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Hello guys I'm Irul, I'm back on the channel in Flash. In March last year I unboxed my Samsung Galaxy Axiom, a phone, so this time I am out with Tan again for unboxing and hands-on being the successor and at the same time the first new Samsung smartphone at the beginning. What are the upgrades you have received from Awas Ma'am here compared to the predecessor, series, You can see the design of Galaxy 02 Ice, which looks like it uses a module already. The new camera design on the left of the box is the words Samsung Galaxy axiom 2s series, while on the top right and in the back the box is plain. Without writing.- There are now memory and color variants of this cellphone with 64 GB, ROM and 4 GB RAM, and the unit I unboxed.

This time is in a box white and see what the packaging is underneath, Hi, The first thing that you see is a small box that says Samsung in which there is a manual that comes together with a warranty card. If there is a paper with an IMEI code sticker and of course, the cell phone unit is still wrapped in plastic with its three flagship features, namely the triple camera, processor, actor and 5000 Yamaha battery. Then there is a USB type C data cable and finally, at the bottom is a Cinderella ejector, First, remove the plastic that wraps the cell phone and also the sticker attached to the back. The first impression that makes this phone look attractive is on the back. Similar to the design of Galaxy A12, which was already present at the end of last year.

It provides a solid quality plastic material with a matte finish and a stylish print pattern, with the Samsung logo at the bottom, with mo design dul triple camera updated on the right side of the body. There are volume and power buttons at left. There is a small hole to open the dual Sim Card Slot and Micro SD Slot at the bottom. This is the first appearance of the Samsung Galaxy, a blank 2s, which comes with a 6 inch screen with SD Plus resolution, This is an upgrade from providing p0i PS using the infinity-v display screen design to place a selfie camera of 5 How. Many Megapixels are Arthur F 2.2 using the Wan You interface.

It's clear that the Samsung Galaxy A 2s is powered by a chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, which varies nanometers with 4 GB, RAM and 14 GB afternoon Antut score. Also play Papji Mobile Game. It turns out that I can only play games on smooth graphics settings with high FPS and it doesn't support playing with the always on Gyroscope mode, but the gameplay tends to be quite decent ball, even though it will feel framed when you meet some real players in one area and after half an hour of playing battery is reduced by six percent with the HP hot temperature reaching 40° Celsius. Experience the gameplay is smooth. and it seldom happens that the hot temperatures drop frame, whereas save is also relatively stable and doesn't bother you.

Me also want to play Youtube videos for an hour with 50% brightness and volume conditions Hi and the battery is only reduced eight percent using a Wifi connection. The sticker quality is also quite normal and will also feel gloomy g. After discussing the performance section we will discuss the camera section for the default camera Feature a blank 2s, Besides already supporting the live focus feature, there is also a Pro panorama and macro mode and video recording. It can record up to 80p flash resolution for both the main camera or selfie is still a triple camera consisting of a main camera of 13 Mega Pixels which means reef 2.2 and two 2 megapixel lenses.

How much is Arthur F 2.4 for a macro lens andbokeh for photo shots and video recordings, even after I tried it still feels standard for HP camera quality, a million from Samsung. As long as suitable light conditions can provide optimal photo quality, even though the details still feel lacking. Here are some examples of photos and video recordings. [Music] In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy is indeed present a blank 2s with various improvements in some of its features, ranging from a larger screen to an IPS panel, and the most obvious upgrade is on the battery section that is now present, which is larger and, obviously, more durable than its predecessors.

This cellphone is indeed more suitable for daily use for light needs a maximum of moba games such as mobile legends to clear for an entry-level smartphone sold, starting from a price of 1.7 million, which was present at the beginning of this year. This Galaxy 02 es comes with the features and convenience of the Samsung series HPK, which is already fairly OK. Oh, yes, for the video A more detailed gaming test, I will also make it on the channel later flash mobile game.

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