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Hello, everybody is clint today. I want to talk about the galaxy fold three and specifically Uh note, taking Uh with the galaxy vol 3 compared to the two one of the great things about it is. It comes with a ability to use a pen, which then opens up a whole new genre for note taking. So today I want to talk about the one that comes with the phone and called samsung notes. This is part of a series of apps to use notetaking, which we'll talk about today. Samsung note, samsung notes is a great, powerful note-taking app and you will see. The first thing we want to do is open our samsung notes and then grab the pen - you do not need to know about my e-bike streams.

Here we go so when you open it first samsung notes it's going to look like this you're going to have a little sidebar here. This is one nice thing about Z-fold 3. Three, this nice little sidebar here um and then here you gonna have a couple of different things called uh. You can import some a pdf, you can do a search there and then, of course you have your more options that we get through here is your navigation and if you hit the hamburger menu there it basically opens up those small icons, so that you can just leave it like that. So once you have them figured out, you know which ones they are, and this is how you navigate through and this is how it is organized. I guess that it is gonna be all the first one gonna be notes.

Hence if you put something in the trash it will stay in the trash and as you can see here, it shows the days left until they are removed forever. So it will really tell you when this note is going to be deleted forever and then it comes down here to the folders. One is testing and one screen off memos and then it will list all the other notes that are not in folders. You know a navigation right there so you know where you are so that you can just go back to the main uh and you can just go create a folder inside of a folder here. The main settings of the app are found below the hamburger menu and then you have the gear icon there. For synching you got a couple of different things in the settings.

Of course, you know that it is one of the better things with some of these note-taking apps being able to sync and get them to another place. Besides your device, this one allows you to sync with samsung cloud and this also allows you to sync with Microsoft, onenote, which is new on new compared to what it has been. That's pretty good uh, let's see how well the Onenote sync works, and with Samsung Cloud I for someone who uses multiple samsung products. You really want to use that screen off from memos, lock, look when saved it screw.

I don't use screen-off memos on fold 3 because you can't use the s-pen on the front, so it doesn't actually work all that well for you because under the general settings you have managed folders so you can actually edit and add and create new folders right from the settings. Basically, if you wanted to create a bunch of them then you can do that here, page style and templates and so here are some more basically the same kind of settings that I mentioned in that corner. Let's show you that it is that curved one or normal layout, normal layout, more. Like your standard note taking, you can have your school directions of course, which is also in the app you have the various templates, the default, and so you can select your default template.

It will pick that whatever one you've picked here and then picking the color it also will pick the default color that you want. If you want to have it a different color we showed you how to do it by note. If you want to import notes from your Google Drive or a Samsung account or the phone itself for any kind of notes, then you have memos and then scrapbooks. Samsung type stuff show links and notes that allows you to show a link in a note uh, handy show: Web previews uh you can preview websites that you have added from other apps. If you want, you can turn this on uh action, icons, this allows the call number to send emails, solve equations and go to websites from icons direct.

That seem with handwritten notes that's pretty cool, and then when you are modifying you have a very high scroll bar. I have that turned off here and then you can hide the navigation bar. So you can choose your language and of course there is a ton of languages you can pick up, then you can customize your toolbar, so this is pretty cool. So if you know that you use the shape tool more frequently you just grab it and move it on to where you want in the right direction. It shows up and you don't have to scroll for that. It really works out okay. You can drag it out and now that's completely escaped and if you need to add it back in, you can come back here and add it in that is super cool.

And then, of course, you got, and count contact us uh, nothing to special there, but definitely try the sync with Samsung Cloud and the sync with Microsoft, Onenote to create a new note. You got this big giant button down here right, and so you just click that there and you can tell you have a lot of options. I can tell you that the samsung note really has very strong note. Taking over the years it used to be a pretty simple app for note taking that you know put kind of they in there. When the galaxy note came out you would have something to write on um, and so it's actually progressed uh, I guess, but let's go ahead and take a look at what we got on top here. Once you put it there you can see that it gets rid of all the toolbars there.

If you want to take a picture and a pdf, you can add a voice, an audio file, a drawing and then a text box. It really works out and then, if you hit the more here, you gonna have page template um. All these page pinchwood are now by default uh, which is great. You have like a task list, the thing that you can use college rule paper, you know just a bunch of different stuff here and then you can. You know here like a calendar event uh, you can tell lots of different ones. I think they work really well. Here just put something so that we can see when the pages move easier, so yeah you got that scroll distance there and then have this, which is a side by side, which will actually give only three pages here.

If you're using a planner or something and you wanted- like you- a month view or a week view or something like that -- or that would work pretty well most times. I just get that up there to lock it in there. You then got the background color, basically. You can gray uh, you know peach whatever pink if you're into that kind of stuff and then there's a bunch of colors that you can use um for the backgrounds and let's just go back to that. So if you go full screen the thing that it does is it removes everything that just leaves you with your talons here and then you just punch the x to get out of that. Let's call it test right now and then click enter. Now we have a test and then you have a samsung note here and just copy this one and then we'll just save.

