Hi, see you again: Teteh Ko This is a Samsung A71. The price of this Samsung j7 is now quite cheap. Only 4 million and still the official warranty is provided by Yudi. What is it? I bought it for 3 million. I 3.1 based on Android 11 but it was updated, saying a lot of people were complaining that the gaming performance was not very good and just a week ago I also received a second update to get a facial security update in April.

There is an explanation to improve system performance, so in this video I will test Samsun's gaming performance g A71, Is this a performance improvement that has improved and also for sure I will use FBS M when testing gaming with this Samsung A71 Okay before making a Razor, Vocational High School Antutu score from this Samsung A71 for the Antutu score is quite high,. Yes, 324000, cheap Antutu version, 9 This, Samsung A71 uses the Dragon 7300 G7 34730 step style unit that I have This, 8 internal RAM 128 GB Yes as usual when in my gaming testing session I always turn it off and battery is currently at 100%. This is new I unplugged it a few minutes ago, yes, and now Samsung has an FBS meter, so friends, go to developer options. As usual it's really cool.

I will start the test playing the first game : pubg mobile, OK, here is a pop, hopefully from this Samsung A71 we get the CCTV graphics right. Now it's still in the smooth ultrablade setting Silk HD Hi, it is no more as if the set is called ultra. Yes, Anti-Aliasing will play barbarian on and like civil servants. We will reduce the impression of our hops. Is it not that there is such thing as ziley, because this is a mid-range cellphone from Samsung : Hey, crazy, Firma, 3qt, Rays, first ; hahaha ; Hi Hah,. The blood is really thin for fbc. It is still okay, Hi eh [Music], the full movie Hi Hehehehai woi Hey, guys, hi Hi by knowing there is someone else: hi hi hi, hi, hi, hehehe, Hoi Okay, that was the performance of Pabji Mobile with a Samsung Galaxy A7,.

It is still pretty good for performance. The average can be 30-40 vs.. Yes, I played for about half an hour more and the battery is reduced by fourteen percent. Okay, and I'll try the next test, Call, of Duty mobile. This is a car using a Samsung Galaxy A7 Satu. Let's check the graphic settings for the medium. If we can get lomes medium settings, Chaeri, okay, but I'll play on the X series medium lock. First and I will just play Battle Royale Mod using this Samsung Galaxy A7 OK. This is the medium X setting I just started at 30fps, yeah, 20-30. [Music] I'm curious whether if we wear cooler clothing, it will go up hi. Properly.

Try using a cooler, let's see if it can go to 40-50 vysya [music], hi, hi, hi Maybe that's how it is here, friends, If you do not use the cooler, it can be 20-30 set vs. This was a video shot with a Samsung Galaxy A7. This one I used the medium max setting, I was able to do it without removing the initial smash. Perhaps because I had immediately moved from pubg to the mobile channel. The frame drop is quite 20-30, vs okay, it's not really good, but when I put on cooler clothes the episode goes up to 30-40 heaviest. Then here I want to prove that even though the back body is plastic, he can still be effective. The cooler was cemented for nearly 20 minutes and now his eyes are only 79 percent and very advanced. Mobile Legends main test is Mobile Legends using the Samsung Galaxy A7.

This is a full set of Devil graphics until it's stuck in the North. That's why I got it Hey, it's okay, it's as if the pulse is using this Samsung Galaxy A7. This is already Mobile Legends using the Samsung Galaxy Ace 1. Friends, here you can FPse is very disappointing! It doesn't even touch 40p, I'm going to play for a few minutes. The cooling can be not that bad and we will use it. Let's try to increase the performance. Everyone can go to part 20 to fifty vs. Yes, Bro mutil, I'm a crazy hi. Hi Hi I Max Hai rokeh, pretty good Double Kill hi hi [Applause], [Music] Hi, Ho Hi, If you use cooling for fss it's better - Yes it can last up to 40, it didn't have, hi, hi hi, hi hi Mira thought it was off.

Okay, earlier we were running Mobile Legends using a Samsung Galaxy A7, this was a performance, Bro I'm a bit lacking. Many say that, because after updating to face 3.1- and it turns out that it is actually colored 3.1, the performance is a bit less good if. If you use sugar you can go up by 30-40 SPS, it is a little disappointing. It feels like the soap opera, 730gello and now the river continues to play impact machine games in the form of a battery. Now only 71 percent of mobile Legends is about 15 minutes and now likes impact games Okay. This is Jennifer using the Samsung Galaxy A7. It's ok, lo, lo I ll try 30fps Just a minute yo rosai, it's OK, Hi, The Second, just increase it to 60fps, yes I was able to reach the 30's, we will increase it to 63.

Yes, it is good, Hi Ayesha, the PS1 blazer is crazy again Rooney's drop to 30fps, OK, It used to be a tiny set until it dropped below 10 vs you guys, Hey. It looks like it's a cooler look, it's really visible, I just go up to 60 yes, but it's a time series,. We can see the numbers or not 51 lol, Hey, the numbers don't move, guys, I thought that was 51 FBS, The numbers were still the same, Didit 20's, 20-30, nice 'ok '. This is normal for a teenager, huh? This parallel set of Estilo 60fps gets only a dozen, even though as 07.30 Geno. So it's like this Okay, that was the gaming performance of this Samsung Galaxy A7 after the test4 game, which is due to this nation's land, and at this time it's quite heavy after I tested the 4 bro Hi.

Let's check the battery isyri here when we see the numbers for Mobile Legends 22 minutes pubg-mobile one hour, 2 minutes Call of Duty Muba 22 minutes, gasoline, ep18 minutes, a total of two hours I tested playing for 2 hours, I can also fly, scan on time, 2. Community means that if friends play games on the Samsung Galaxy A7, this from 100% to low to 20% is strong about four hours to play. No heavy games, in conclusion, I am a bit lacking for proqua gaming even though it uses a Snapdragon 730g chipset. A lot of people say that the performance dropped after upgrading to Windows 3.1 I have updated the y331 board for 11 and TDC thought that after the April update to PES security it would be better.

The other, Samsung Galaxy A7 thank you for the friends who have seen this video, hope this video can give friends a level of enlightenment, friends dislike this video if not share..

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