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Hello guys, David is here, and this is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G! The new flagship for mid-2021 and above by Samsung. Usually in the middle of these months, Samsung introduces the latest Samsung Note series, yes. It has been confirmed that Galaxy Note21 or Note21 Ultra as an alternative to S21 was not available like last year. There are only the folding and the flip series. It means that the Note series has been discontinued by Samsung?, I can't say yes or n'no about that. It is too soon to draw conclusions. The fold series sells really well, there is no reason for Samsung to make the Note series again. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 also supports S Pen! The killer feature. We are looking in the Galaxy Note. This time we can get it in the Fold series.

This S Pen is something I've been waiting for since the last folding generation. It's natural to think that a cellphone with a screen as big and that can be folded out to make it wider will feel like a tablet, feels like a book, much more solid. If for example we can scribble, Samsung has provided 2 types of S Pen that support this fold. First, the name S-Pen Pro, which has a long form, is similar to a real pen and is more universal in nature, It can also be used in various other Samsung products such as the Galaxy Note, S21, Ultra, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book. The connection system uses Bluetooth, Low Energy. Second, one is called the S Pen Fold Edition, it is shorter in shape and as the name indicates can only be used on the Galaxy Z Fold3. It can't be used anywhere else.

This is similar to the S Pen. Yes, we know the re-signed series in note books. The presence of S pen in Fold series. This time is really good. - The function of the fold as HP Power. HP is a productive person, user, To support the presence of the S Pen, This phone has also been given a screen upgrade. Besides having to be able to pick up the S Pen signal, he has been made 80% stronger, more durable. If a foldable cell phone screen is... it’s softer than a regular screen. If you exert too much pressure on it, often you get scratched by the tip of the s pen, You may end up with lines that stamp on the screen. It is so soft and so fragile that Samsung even gave the screen a special warranty. They realize that people are not used to screen technology as this.

That is also the reason why Samsung has prevented the S pen from returning in the previous generation. This time fortunately, it does not matter anymore. Even though it was strengthened, and if we look at it... the characteristic of a foldable cellphone that gives a fold is still visible. There will be a foldable cell phone screen, whose screen is smooth or not. Whatever is folded in my mind, there will be scars on our skin as joints. There are lines and then paper, plastic... Well maybe one day Samsung can create this kind of screen. Samsung has proved that in this Galaxy Z Fold3 they can come up with technology. It sounds like it doesn't make sense. If you are a person who is very careful about cellphones and has been watching for a long time.

The inside screen of the Z Fold3, you might think: Wow.... He no longer has a camera in it. It's a very reasonable thought. One of the attributes of this HP Fold is that we don’t need a special camera for selfies. We can use the rear camera directly and take advantage of the 6.2-inch cover screen for previews. If we can use the rear camera for selfies..., this is certainly better. Why is there a front camera again? But this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 actually has a special front. You know that camera that is... a bit difficult to see, because it's already stuck under the screen. This is the first time I've seen this technology. If there was a brand to make a camera under the screen, but nobody ever entered officially into Indonesia. This Z Fold3...

is a cellphone that first uses this technology. The only thing that needs to be noted is that the camera isn't really gone. If we look closely we will notice that there are bullets of items that are a bit scary?, especially if the item's color screen seems to not be covered at all. A resolution that doesn't sound great at all because... That's enough. I want to take photos in the style of an aesthetic front. The benefit of the front. Here's the 4MP camera... for video calls, online meetings... these kinds of things. No you don't need just a front camera, right? Also takes a big screen so we can connect. The screen Z Fold3 itself is the same as yesterday - Z Fold2 - with a resolution of 2208x1768 pixels at 7.6 inches.

It supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, The panel is dynamic AMOLED 2x and has an extra bright of 29%. That makes me shake from this. You only enjoy it with your eyes, Cellphone is the same as the generation of yesterday. The fact that the length and width have been reduced by 1mm. If, for example, you held directly, the feel will feel very different. If in the previous series... the foldable cellphone is holding. It is going to be a bit heavy for a long time, in this fold3... Samsung seems to be trying to provide more comfort through lighter weight. That is cool, especially when you consider what materials were used to build this cellphone. From, the frame and the hinges, Samsung uses a new type of material called Armor Aluminum which is 10% stronger than the previous generation.

Even the Dart Dart to claim that this aluminum armor is the strongest type of aluminum material used in smartphones. The glass used to cover the front screen and back body has used the best Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass Victus. Not satisfied yet? This Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3... also has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Cell phone! which should have lots of cavities. It can be water resistant when you move it, even though it has plunged 1.5m deep for 30 minutes. Normal cellphones are not foldable. Technology like this is already common, it's easier to make because there are no moving parts. The water seal has been fixed. It is a HP Fold. There are extra parts that must be considered. So the interior is safer from water.

For example, the hinge which is definitely exposed to water, Samsung said that the material has been used anti-rust so that it can be water resistant. Therefore you need to think about the lubricating ring you use so that you don't eat water. I salute them for this intention. They really want people to say "wow" to this cellphone. So that people are even more sure to foldable, because this concern factor is also eliminated. Of course the specs are crazy with the Z Fold 3. The chip used is Snapdragon 888 5G, with 12GB RAM, with a choice of 512 or 256GB internal memory. It has a 4400 mAh battery, Dual speakers, supports Dolby Atmos with a 12MP rear, camera, resolution, all playing, ultra wide - or telephoto 2x and the great thing is....

All three cameras also have OIS! There are parts that are pulled back by this HP. Big game. For the colour variant, There are 3 options there is Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and what is different from the usual is Phantom Green. Make the price yourself,. I didn't know how to use it until this video was made. This video was broadcast. It should already be there, because the PO had already begun. I'll write it down below... the link. If, for example, you want to join the PO. I just hope that the price can be below the series of yesterday. Even though he has many new innovations, with the newest machine also, the price should be more affordable, because Samsung should also be more skilled at making it. Production costs can also be more efficient.

And of course if they want foldable cell phones as a trend in the future. The price wall must also be lowered so that people can jump easily Don't let the price wall become a barrier because My initial impression was really good. I feel really dead with this Galaxy Z Fold3. , not just the HP concept, but now. If it is the first generation, right... When Fold is introduced... Just being able to make a foldable cellphone is already amazing. The second generation of the fold... Samsung has corrected something less than the first generation so that it is more comfortable to use as a cell phone. It's time for Samsung to give more, it's time to sell a lot.

It's time to compete with killer features such as the S-Pen, the front camera hidden on the screen, the best material that can be used on a cellphone, waterproof feature that is very difficult to make on a mobile phone and of course the newest specs that can be embedded. I can't wait to test the HP every day directly. Thus... My first impression for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. If you like this video, dislike it, if you don't like it and we will meet again in the next video. Wow!, set! *The telephone shuts off*..

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