Hello, [Music], hello, guys, back with Bangjo Cave, In this video, the review I want to talk about the former Persib, Samsung, where I got this cellphone at a very cheap price. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that I bought at one of my.. subscription shops namely Victorindo and er at this price. Another Galaxy Note Samsung is really worth -, although of course there are some consequences to pay attention to. So First Here I give a disclaimer for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that I am holding this time. The screen is slightly green, but in my personal opinion it's not a big problem because there is an application that can overcome the green screen so that it looks like normal again, so I'm about solo and what's the heck did.

I get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the store against Torino, my friend from the Nobar without ba Let's just wait and see. We will start Rooney from discussing the design of this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be used in 2022. In my personal opinion, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still looks really luxurious, yes, the body used in 2022. It's still really good and the way it is designed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 still looks like really luxurious first. That is one of the reasons why you are also in areca. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is of course in terms of the S-pen because if we know there are many cellphones currently circulating and only S Only, the Samsung Galaxy Note provides the core pencil in its smartphone.

The SPT will be very useful,, especially for my productivity, so I can say in terms of design, experience when I really like the experience design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2022, [Music] Hi [Music ]. Here is the screen from Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can return to normal again, but with a note that everything is okay again depending on the condition of the green screen on your Samsung Galaxy Note screen. If this is the case I'm holding this time, it can still be handled so it looks normal again so that the boarding house is used for needs. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 uses a 6.4 screen with a strong SD Plus Super AMOLED resolution which is obviously a Samsung flagship device.

Likewise, with the two speakers, which are already equipped with the Dolby Atmos feature so that the sound produced from this cellphone feels like a surround system. You use it for multimedia needs, the Samsung Galaxy Note and it's still really good. This is one of the reasons why I put the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in mind. I'm not endorsed either, but I want my experience because I bought this cellphone offline and the good thing is that at this store I can check directly the condition of the cell phone that I want to buy before I feel it I checked this cell phone first I checked the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and then I paid,.

Why I was able to recommend this store [Music] and then proceed to the performance? Let's talk about its performance, according to me, the Exynos 9810 chipset on the Samsung Kinos, and that's still enough. Speeding, yes, for 2002, this cellphone still feels really good to run various applications in the playstore, whether it be chatting or trading,. Everything can be done very smoothly by this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well, or the software that HP gives xpdc very good thanks, Wahyu, Gotik, 5 and also Android ten and back again. This is one of my favorite Yoi for Android phones and after a very cheap price was getting this cell phone.

The experience of using this cellphone feels like a flagship cellphone, but the price is alay level or myTrans and I also for the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. When we play this chipset notebook, also the same is very strong, playing pubg mobile games at 60fps, extreme, smooth graphics, as well as impact gasoline. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still quite solid at 60fps with graphics, Hi. Also for those of you who underestimate the performance of the Exynos 86 subclass 09, you guys really have to try it directly. But if we speak about battery performance, this is one of the problems to use in 2022. Now the limit is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is only 4000 Marie amperes, and that is a very wasteful cellphone, where I use a cellphone in one day.

Even the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can only remain stuck for 3-4 hours at a fixed resolution, But. If you really want the battery to last longer then you can lower the resolution, go to SD or go full XD, but because I have a hard time you want my HP to be at its maximum and so I'm stuck on the right side, but that's the consequence, yes. The phone will be very wasteful in terms of consuming the battery [Music] Hi. I'm very happy with the photo result of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2022. And so for the photo results, it's a Samsung - Galaxy Note and it's already really ready for social media. Then B Soekarno takes photos at night. This phone is also equipped with a Smart feature that can be used on all lenses.

You will think that Mas is better than the popular iPhone or vivo themes that yesterday had a review on how to combine the network feature and two Evercore on the Samsung Galaxy Note and it can really make good nighttime photos and the details are still pretty good. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can record for up to casing every Yes, which is what I think forecast.ets service video recording on this cellphone is a bit unstable. Every Indonesian dream then continues with the front camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has only a front camera of 8 Megapixels, just waiting for acid.

What about an 8 megapixel camera on Samsung The Galaxy Note 9 compared to cellphones fables has lost in 2022, the photo results E If you go there this year compare the PDI faction cellphones, but if you use this cellphone for photos the lighting is sufficient, then call the photos. This cellphone also records together the heavyest who died ; the video is here. It is a recording code and I can't see it in the video below. This time I tried recording the front camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and here this Samsung Galaxy Note can record to cater every time. What's the result, thanks.

So, proceed to the last soap opera which is about the price and also in conclusion, Nur is worth the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 really, consider it buying it in 2022, even though the cellphone has a negative, namely a green screen, but in my opinion the application of Cefrin is really enough to solve the green screen problem on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Even if you have suggestions for items, you can also come to Victorindo shops in the Sunter area and check it there too. What is the condition of the HP that you are going to buy in the boarding house overall? One thing that needs to be reminded is that the battery is quite wasteful. Let's start with a short video on the review of the Samsung Note 9..

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