So that's how you tag a note and then save as a file, so you can save it as a samsung notes, file which is the what you have here: a pdf file and, of course, a microsoft word file, a microsoft Powerpoint file, an image file like a jpeg and then just a regular txt text file, so lots of different ways to get your notes out of samsung notes If you need to okay, let's go back here and now notice that you have just a couple of little icons, and this is how you pick this page up. You put right up there and let's go ahead and star this, and now when we come back here, we come back to star.

This is also where you can lock it and if you lock it it's going to lock it and then when you put it in it's going to ask for your fingerprint or password, whatever, whichever one you want to use, and then you have your share option and it's going to ask first: how do you want to share it? Basically let's just select the pdf file and then it's going to open up your normal share menu here - so nothing to special there - and then trash. Ask you to move to trash or cancel.

Have you noticed that there's no toolbar there as soon as you hit it with your um? Let's get out of here a second from the moment you hit it with uh, your finger, it brings you into typing mode, as you can see here, we're actually in typing mode, and then we can pull the keyboard and then we can type, of course, no problem, no problem. I guess that your text fields here where you got font size uh, your font background. You can change your font background if you want to and then of course your font color, you can do strike out italics, bold and so on. You are pretty much standard stuff. I think you can even download it on the Play store if you don't have a galaxy, but so if you have Um, you know a check box there. It's pretty good now uh. If you wanted to go to pen mode.

Let's do this real quick uh and it has the highlighter mode that I prefer which hides the highlighter behind the text. So when you do the highlighter you have nice sharp text instead of kind of like a blurred text, so that really works well So it's super nice that there is both of these options. I really like that and then I usually use stroke eraser because usually if I want to erase you have your selection tool, which you can just circle select stuff. Of course, you have cut copy paste, your delete change, the style converted to text, so you can hit that and it is going to convert it to text, or you can just copy or leave it in your hand, really good, really, good, really good and then let's see, if we hit it there, then you can turn it around straight away.

In the case of moving it forward, it can backwards, or on your clipboard. That also works pretty cool. If you go here and put it on the clipboard and put it here in your main clipboard. You can change the text and color uh then move it around just works. That's as good as any other app out there for note taking. I guess your quick and quick colors, and then when you hit them just twice, and you can pick whatever color you want there. You know you can pick each one of those as fast colours and if you only need another color you can click it real quick and then here is where the line thickness is, so you can adjust a super thin line or a thicker line or kind of in the middle, which is kind of what I like to use.

So then uh, here you have your back uh undo button which would just undo what I did yesterday and then you have your redo button if you need to redo it, and then you have this button here which gives you a language you want. So you can choose what you want to convert and as you can tell, it gives you a preview of what it thinks it is. I got the test done and then you can just convert that and it's going to convert to regular text and then you're going to use it like uh, just regular old task to test OK. So if you want to go here we can go red to make it a little bit bigger and then bam. Not only did it change the color, but it flattens or made that line thicker. This button here is what they call the easy writing pad and I call that zoom mode.

I think your handwriting gets a little bit better, but it can get it down a lot smaller, and if you continue to go, it will actually move for you automatically, and you can just keep writing right on here. So you can get in your lines right now if you need to uh and then you can just start in your next page uh and if you don't like the way that I'll just slide it around and because you want it easier, easy peasy. Basically, that's pretty cool if you want to do that, so if you had um let's get out of there. OK, now, there's, I don't know if they can be seen on the camera or not, but there's like a little carrot here and we're going to drag that over and now we got a couple different options and this one is neat shapes and that's just going to give you try to make your like shapes better.

It's a pretty common Uh function so I think it is good to see it too here. So if you're drawing like triangles or like a boop like a rectangle it'll automatically convert it to something good and much better than um You know that you're trying to draw and it'll do that so click unclick, when finished with it and then all back to your normal ugly stuff here and then this one is zoom lock. This one is right here: what's going to happen is that it is locked exactly into what this position is. It keeps you from accidentally zooming in and zooming out and getting your page all messed up because if you scroll uh, you know if you zoom out to try to get it back, it just locks it in the place and now we can move it around all we want nice thing about it.

But if you zoom out really fast it locks at 100 so the samsung notes. The way it does that really gives you the zoom lock if you really need to make it put, so this whole toolbar is here uh, of course you know the keyboard there and that is the entire bottom toolbar and that is all the settings, as you can tell it's a very robust, um note-taking system If you wanted to check them out, but this one you can view all notes or create notes in there, so you can just create a new note and get going on your new note works really well if uh, if you are looking for a note-taking app and you need just one that's built in uh, they've really improved it. It works really well uh. I highly recommend it, but thanks for staying until the end uh.

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is another note taking app you want me to take a look at I'll be happy to take a look at them and yeah see you on the next one..

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