven hours of screen on time with the variable refresh rate enabled, I think that's pretty good when compared to when I got this phone in the first year battery life was up Charging speeds are not the fastest, but samsung does a good job of giving you a balance of speed, while also giving longevity to battery health. If I look at my battery health, it is still 100, which is great for the first year, there is no depletion or anything like that. I think uh samsung doing a pretty good job in this aspect.

There are also a lot of power saving features built into the software so you can really customize that experience to really extend your battery life overall. From the processing to the addition of new features to low-light capabilities they have improved everything. There is the slow shutter speed that a lot of people seem to experience, but that can be solved by doing burst shots or by using manual mode. There are a lot of features when it comes to the camera, including pro mode pro video mode and those have been improved with new interfaces. Thanks to a Ui4, you also have expert raw. It is a separate app that unlocks 16-bit raw and gives you manual control over all cameras, including the telephotos, which is awesome check out the card on top.

If you want to learn more about that, the video recording capability are phenomenal. You have 8k video which samsung has fine tuned a little with the latest update, giving better processing overall, the s21 ultra camera experience has been phenomenal. When it comes to cameras, I reach for two phones and that's my iPhone and then this galaxy s21 ultra. Some of my favorite new features that have been brought back to the camera thanks to an ui4 are the object eraser, which is great for removing unwanted objects from your photos and also the ability to start recording a video straight from photo mode by swiping down on the shutter. If you want to learn more about the features of the s21 ultra and its tips and tricks see the card.

In general, however, the experience of the camera is just phenomenal..

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